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Hey! My name is Niysa! I'm a Zutarian for life! And I hope all you Zutarians WILL STAY DEDICATED! Lol just kidding! When I watched the series online Maiko grew on me! I felt disapointed at first... but then i thought "Hey, Mai needs love too!" I still love zutara more anyhow : Anyways, more info will be posted here as I get more info! And as a special treat I know how to get a lot of TRUE Zutara info for you guys! And yes I do have a life, but not on the weekends. lol

Here's my first treat!

Loo there for some slight Zutara. It's not much but hey! I'ts better than what they show in the show half the time! Oh and Jet's eyebrows scare me... random i know but still...

And guys, please vote on my poll! I write these stories for you! So i need to know what you want to read!! And if you havent noticed... I lot of Zutara plots are used more than once... So IDK what to write! I want to write something new! So here's something for people who don't want to go through the trouble of writing the story:

If you have an idea for a story, just email me at

Then when I write the story, the credits go to you for the idea!! Great right? But this will only go for one-shots... sorry!

Dankies Mates!

p.s. It's being hosted by me and a few others! If you want to be a judge for the fanfic portion send me a message!

HEY GUYS! I thought you might want to look at my Zutara videos on youtube! I worked really hard on them and was hoping that you would enjoy them as much as my bipolar fingernails!!

Zutara Story Chapter 2-

Zutara Story Chapter 1-

Eventually I will be writing a one shot based on all the videos i make! So I hope you'll keep reading and watching!!

Hey guys! How many of you are super excited for the Zutara Finale Remake by Bluetarako?! I sure am! This is probably the biggest Zutara project ever and I'm SO happy that someone decided to do it! Didn't hear the cast voices yet? The link will be posted below:

You guys wont want to miss this! I know I wont!

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Love and Betrayal reviews
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