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Welcome to the wonderful world of not Disney!! EMMETT! I love grizzlies. This profile is (temporarily or permanently...idk) run by two people. We'll call ourselves C and K. Be sure to look at our stories before you depart! The deeper meaning of life--Do not partake in evil fruit eating. :D

This is C and I guess I should offer some information about me. I am fifteen and absolutely love books. ;)
After finishing Eclipse, I convinced K to read the saga. I play the clarinet and am ninth chair out of fourteen. I'm now okay with that, too. Um, I would like to become an author (with published works) someday. ;) I'm on my way. I like music--mostly rock and hip-hop That's all...Or is it?

This is K! I guess since C has done an intro I should do one as well. I'm fourteen and I'm also very obsessed with the Twilight saga. I love acting and I wish to pursue a career in that field. If acting doesn't work out I will try to be a singer or an author. And if that fails I can always be a book narrator or an artist. AND if that doesn't work out I can always be a therapist. I like classical music when I read(major bookworm) and when I listen to music regulary it depends on my mood. I also love to write poems.

Switzerland is awesome in the debate against who should win Bella, but what about the question of who's better: Edward or Emmett? Check out our polls.

To our readers:
This is C speaking. I have a dilemma, and I need your help to solve it. I'm am currently writing a book (that is not derived from any other book--an original of mine) and I'm having trouble naming one of the characters. Okay, he is pale with cotton blonde hair (or dirty blonde--I need help with that, too) and greenish grey eyes. He is going after a girl who his friend likes. (Ouch...) I've eliminated the names to Carter and Cody. I've posted a new poll concerning this. Please vote. Grins.

Oh, yeah!! Clarinets are awesome!! So are tubas!! ((Hey Robyn, Brianna, and Ricky!!))

The other day, I heard a song called "The Perfect Wannabe" by Denver Harbor. It was awesome!!
Five Iron Frenzy rocks, too!!

Ha, ha! If you think Edward Cullen is your fantasy boyfriend, copy and paste this to your profile.

AAAAHHHHH!! The oompa-loompas are attacking me!! XD Random-ness by C

Have you ever noticed that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC's have the same tune? If you didn't know that, copy and paste this to your profile if you want.

If you've ever noticed that in both Transformers and Disturbia, Shia LaBouf starts the movie out in school and ends it kissing a girl, then add this to your profile if you wish.

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To Sunset readers:

Here are a few links to see Edward's 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1:

And, my favorite, It's awesome! XD

Here is an URL to see Valerie's car:

Key for Valerie's Eye Colors: (Sunset)

Green-- Anger, horror
Brown-- Love, contempt
Gray-- Neutral, calm
Blue-- Excited, happy
Violet-- Bored

P.S. Sunset takes places twenty years after Bella's encounter with Laurent in the woods in New Moon.


Okay, readers of Sunset. This is C with an urgent message (okay, not so much). I am so sorry (and to you, too, K) that I have not written the next chapter, yet. I have severe writer's block, and don't want to do anything that will make the story end sooner. (Spoiler: If Edward and Valerie get close, the end will be near.) BUM, BUM, BUM! Plus, to top it off, I have been really busy.

OMG!! These cars are so awesome (or look awesome, at least)!

2005 Ferrari F430. Link to view: or
2010 Camaro Coupe V6. Link to view:


"I'm a brunette trapped in a blonde's body."--C.

"My ideas are like lightning. I have a flash of brillance and then it's gone."--K.

"My ideas are like snails; they come and they go, but they do both very slow."--C.

"You are as obvious as a fart in church."--Annonymus(Although frequently said by K)

"I've demoted you to pregnant carebear pooper-scooper."--K and C.

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"If I had you a long time ago, my heart wouldn't bleed so deeply." In Sunset (future C & K production), said by Edward, made up by C.

Boys are like parking spaces: all the good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped.

"I love to go overseas, even to Canada." Britney Spears.

"Arm wrestling. Dining room table. Now." Bella Swan (or Cullen), talking to Emmett Cullen in Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

"You named my baby after the loch ness monster?!" Bella talking to Jacob Black in Breaking Dawn.


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Part of chapter one: My Living Nightmare

The thunder was enough to shatter any mere human's eardrums. Apparently, the beautiful Cullens had not shown their true abilities before James had attacked me over three years ago. I stepped up to bat. Emmett grinned enthusiastically. "Hit it as hard as you can, love," Edward whispered in the outfield, already awaiting to fly the miles to catch the ball off the powerful blow I was building up. Emmett swung his arm back dramatically. The ball was too slow, curving inward, toward me. I jumped back, a little frightened, still adjusting to my unique powers. I could hear the air whizzing past the small baseball. Rosalie giggled menacingly behind me as the ball hit her glove with a tiny thud. Emmett jumped up and down.

"You got a strike!!" I grimaced as this comment slipped from his lips .

"It was a lucky shot, throw it harder next time!" I yelled.

"You were great," Edward said encouragingly, his velvet voice distracting me as the second ball hit Rosalie's glove. I narrowed my eyes and focused on the oncoming ball. I swung and there was a loud crack and the ball was gone, off into the nearby mountains. Then Edward was gone as well. I waited for ages, but he did not return to me. I fell to my knees and began to weep.

Gasping, I bolted straight up in my bed. I was in a cold sweat. Feeling around the bed, I thought 'That dream was so real'. Edward rushed to my side, wrapping his strong arms around me. Throwing mine around his neck, I began to cry. He hugged me, and murmured into my ear, "What is wrong, my love?" I pressed my head against his chest, and he kissed my neck.

To be Continued...by C
You can read the rest in our stories.

Uh Huh... But How 'Bout Some Of This:

I never thought it would come to this. The cold had for so long frozen my body throughtout. And so soon the ice in my bones were replaced with flames that could have been sent from hell itself. The tongues of the flames burned throughtout my body. I wanted to scream but my throat was too weak, exhausted from the daily torture I had been recieving up to this day. I could hear snarls from faraway but even soon those began fade along with my vision. As I was about to subject to total unconscienceness I saw golden pools meet my drooping, weak lids and hear a velvety,musical voice whisper "Why?"

To Be Continued...by K

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Redefinition by KilroyWasHere reviews
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