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Hey, my name is Vicky. I'm currently studying at University and in any spare time I have I love to write. I've been writing for a few years and although I wouldn't say I'm great at it, I love it. It's a great hobby. Among other hobbies are music, I love practically anything and everything- it's all about the lyrics and the melody- that one thing that makes you stop and think, regardless of the genre. I also love sports, friends, family etc.

One Tree Hill- this show hit me like a ton of bricks. In the earlier seasons it had everything a good show should have. It got me so engrossed in the characters and through this opened up the world of fanfiction for me. As well as reinforcing my love of music with great new bands/songs, awakening a love for the guitar and making me interested in basketball. Although I don't watch it anymore, the show changed me in many ways. And I'm thankful to it.

Peyton Sawyer- this girl is my favourite TV character. I can't begin to explain why I love her character so much, I think it's a combination of the way she was written with such complexity, the way she guarded herself against the world but is actually an incredible friend and the fact that she was played by Hilarie Burton who I think is a brilliant actress. She's a character that can have you crying one minute and then laughing the next. She has flaws but hey, doesn't everyone? And actually it's the flaws, the recognition that everyone isn't perfect and that people make mistakes that draw me to P Sawyer.

I guess it's only fitting then that my favourite couple of all time is Lucas and Peyton. I have loved them since the pilot and with them not being on the show any more I do miss them. Their love was perfect. It was never huge declarations, it was subtle hints, gestures of being there for one another and helping each other even at the sacrifice of the other's feelings. It was him being infatuated by the girl he thought he'd never be good enough for, and it was her letting him in and discovering that everyone needs somebody. They encompase the true qualities of an epic couple and what Mark Schwahn did from seasons 1-6 was great. Although I would say, they were written better in the earlier seasons. Still, they are the one couple who know each other better than they know themselves and yet still believe they aren't worthy of the other, they are the couple that love never wavers, whether they're apart for a year or three. They were the only couple in which I had absolutely no doubt that they'd end up together, it was the way the show was meant to go, it was the way Mark had built up their story for 6 years and it was the right way for their characters journeys to end.

However- Nathan and Peyton are a soft spot for me. They have chemistry and I actually love the fact that they fought but always felt the need to be together again, their relationship was a train wreck but they felt that need to be with one another. Plus their bordering on flirtatious banter is funny, I do wish they'd had more scenes in the later seasons. I also kind of liked Jake/Peyton because they also had chemistry (you know what, I think it was all because of Hilarie Burton, she could have had chemistry with a tree) simply because they were a nice interlude between Lucas/Peyton and actually highlighted why Lucas/Peyton are so special and how their love doesn't waver even when they believe they're in love with other people.

Also loved Brooke/Peytonbecause they had an amazing friendship. Honestly, they had their problems but what friendship doesn't? They both did things to the other that damaged their friendship but they were always there for each other. And really, that's what a friendship is. They were beautifully written and Sophia and Hilarie did a brilliant job portraying them.

ANYWAY. Enough about One Tree Hill.

The Vampire Diaries- This show has become my new favourite one. It. is. amazing. It's not typical of the vampire/werewolf genre, it's different, it's edgy, it's exciting and it's only in its second season. I'm looking forward to watching more. Up until season 2 I didn't have a favourite couple; I honestly can't choose between Elena/Stefen and Damon/Elena which is wierd I guess, but I guess I just like the triangle and not knowing what's going to happen.

However Season 2 (and now 3) has opened up a whole new world of love for Caroline Forbes. In season 1 she was petty, neurotic, bitchy and yet had something intrigueing about her but in season 2 she is so much more than that, she is strong, independent and has the biggest heart in the world. And in season 3 she is still growing as a character. She is actually my favourite character on Vampire Diaries and I love her developing relationship with Tyler. Something which i'm excited to progress. However Caroline and Stefan have something quite intrigueing going on too, they have a great friendship if nothing else anyway.

Wellllll that was long. Anyways... feel free to PM me about anything :)

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