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Hey, all! You may have noticed I recently deleted the story My Funny Valentine. I wasn't particularly happy with it, or the character, or the fact that I'd basically just posted it without anything else in mind for it. And I don't particularly like seeing my stories sitting unfinished when I don't plan to work on them. So, perhaps in the future I'll post it back up if I have some idea of what to do with it, but for now, it's been taken down. Sorry if this inconveniences you in any way!


Hey, all! It's been a long while since I've posted anything or updated, but I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive! Yes, I will update my stories. Once inspiration hits me. Eventually... As it is, I've been constantly opening the files, reading over what I'd wrote before, and immediately closing said story. I just can't find it in me to write anything at the moment, and I'm not sure why. Things have finally settled down for me; I've got an apartment, a job, and a car, but now I feel too busy to actually relax and put my thoughts into words. I guess it seems like all I do is sleep and work, hehe. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know where I'm at in life. Thanks for being patient with me and proffering your continued support!


Hey, all! As you may have noticed, I still haven't updated. Do not fear, for I shall soon get back in the swing of things and begin posting again. Right now I'm crammed into a one-bedroom flat with my parents and two dogs, all of whom love to stare over my shoulder as I write, so it's uncomfortable to say the least. But Hal will be back, I promise! Thanks for all the follows, favorites, and reviews! Your support means the world!


Hey, all! I just wanted to post something right quick and let you know that, since I'm in the process of moving house, I won't be able to update tomorrow for either story. Sad news, I'm afraid. But don't worry, I'll be back around next Sunday if things go well, so look forward to that! Thanks for all the love and support!


Off the Beaten Path will be updated every Sunday at 5pm, unless otherwise noted. (Or unless I'm late/behind in my writing/occupied with life.) I will post early as often as I can, which, admittedly, won't be often. Cherish them carefully.


PLEASE NOTE that I've changed Hala's last name (to Madani) after learning that it is actually the name of a Muslim community in North India and Pakistan. Since I originally found it on a website of surnames, I was unaware of its origins. Since Hala does not belong to this community, nor has heritage from there, I see it best to change her name to avoid offense or cultural appropriation of the Darzi peoples.


Since it was requested, below is a physical description of Hala Madani, my OC and the main character of Off the Beaten Path. I generally don't elaborate much on a character's appearance in a story unless it's particularly important, as I like to encourage readers to make of their own look for the character, so long as it fits within certain constraints (i.e. race, physical disabilities). I don't do face claims either, as I feel that doesn't really give the character their own look to go with their own personality; everyone looks different, after all.

While, this is technically her canon appearance, I encourage you to use your imagination and make a face for her however you like. Just keep in mind that she is Persian Iranian descent and, therefore, NOT white.

Do not read further if you'd like to keep your own mental image of Hala.

Complexion: Pantone 78-6c

Face: Oval-shaped face; semi-prominent chin; short forehead; well-marked eyebrows; wide, dark brown eyes; thick, dark short eyelashes; wide, aquiline nose; smallish mouth, slight cupid's bow, lower lip is thicker than upper lip, pinkish-brown in color.

Hair: Straight; "deepest brunette" color; shoulder-length; slightly off-center part; shorter, chin-length fringe framing face; rather thick.

Body: 5'3"; 135 lbs; shorter; stocky with muscle; small shoulders; wide hips; small hands; small feet.


I am not taking requests at this time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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