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Hi, basically ... yeah. Haha.


Merlin; I am a huge fan of this show. I loved it from the beginning & I'm so sad that it's over. It was (and still is), by far one of my favorite shows & always will be. I missed this show the minute the series finale was over. I hope that they go along with the idea of making a movie. Whether it's a reboot or a continuation, I'd love to see it. (Preferrably a continuation as I want to see Arthur's ressurection, but a reboot would also be awesome so long as they stick with the original cast.)

Doctor Who; who doesn't love a bit of Doctor Who? I am a huge fan. I only started watching it when David Tennant became the Doctor but I went back to watch Christopher Eccleston's series too. David Tennant, in my opinion, is the best doctor (out of the reboot series, can't say which one of the the old ones I preferred as I never watched those) but at the same time I do love Matt Smith as he brings something new to the character & he's hilarious so he is also one of my fav doctors. In my opinion all of the 'new' doctors have been amazing in their own way, as I'm sure the old doctors were, also. I cannot believe Matt Smith has gone:( ... but, Peter Capaldi is a good choice for the 12th doctor and he's already done an amazing job...I love how he's slightly darker but still has that childlike humor to him.

Sherlock; I am officially in love with it! I can't even explain why i love it so much...I just do. As soon as I saw the first episode, it instantly became one of my favs. I love it so much, the mystery, the drama and obviously Sherlock/Johns Bromance as well as Sherlock showing a little humanity sometimes, haha. It's amazing. LOVE IT! Series 3 was great. & whether it's intentional or not, I'm loving the hints of Sherlock showing some sort of feelings towards Molly. Haha. OBSESSED is an understatement for this show. It is defo in my top 3...Might be joint first with merlin at this rate. :)

Game of Thrones; is defo my type of show, the medieval setting, the dragons, the supernatural/mythological type of twists and it's good because despite the fantasy elements, it has quite a realistic tone. & I defo need to start reading the books as the show is just incredible so the books will be even better :)

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals; words cannot explain how much I love this show. From the moment I started watching it I was hooked. This doesn't happen often but the show is even better than the books (in my opinion). The one thing that does annoy me however is the never-ending love triangle & the constant shipping wars that go along with it. (Personally I'm Stelena but if Delena was end game, I'm fine with that.) Also, since S3 the show hasn't been as's still good just not really good. I used to be addicted to this show but I don't know, there's just something off about it these days..Idk if it's just delena or whether it's the way elenas character has changed, it's just not the same BUT ... nothing will ever stop me liking this show. It is incredible! & as for the spinoff - The Originals. Klaus is such as badass. I love the originals just as much as I love TVD maybe even more at the moment...really addicting, and loads of hot dudes to stare at hehe. :) I'm such a fangirl. tut tut.

Atlantis; Of course it will never beat Merlin and will never be better than Merlin but it is a worthy replacement. If we can't have Merlin back then I'm so glad we have Atlantis. I have high hopes for this show. The first series has taken right off and I really enjoy it. It's so comical yet also dramatic. And mmm Jason...hehe. Again, love it. It's amazing... haha.

Teen Wolf; I loved this show from the beginning. It's like the werewolf equivalent of TVD. It's so addictive...gaaaah, I just love it. It's really individual with it's storylines and supernatural creatures. Most supernatural shows include vampires and werewolves and witched but teen wolf has other creatures like banshees, kanimas, kitsune's amazing.

Torchwood; well, obviously I'd like Torchwood. I love Doctor who and Torchwood is the more adult version. And not to mention it was filmed and set in Cardiff. They ruined it with the fourth series though. It was good but it wasn't the same. It was waaay to americanised. I love American shows but I hate americans trying to turn British shows into american ones. It just doesn't feel right. & the fourth series didn't really have the right continuity to fit in to the Doctor Who world and I would have rathered the show finish at the end of the third series. I much preferred the old cast. I do hope they make another series though, but hopefully they'll be back in cardiff this time, or at least London.

