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Hey, guys.

I changed my pen name from XC Wolf to Queen Avreina. Just a heads up...

And stuff about me...

Favorite movies: Star Wars, Hairspray, The Illusionist, Music & Lyrics, Cody Banks, Lord of the Rings, The Three Musketeers, Bandits, and 21

Oh, and my darling neighbor keeps bringing over these horror movies... I can't stand horror movies, and yet I find myself watching them. Some of those movies are: Abandoned, Disturbia, Thr3e, and 1408.

Favorite books: Pendragon series, Twilight series, The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon), Icemark Chronicles, all of Tamora Pierce's books, My Side of the Mountain, Harry Potter, East, Maximum Ride, Uglies Trilogy (that is really a quartet), Midnighters' Trilogy, The Seventh Tower, and Artemis Fowl

Favorite Songs: So What and U+Ur Hand, by Pink. Holiday and Good Riddance, by Green Day. (Actually, anything from those bands I love.) You're So Vain and Let the River Run, by Carly Simon. Accidentally In Love, by the Counting Crows. Before he Cheats and All-American Girl are the only 2 songs I like from Carrie Underwood. I like anything from Kelly Clarkson. And I love John Williams. I think he's a genius. Across the Stars, from Attack of the Clones, is my favorite. Yanni, another instrumental guy, is very good too. Rihanna is good...

I probably should give a heads up to those who read my stories. I'm a bit of a pessimist. Okay, maybe a lot of a pessimist. What can I say? I grew up disliking the princesses and loving the villains. So, if my writings take on a dark and macabre sort of style, don't be alarmed. I also do have a sense of humor, but it's rather dry...


Changed:A work in progress AU. Starts in ANH on the Death Star. Vader puts the pieces together when he "interrogates" Leia. He convinces her to come to his side and to help him overthrow Palpatine. It should span through the entire OT. It is not a Luke/Vader fic! Expect some Leia/Han action in the ESB portion though. Bail Organa is alive.

Revealed: Complete. It's a short fic dealing with Han and Leia. Leia tells Han who her father really is. He doesn't take it so well in the beginning...

EmpressCompletely AU if the EU is canon. The Force still isn't balanced, and so a few certain someones find themselves in the Realm of the Living. Anakin Skywalker finds himself at the head of a dissipating empire. Padmé Amidala finds herself in the Alliance. Things aren't as they planned, however. Padmé was overly thrilled to spend the time with Leia. But then Bail Organa comes in. He threatens to kick her out if she so much as looks at "his" daughter. Luke is another matter; his is away at the moment. Anakin doesn't know anything about money or ruling an empire, even after his years with Palpatine. Padmé, suddenly at the end of her temper, leaves the Alliance and begs Anakin to take her back, even though he feels he doesn't deserve her. And the last complication? Leia saw Padmé the night she left the Alliance and is convinced that she is someone from her past. And so she finds her way to Padmé's apartment. What will happen when Bail finds her missing? Will Leia ever trust her birth father? Will they restore peace? Will anything ever be the same again? H/L, A/P (It shouldn't be as angsty as it sounds. Trust me.)

Updating: I try to update at least once a week, but it depends on the amount of work I have that week and the mood that I'm in. If I'm in a good mood, I may update up to three times. Also, none of my stories have direct priority over the other. Like I said, all of it depends on the mood I'm in and which story I feel like updating.

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