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Wow. Been a while since I updated this, so here we go! :D

I don't know what to say about me currently. I'm Australian, love writing and drawing and just generally creating worlds, characters and stories for myself and for others. I'm a massive procrastinator so my stories are numerous and take ages to go anywhere, so sorry about that. Now that I have more time I will be going through my old stories and updating or straight-up re-writing them.

I enjoy many fandoms, such as Halo, Oddworld, Mass Effect, Scott Pilgrim, PSG, Skulduggery Pleasant, Jet Set Radio Future, Pokemon, Sword Art Online, yada yada yada. It's really long, I think you get the point. :p

I write one-shots occasionally, depending on if I have ideas or not. But usually bite off more than I can chew XD What can I say, I love epics. I hope you get some enjoyment out of my stories, and if you do hope to hear about it. Heck, even if you don't drop me a message and tell me why, constructive criticism is a necessary part of developing one's writing.

I have a few main stories in the works at the moment, some still being written but most of them being re-written, re-edited and such. They are:

Forgotten Wandering: An Oddworld fic about a young Steef, who after narrowly escaping the poaching of his tribe, is forced out into a new world to try and find out what to do and if he is the last one left. Along the way he meets allies and enemies, and will ultimately find what he must do. -Currently being re-written.

Demon-faced lies: Story is being completely re-written, so not much information currently. It is a Jet Set Radio fanfic. -Being Re-written.

Freedom of the Mungo: A short Oddworld one-shot focused around the mind of the Old Steef as he battles Sekto within his own mind, and his eventual freedom at the hands of Stranger. -Completed.

Ambassadors- Lucas' tale: A Halo fic set 60 after the end of Halo 3. Still debating whether Halo 4 will fit into the story-line or not. A group of ambassadors are being exchanged between Humanity and the Sangheilli to try and strengthen the tightly-stretched alliance that lies between them and dispel any lingering hate or fear between species. Follows a young man called Lucas, who after arriving on Sangheillios becomes embroilled in a conflict that could leave him dead, or even worse, re-ignite the human-sangheilli war.

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Jack Frost vs The Pole reviews
It's been years since Jack become the white-haired mischief lover he was today, but he's still learning the limits of his power, the hard way. Comedic one-shot.
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A young steef escapes the slaughter of his herd and sets off to find something to live for. After meeting up with a group of Mudokons, he begins to learn that sometimes a good cause isn't the ones written in prophecy, but the ones you make yourself. OC story, but sticks to canon as much as possible. No self-inserting if that is what you're worried about.
Oddworld - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,151 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 12/13/2012 - Published: 2/28/2011
Demon Faced Lies reviews
A new Rudie has appeared in Tokyo, a demon drifting from territory to territory no one knows who he is. Or why he's so determined to drown the streets in spraypaint. But is he truly a demon, or something else. And what is his connection to this new group?
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