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Hey everyone!

I'm not new to this site, but I've only just started posting my own fanfiction. I've written, worked on, and/or planned around seven different stories but don't have them all finished or typed up. Most of my fanfics have a final fantasy theme, with the exception of an unfinished, extremely random pokemon one that was built around the quote "Holy sht, a Cleffable!". (This was spawned from an equally random conversation my brother and I had about what would happen if we were going about our day and came across a pokemon in real life. It will probably never see the light of day.)

At the moment, I have 3-5 fanfics in progress, including:

1) With Fran: A FFXII/FFTA fanfic where I've been warped into the game like Tactics Advance (I know, everyone does one eventually) but land in a 12 style world. Like TA, it isn't really the "actual" world and there are some differences. Five chapters completed so far, story itself still unfinished.

2) Kingdom Hearts Rewritten: I complete fan overhaul of KH 1 and 2 with myself, my bro and my cousin thrown into the mix. Also one everyone does, but it's just for fun for the three of us. I'm just posting it here so it has an official place where we can all access it and have it backed up in case my computer asplouds ;P

3) Kitty Shifting (working title): An insane short story I thought up one day about a girl who wants to become a catgirl... But doesn't quite know how to use... magick properly. It's a work in progress obviously.

Most recent posts: Kingdom Hearts ReWritten Chapters 4 & 5


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