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Hey People, I Am XxBadWolfxX or otherwise known as Stacey or Wolfie ;D. I Write Fanfictions On More Or Less Anything Right Now, And Am About To Begin All My Stories Again. Plus New Ones.

Appology: To any of my fans, I'm so sorry about not writing more for ages. I have had no time on me to come on here and write at the moment. I am so sorry and hope you will all forgive me x

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Fave Doctor Who Quotes

'And Spin.. And The Other Way' - Donna Noble, Series 4, Catherine T

'Three Doctors? I Can't Tell You What I'm Thinking Right Now' - Captain Jack Harkness, Series 4, John B

'Calling All Dalek Boys And Girls' - Captain Jack Harkness, Series 4, John B

'You Think Your So Impressive' ... 'I Am So Impressive' - Rose Tyler And The Doctor, Series 1, Billie P & Christopher E

'I Like Banana's, Banana's Are Good' - The Doctor, Series 1, Chrstopher E

'Daleks Do Not Accept Apologies' - Dalek, Series 4, Nick B

'I Have One Thing To Say To You... BYE!' - The Doctor, Series 4, David T

'Oi..Spanners' - The Human Doctor, Series 4, David T

'We Know Who You Are' - Dalek, Series 4, Nick B

'Goodness Me, Im A Man. Yum! So Many Parts! And Hardly Used. Oh. Ah. Two Hearts. Oh Baby, I'm Beating Out Of Samba.' - The Doctor/Cassandra, Series 2, David T

'So, physics! Physics, eh? Physics! Phyyyysics! Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics Physics, Physics, Physics, Physics... I hope you're getting all this down!' - The Doctor, Series 2, David T

'You'll Have To Get A Morgage' ... 'No' ... 'Oh, Yes' ... 'No. That's It, I'm Dieing. It's All Over.' - Rose Tyler And The Doctor, Series 2, Billie P And David T

'FINGERS ON LIPS' - The Doctor, Series 2, David T

'Correctamundo! A word I've never used before and hopefully never will again.' - The Doctor, Series 2, David T

'The Doctor Will Open The Ark' ... 'Ha,Ha The Doctor Will Not' - Dalek Sec And The Doctor, Series 2, Nick B And David T

'No Second Chances, I'm That Sort Of A Man' - The Doctor, Series 2, David T

'I Thought There'd Be Happy-Slapping Hoodies. Happy-Slapping Hoodies With ASBOs. Happy-Slapping Hoodies With ASBOs And Ringtones. Oh Yeah, Don't Tell Me I Don't Fit In' - The Doctor, Series 2, David T

'I'm Really Glad That Worked. Those Would Have Been TERRIBLE Last Words' - The Doctor, Series 1, Chistopher E

'My Sonic Screwdriver, I Love My Sonic Screwdriver' - The Doctor, Series 3, David T

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