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"When the horrors of anarchy force us to set up laws that forbid us to fight and torture one another for sport,

we still snatch at every excuse for declaring individuals outside the protection of law

and torturing them to our hearts content."

-George Bernard Shaw

My name is Ellisha and I come from England, the land renowned for afternoon tea, beer and fish and chips.

I am looking forward to March for my sixteenth birthday (:

I love to dance, lyrical and tap preferably.

The Goverment and Politics intrigues me and I believe that it is a necessity to have fundamental knowledge of 'Global Literacy'.

And by 'Global Literacy' I mean that everyone should know about world issues such as the situation in Korea or whats happening in Asia, etc.

I also believe that every child should be taught well enough so they can read and write properly however a majority can't and this is a major concern.

Because lets face it, that generation will be running the country in little over ten years and I'm about to go on a big rant so I'll stop myself there.

iLove iPod.

I've deleted my first attempt at fanfiction, perhaps I am my cruelest critic but it wasn't very good, so I've started a fresh.

Okay, well,



"It is quite possible - overwhelmingly probable, one might guess--that we will always learn more about

human life and personality from novels than from scientific psychology"

-Noam Chomsky