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um... I'm supposed to write something right? um.. well, I like a wide variety of stuff, have lots of controversial beliefs, and I get all my best ideas in the deep dark corners of my imagination. I have a wide variety of imaginary cats that folow me around wherever I go. you can borrow one if you need to, however I'll warn you, demon kitty has a tendancy to "borrow" souls, and gansta kitty knows some swear words that I'm pretty sure he didn't hear from me.

My deviant art account:

There's not much there. But more than there is on here.

Ok, time to beef up my profile with more random stuff.

I draw way too much. It's mostly Danny Phantom fanart right now. But I've got my own story and a few characters that don't fit in anywhere that I draw.

I constantly quote stuff, especially danny phantom. I make references to plenty of obsure computer games (and a couple that everyone's heard of but no one plays)

If you see the see the name revenge10111 on another website there's a good chance that it's me. Call me Rev for the sake of typing fast.

I have no fav song, fav band, etc.

I'm a cat person, I like some dogs, but I don't want one. I'm also completely obsessed with birds.

I want to be a graphic artist/video game designer someday. My mad GIMP skills are displayed on my avatar, ok they're not that mad, but it's fun anyway. I also work with inkscape and a little with blender. I'm learning some photoshop but I only have access to it at school.

I know way too many song lyrics yet almost none are songs that people listen to.

I don't like english class, yet I got an 'A' on a page long poem I whipped up in twenty minutes right before I had to recite it. I got an 'A' for a science presentation that was a year long project that I finished in a month, even though I didn't follow all of the directions. I don't study for tests, yet I get good grades on them. Either I'm smart, or I get pity points because of my emotional disorder. eh, either way, if it means that even though I forget my homework and turn projects in late I still don't have to go to summer school then I don't care!

People still can't seem to accept that my best friend is a boy named Alexey (I think that's how he spells it)

If you recognize this quote congratulate yourself: "don't turn your back, don't look away, and whatever you do don't blink."

Another congradulation quote: "I do have I question, a very good question... what in the flipping hippo is going on?!"

Same conversation as last one: "...otherwise there will be increasing temporal pressure and the entire universe might explode!" (change person) "not the whole universe! that's where I keep my stuff!" (Aperently that's a hichikers guide to the galaxy reference. But this quote is from a game)

Still same conversation "Yes you have, in the future, which is also the present, but not in the present, which is also the past." (change person) "My brain hurts" (back to first person) "Yes time travel tends to do that to people" (that was a very timeywimey conversation, that wasn't even the whole thing! due to watching too much scifi I could understand what they were talking about, go figure)

"Bring me the red pages!" (not sure if that's the exact quote but you get the point)

"I just want you to know that you were given every opportunity to succeed. There was even going to be a party for you. A big party. Which all your friends were invited to. I invited your best friend the companion cube, of course he couldn't come because you murdered him. All your other friends couldn't come either because you don't have any other friends. Because of how unlikeable you are. It says so right here in your personel file. Unlikeable, liked by no-one. A bitter, unlikeable loner, who's passing shall not be mourned. Shall not be mourned. That's exactly what is says. Very formal. Very official. It also says you were adopted. So that's funny too." (I typed all that from memory by the way. Man, I'm a loser.)

I'm not sure if i'm ever going to write anything. I have a lot of plot bunnies but I haven't fleshed any of them out enough for them to be posted on the internet.

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