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This is the joined account of Uchiha Michiyo (yeah like I use THAT account anymore) and Yuffie Sensei (now called Tenebie!).

If you can read this, than you do not need glasses.

Actually, that might depend on how close you are sitting to the screen... I suppose THEN you might possibly need glasses.

This poor profile needs some readjusting! Just like a good bra! - Confu

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Greetings fellow Ozians, Confu here!

I wouldn't call myself an "established" writer or anything of the sorts, but I cannot lie about the fact that I do enjoy to do scarce writing in my free time. I love to do collaborations with my closest friends and do mostly fanfictions with a few original stories here and there. I also cannot lie when I say that I have a huge addiction to M/M or Slash (I should probably start praying to my Star Trek Gods in thanks for such an interesting genre) and, this is very embarrassing, mpreg (sometimes they just give me that special gud lulz!... I mean warm fuzzies!). Personally, any pairings or OTPs I am interested in I get really anal (srsbns) about them and I hardly ever stray from them.

And then there leaves the long laundry list of things that I honestly cannot stand. Those annoying, "What If..." summaries that make me cringe, often one-shots leave me feeling empty, authors who find it acceptable to copypasta (intentional spelling) their role-plays and post them as stories (the constant :'s instead of "'s are frustrating), HUGE massive paragraphs that leave you scratching your head, characters who seem to take a 180 degree personality switch, and those crazy and unnecessary character bashings that truly do not make any sense. Huffpuffpuff.

Any other little tidbits about me? Well I have these weird fascinations with werewolves, cannibals, aliens, zombies and serial killers. Practically any accent (English, French, Scottish, Irish, German in that order are ftw) is an orgasm for the ear. My music tastes range from industrial to indie to older country to goth to classical to... a bunch of other stuff. I love to read things like horror, scifi, fantasy, folklore, scarce manga and any bits of information that I find interesting but I can never focus on one book at a time, which often leaves me reading around ten at a time. Any TV/Movie I watch are basically the same genres as well.

P.S. I like dis face --> :I


Oh. And I am currently looking for someone who would like to be a part-time beta.



Dory here!

So, I just realized that I haven't updated this section in a very...very long time and decided to update a few things about myself.

I go by Dory, it's just a nickname my friends collaborated together without my knowledge and it sorta stuck. But, hey! I'm not complaining or anything, I actually do like it. :) Anyways, a few things about myself. I wouldn't say I'm an awful writer or a great one, just average really, somewhere in between. Though I do believe I have obviously gotten better since 7th or 8th grade back in school. That was about 6-7 years ago, things have changed since the first piece of fiction myself and Confu have written ( From Naruto to Alice, A Tea Party! ). I'm 18 now, so hopefully my writing skills continue to progress!

Anywho, thanks for visiting our profile, and don't be shy to leave a review!

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Fictions that we might never update again... (Sorry)

Konoha Action News Channel 9

From Naruto to Alice, a Tea Party!

-Why? Well, firstly we wrote these two stories back in Junior High 'cause we were bored. Who knows. We might update some of the crack in the future but I highly doubt it.


Fictions in the long procrastinated process of being edited (aka Hiatus lol)...

Hidden Addictions

- This fic is mostly still written in one of our beaten up notebooks still that we wrote in. I know sad, We should probably type it up... heh.


Anything being Updated?

Ctrl Alt Del - Being rewritten-ish. Okay, more like hiatus.

It's Never That Easy - Working on the second chapter. Totally on hiatus too.

GH: MI - -cough- Dory doesn't like to write for this one anymore. -cough-


Anything In the Works?

A Merlin one with a secret, mind-blowing, heart pounding, and sweat dropping action. (Actually there's three Merlin fics coming! Looking for that one special beta to hold our hands! 8D)

A bunch of ideas for my UNDeRDOG Series are floating around.

Possibly a FictionPress account. WHO KNOWS MAYBE IDK.

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 10 - Words: 11,929 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/20/2008 - Published: 8/19/2008 - Sasuke U., Naruto U.
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