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Hi! call me JLF!


Berrys Don't Last Forever:

Working on it. Pecha is my favorite character. In the next chap I'm introducing the Glaceon that was mentioned.

Okay! Pixii wants me to do this, so here goes nothing!:

Hullo there. Welcome to my Meme. Now, why are you here? @.o

The creater be me on a list. The list down there. In this meme.

Okay... YOU STALKER!! Ehem... Out of all of your OC's, who is your favorite?

Me no Stalker! Well... actualy... naa kidding. I'm Kidding! don't look at me like that! runs away

comes back

Well... no one knows much about Leppa yet... so I'll go with...


But only until people get to meet Leppa

Yeah, well that character's ugly. How does that make you feel?? @.0

I agree. Purple's a horrid colour. NOT!! Well, at least he's smarter than you, Meme!!

Right... Well... What do you like to read/write most?

Don't really know... Hey! I do! everything!!


What gets you motivated to write? (That is, if you ever get off your lazy bum and UPDATE)

Urr... I DON'T!! but if I got more reviews I might pick up the pace (hint hint)

Yeaaaaah... Well, if you could pick ONE character to bring to life, who would it be?

Leppa, Cheri or Pecha... CAN'T CHOOSE!! but SO not Ice... Shiver

Do you like... Huggles?! @.@

I LOVE HUGGLES!! : That is what the creater said. But I agree!!

Well then, how about huggling 15 other people, which in turn will force them to do this meme.

Okay... Remember to PM me so I can see it when it's done! :3

1 Noname227 (meany sister!)

3. srgeman

4 Slazer

5 HopeThePixii (Pointless)

7 Berry Eon Is A Loon (meany brother!)

8 Human Pikachu

9 Tracefan

10 Animalluver

11 Teh Flamer

12 Teh Auditor

13 Raimond-The-Bull

14 ClinicallyInsaneAndDangerous

15 cloudkitty (have you guys seen her new story!?)

I has huggled the people!!

Welcome to the meme! How are you today?

You have already said that... HYPER!!

UPDATE YOUR STORY!! If someone posted that in a review, how would you feel?

Like I'd deserve it.

What's the reason for your penname?

I keep on creating Eevee's with berry names. Berry (their names) Eon (Eeves)

Best RP buddy?

Wow... Um... everyone, but not Ray, Teh flamer, nor that random guy who will not talk to me on Will's RP. Why? Tell me, why are your ignoring me, oh great almighty guy who will-not-talk-to-me-on-Will's-Rp??

Favorite villain you created?

Ice... Hes the only one!!

Favorite villain somebody else created?


Favorite hero/heroine you created?

Snow. I think hes pretty brave.Also Cheri. She's going through so much, but she hasn't just broken down or cried at all!

Favorite hero/heroine somebody else created?

Pixii/ Synth

If you weren't on, where would you most likely be?

RPGmaker, Habbo Hotel (If I was allowed!)

What is your favorite genre of music?

I don't listen to music! I RP!!

What do you fear?

I shall not answer, in fear that Teh Auditor will torture me.

But, I'll give you a hint. I had a lollypop with sherbet in the middle, and I was eating it, and the sherbet spilled. Next day, I woke up with them all over the bed. a living sheet of ants. I have been scared ever since. Plus, it doesn't help that I'm allergic to insect repellint. Eeek!

Why are you special in RL?

Don't want to brag... But I'm really really smart! Hee hee... also my computer and art skills. But I can't combine them. I suck at drawing on the computer.

Who is your best friend EVA?

What's EVA?

What do you think of your siblings?

Hate him!!

What do you think about your appearance?

I'm fine with it, just without glasses.

Do you freak yourself out?


Do you like huggles?


Huggle 10 people and make them do this meme. (Hug-backs are ALLOWED!! =D)

1. ClinicallyInsaneAndDangerous

2. Dynamite Dude

3. Slazer

4. Will the Wolfwood fanatic

5. Aos Dana

6. Areolfos

7. Teh Auditor

8. Raimon-The-Bull

9. Human Pikachu

10. Berry Eon

If you did this meme because you were huggled, write them down here. Hug-backs are included.



I've decided to take on the "100 Themes Challenge"! Now, this is originally an art themed thingy, but I'll be doing it in One-Shots! Now... They'll all be Pokemon-based, of course! ;D -Please note that this is not my idea, I just wanted to do the challenge.-


Italics- Themes

Italics and Bold- Completed

Italics, Bold, and Underlined- In the Works

NOW THE THEMES: 1. Introduction, 2. Love, 3. Light, 4. Dark, 5. Seeking Solace, 6. Break Away, 7. Heaven, 8. Innocence, 9. Drive, 10. Breathe Again, 11. Memory, 12. Insanity, 13. Misfortune, 14. Smile, 15. Silence, 16. Questioning, 17. Blood, 18. Rainbow, 19. Grey, 20. Fortitude, 21. Vacation, 22. Mother Nature, 23. Cat, 24. No Time, 25. Trouble Lurking, 26. Tears, 27. Foreign, 28. Sorrow, 29. Happiness, 30. Under The Rain, 31. Flowers, 32. Night, 33. Expectations, 34. Stars, 35. Hold My Hand, 36. Precious Treasure, 37. Eyes, 38. Abandoned, 39. Dreams, 40. Rated, 41. Teamwork, 42. Standing Still, 43. Dying, 44. Two Roads, 45. Illusion, 46. Family, 47. Creation, 48. Childhood, 49. Stripes, 50. Breaking The Rules, 51. Sport, 52. Deep In Thought, 53. Keeping A Secret, 54. Tower, 55. Waiting, 56. Danger Ahead, 57. Sacrifice, 58. Kick In The Head, 59. No Way Out, 60. Rejection, 61. Fairy Tale, 62. Magic, 63. Do Not Disturb, 64. Multitasking, 65. Horror, 66. Traps, 67. Playing The Melody, 68. Hero, 69. Annoyance, 70. Sixty-Seven Percent, 71. Obsession, 72. Mischief Managed, 73. I Can't, 74. Are You Challenging Me?, 75. Mirror, 76. Broken Pieces, 77. Test, 78. Drink, 79. Starvation, 80. Words, 81. Pen And Paper, 82. Can You Hear Me?, 83. Heal, 84. Out Cold, 85. Spiral, 86. Seeing Red, 87. Food, 88. Pain, 89. Through The Fire, 90. Triangle, 91. Drowning, 92. All That I Have, 93. Give Up, 94. Last Hope, 95. Advertisement, 96. In The Storm, 97. Safety First, 98. Puzzle, 99. Solitude, 100. Relaxation

Stay tuned for them!

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