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I will probably not appear as an author in this site, for I am NOT any kind of author (musician and engineer yes, but no author).

However, I have been a voracious reader of science fiction for over 40 years. (Yes, I am a Grandpa!)

It's been awhile since I first made the above entries in my bio, and I thought I would recommend some excellent authors and stories right here on fanfiction.net – for those of you who have traced my reviews back to my page.

I use my “favorite stories” page to track stories in progress that I am finding worthwhile, but I have many completed stories that have become permanent parts of my library, and would like to share it here.

JC Roberts – ID#1268854 – The Truth and Justice Saga

Highly recommended!! Excellent treatment of the “next generation” of the Justice League.

Who Knows What Evil

Hospitals Can Be Murder

Don't forget to include “School Yard Justice” – great postlude

Scarlet -ID#17483

Her Spider Man Novelizations are great., but her Shadow novelizations based on the universe seen in the 1994 Movie “The Shadow” are SUPERB!

Being a fan of The Shadow for a long time, I HIGHLY recommend this series of stories!

In order: Anything is Possible, Nothing is Impossible

The Clouded Mind

Hands Off

Dangerous Minds

The Tragic Comedy

The Illusion of Propriety

The New Guy

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them


Then, you need to go to my next recommended author to continue the stories

Stephensmat - ID#245995

His Spiderman/Shadow crossover series is absolutely incredible. He teams up with Scarlet to bring us a FANTASTIC vision of The Shadow's universe that includes Spiderman in it.. Stephensmat is kind enough to give you the order of his stories on his bio page.

Along the way, He and Scarlet do a Spiderman/3rd generation Shadow insertion into the 1994 movie novelization, and Shadow Characters insertion into Spider Man I, II and currently working on a slightly A/U version of Spiderman III. Two incredible authors working on a great project!

KTHunter - ID#842227

You simply MUST check out the Twilight Child series. The author really knows her characters and brings them to life right off the page. I didn't know a lot about Raven and Beast Boy when I began reading – but soon found myself captivated by this yet unfinished series!

Sheepsoup - ID#1639925

A young teen author who is doing a STUPENDOUS job with taking up the movie Iron Man story from where the movie ended. A “MUST READ”

D - ID#21456

The “comic series” narratives are based upon the classic Marvel Characters and series, but with some sort of twist – usual gender based (The Hulk is a Woman and so is Lady Thor for example). The chapters are relatively short, but well written – these could be “Graphic Novels” for the blind if read out loud!! Recommended, Recommended, Recommended!

Dark Knight of the Moon ID#1223129

His Knight of Vengeance Saga is primo stuff! I haven't read much else, however I really liked this storyset.

Ganondorfdude11 ID#1684309

His Superman Vs Hitler Story is excellent, but he really shines in the ongoing tale of “The Worlds Greatest Detective”

DarkMark ID#4930

His Novel length saga FIRE is highly recommended. I also recommend you go to his website and read “Superman and Man” - Great Stuff!!

And lastly – in the Star Trek Original Series Universe

Ster Julie, Dan Bivens, Pat Foley, Syl Francis, KarraCaz, Trish Bennet, Ann Murray are some of the authors names in the 5 volumes of The Original Series Fanfiction I have stored in my permanent library. These authors could very easily have written for the original TV show or the Movies, in my Humble Opinion!

Well, if you are looking for some great work in this fanfiction, the above are my recommendations for a beginning.

Have an absolutely fantastic day – whatever universe you are having it in!

'nuff said.

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