The Musketeers (BBC): Holy Cow! This show is amazing. I've never seen any films or tv shows on the musketeers before but this one has got to be up there as one of the best adaptations. (I'll have to watch some more adaptations to see) ... but shit, it's awesome! & I love all the characters especially considering d'Artagnan is Freddie from Skins (Luke Pasqualino), Aramis is Lancelot from Merlin (Santiago Cabrera), and the Cardinal is Peter Capaldi whom is the 12th Doctor and has been in Torchwood. Haha love British Actors. Just need Bendict Cumberbatch to make an appearance haha. :)

Primeval: I swear, this show should have been a BBC production. It's the only ITV Fantasy Drama that I like. BBC usually makes these types of shows better. But, this show is amazing. I love the whole anomaly thing and the dinosaurs. It's just awesome. FANTASTIC! Hahaha. Too bad it moved to Canada with a completely different cast.

House of Anubis; Considering this show is on Nickelodeon and is a kids show (well I'd consider it to be more for teens), I am in love with it. The storylines keep me hooked along with the relationships. I love all the characters and over the course of the 3 seasons I have seen the characters grow. Some of them, I wasn't too fond of to start off with, such as Joy for instance, but they have grown on me and now, I don't think there's any character that I dislike. However, in the third season Mara did take a turn for the worst but I don't hate her. Even the new characters, KT and Willow, are awesome. I hope they make a fourth season with all of the original cast including Nina and Amber. I'm happy for a fourth season either way but I really don't like the idea of introducing a new cast. I like these characters and can't imagine them not being in House Of Anubis. :)

90210, Awkward, Bates Motel, Gossip Girl, Skins, My Mad Fat Diary etc etc etc...loads more.



Sherlolly (Sherlock/Molly) Sherlock: This ship is slowly starting to sail. I didn't pay much attention to it properly until the second series but I have always liked it. Now I am obsessed with it. & looking at Series 3, Molly is clearly not over Sherlock no matter how much she claims she is, and is it just me, or does it seem like Sherlock might have started to realise that he has feelings for Molly? Surely, the writers can't be dropping these hints, unintentionally. I study film and media and I also write scripts and I know for fact that everything that is included is relevant in some way. Now, unless Benedict & Louise's real life chemistry is showing through accidentally, I think the writers are trying to experiment with something. Maybe trying to at least hint at the possibility. I very much doubt the writers will have Sherlock and Molly in a relationship but they seem to be, at the very least, trying to show that Sherlock is human and does feel quite strongly towards Molly. In all honesty, I think they are trying to build the romance up intentionally despite Steven Moffat stating that Sherlock will never really be in a relationship (although recently did state that they're open to anything when asked if Sherlock would ever be in a relationship so he may have changed his mind). He can at least try though, right? Otherwise, what's the point in all of these Sherlolly feels, hahaha. (Oh and just an extra note, music is also very important, and they don't just choose any random song, they look for songs that actually reflect what's going on the, at the end of 'The Sign of Three' Sherlock is all lonely, with no one to dance with, you can see him looking over towards Molly as he leaves with Molly looking back and the lyrics that are over that part go 'why'd it take so long to see the light, felt so wrong but now it feels so right, what a lady, what a night.) now come on, that can't be coincidental. And Molly slapping Sherlock as Sherlock just stands there letting her...woaaaah! amazing...not to mention Molly being the first person he see's in his mind palace as he is dying. Really cannot wait to see the sherlolly-ness in series 4. Please be a lot!!!! And hopefully it'll be on sooner rather than later. AND the recent interview with Moffat where he said in regards to Sherlock 'He adores Molly, of course he does. He loves her' whether in a platonic or romantic way,this is amazing news. Haha.

Stelena (Stefan/Elena) The Vampire Diaries: They're meant to be, end of. They are amazing together and they will be end game. Elena still clearly loves Stefan...the love triangle is obviously still going. I doubt they're getting back together anytime soon but they will be together in the end...I know it. I can feel it in my bones...hehe. Amazing Chemistry. Much better than Delena although Damon is amazing. Haha. :) They're moments are amazing. I mean, sometimes I look at Delena and think okay, it is a little sweet...BUT, it seems so forced and awkward. They're chemistry was actually better before they got together. Stelena has great chemistry whether they are together or not. I just really love these two. They complete each other.

