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Update Time Again:

About The Name Change: I decided that I got bored with my 'new' name and decided to return to my staple username pretty much everywhere else on the net outside of Youtube, facebook, and Google. Anyone speaking to me on forums can simply call me Naru to keep things simple.

About How I Update My Stories: When I first upload a chapter, what you are seeing is the raw-un-SPAG checked and pree-proofread piece. I do this because while I do have a beta (thank you for tolerating my nonsense :3 ) it takes time for their hard work to get done. If a story is 'updated' but no new chapter has been added, it's likely that I have made some much needed revisions, and potentially entire conversations could've been changed.

Story Chapter Rotation: Right now I'm working on two projects, Pokemon: Lore And Legend(chapter 1 currently posted and chapter 2 soon to come) and Persona 4: Tsukumogami (Chapter 1 WIP and not posted) both of which will be quite long and I have yet to decide how many chapters there will be for either of them. Typically my stories tend to be between 5 to 10 chapters long, sometimes more as needed. Since I tend to get 'burnt out' after writing on one story for too long, I will be 'rotating' chapter updates. Put simply, every 5 chapters I will take a break from one to work on the other. The Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic 'New Age Detective' is still on the backburner as an idea that needs polishing, however I want to finish these two projects first.

My Strengths as a writer: Probably keeping the story more character driven than plot driven, which is why procrastination is the bane of my existence because I usually have a decent 'overview' outline of the full plot but all the nitty gritty details just seem to escape me. o.o; I really enjoy getting into characters heads and finding exactly what makes them tick. So you'll probably notice a lot of internal monologuing in narration, focusing more on the characters thought processes rather than surroundings and the environment.

My Weaknesses: As mentioned before, SPAG and Structure are by far the bane of my writing, while I'm not 'third grader' bad, I still am well aware of my flaws and/or mistakes. My problem isn't 'learning by doing' no, I learn far better through example, and taking an english course and a proper creative writing course just aren't up in the running as an option right now.

I think that's about all I wanted to cover with this profile update, hope ya'll enjoy my newer projects :3 I know I could have just left my 'old' projects on here, but frankly, the less competition for views/reviews on any of my stories the better...

Pokemon: Lore and Legend
All team Helix wants to do is unite the bond between man, Pokemon, and god. It's just a harmless, powerful, global organisation in the region of Izou right? So why does that thought make Lucas twitch, maybe cause it always turns sour every, single, time.
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