Whouffle (11/Clara) Doctor Who: Well, when Matt was the doctor, these two were adorable together. They're flirty banter was amazing. Loved them. Haha. Oh and technically in the xmas episode, they were hugging naked...and the doctor didn't turn down Claras request to be her 'boyfriend'. Haha. & not to mention, in 'Deep Breath' it was basically confirmed...Clara admitted her feelings towards the doctor as did the doctor in a he basically said that 11 thought of himself as Clara's boyfriend. & the phonecall at the end was just heartbreaking but it was needed to bring closure to whouffle. Whouffaldi is still amazing, even though the dynamic now is more of a best friend or brother/sister father/daughter type of thing. I'm not sure about Danny Pink though, I like his character but do they really need to put Clara into a relationship? Haha.


ALL these bromances are incredible. I love all three of them with a passion. Of course, I ship them all platonically but mainly because I ship each of them with someone else as well. But these friendships are never ending. Well, Johns got married, Arthur died and Damon and Stefan are fighting over Elena...stillllll...but they're love for each other is undying. Bromances are way more important. :) Merthur :'( :'(

JohnLock (John/Sherlock) Sherlock

Merthur (Merlin/Arthur) Merlin

Defan (Damon/Stefan) The Vampire Diaries (my beloved Salvatore brothers...they should both just dump elena...but I really want STELENA hahaha.)

Other Ships

(Not so obsessive ones, but still love them)

Merlin: Arwen (Arthur/Gwen), Merlin/Freya

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals: Klaroline (Klaus/Caroline), Beremy (Bonnie/Jeremy), Anna/Jeremy, Damon/Rose, Datherine (Damon/Katherine), Stebekkah (Stefan/Rebekkah), Elijah/Hayley, Elijah/Katherine, Caroline/Tyler.

Sherlock: Molstrade (Molly/Lestrade), Lestrade/Donovan (after Series 3), John/Mary.

Doctor Who: Ten/Rose, Amy/Rory

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow/Ygrit ... and for some reason, despite them not knowing each other, I ship Jon snow and Danaerys. I wonder if they'll ever meet, haha.

Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen, Owen/Tosh

Atlantis: Jariadne (Jason/Ariadne), Mercules (Medusa/Hercules), Pythalanta (Pythagoras/Atalanta)

Teen Wolf: Scott/Alison, Stiles/Erica, Isaac/Erica

House of Anubis: Jeroy (Jerome/Joy), Fabina (Fabian/Nina)

My Mad Fat Diary: Rae/Finn

90210: Liam/Naomi, Annie/Ethan, Dixon/Silver, Navid/Adrianna

Awkward: Matty/Jenna

Skins: Tony/Michelle, Effy/Freddie

Gossip Girl: Serena/Dan, Blaire/Chuck

Other Bromances

Merlin: Gwaine/Merlin, Merdred (Merlin/Mordred), Gwen/Morgana, Lancelot/Merlin, Gwaine/Percival

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals: Matt/Jeremy, Klaus/Elijah, Dalaric (Damon/Alaric), Lexi/Stefan, Steroline (Caroline/Stefan), Elena/Rebekkah

Teen Wolf: Scott/Stiles, Scott/Isaac, Stiles/Derek

Skins: Maxxi/Anwar, Tony/Sid, Effy/Pandora, Freddie/Cook/JJ

Sherlock: Sherstrade (Sherlock/Lestrade), Sherlock/Mary, Sherlock/John/Mary, Sherlock/Mycroft

Atlantis: Jason/Hercules/Pythagoras, Jagoras (Jason/Pythagoras)

Doctor Who: 10/Jack, 9/Jack, 11/Rory, 11/CraigOwens

Books & Films

The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate: Love them. Nuff' said. They are amazing. I leeeerrrrv them. I obviously ship Lucinda & Daniel. (Forever & Always.) Cam & Luce would have been acceptable though. I love Cam. Can't wait for the movies. They're taking their time making them though.

The Starcrossed Trilogy by Josephine Angelini: Again, love them. I also heard that there are talks of a movie. These books would look awesome on the big screen. I love the whole Greek Mytholog thing. Obviously I ship the main couple Helen and Lucas.

Harry Potter: I loved all the ships, to be completely honest. I love these books & the films. Who doesn't? :)

Percy Jackson: I have only read the first book so far. The film is awesome and I cannot wait for the sequel. Who doesn't like Logan Lerman? Mmm, so gorgeous. Percy/Annabeth -- obvo ship.

Most of my fanfics are probably either going to be from House of Anubis, Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock or The Vampire Diaries. May be a little cheesy but ah well, haha.

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