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I kinda just started to write the one fan-fiction that I have. I'm still working on it, trying to get it done before school starts.

Anyways...I have no idea where I got the name HereticsRight, I just made it up on the spot when I created the account. I watched Firefly just a few weeks ago (which means the summer of 08) and absolutely loved it, best TV show I have ever seen. I had already seen Serenity twice, but didn't really know what was going on during the movie the first time without having seen Firefly. The second time was better because I knew who Wash was and why his death really sucked.

Um...what to say about myself? I play video games a lot, Halo is one of my favorites. (And no, I'm not a hyperactive little kid who always yells into their mic. Actually, I only have the PC version but I play Halo 3 on my friends XBox all the time. My voice is way too low to be one of those kids anyways, I have a freaking low voice.) I also play stuff like Medieval II Total War, and Freespace 2. I read Terry Pratchett and Stephen Ambrose and other stuff, but those two are probably my favorite authors. My favorite books are Citizen Soldiers, Catch 22, Slaughterhouse 5, and definitely some others that I can't remember because my memory is crap.

I like to think that I am musically inclined, I was just recommended for the All Eastern band (I live in Massachusetts), and they said that I am in the top four high school players for the Euphonium (my instrument, pretty much a little tuba if you don't know) on the eastern seaboard, which is Maine down to some state like Maryland or something and over as far as Ohio (Ohio isn't one of the states though) I think.

I'm a senior in high school now, I have a ton of crap to do for school (stupid AP) and I do soccer and track afterschool as well as chorus (first time doing so this year) and band. Life kinda sucks but you have to roll with the punches. Either that or get hit and throw up on the opponent, which actually isn't that bad of a strategy. Who want to fight a guy that just puked on you? I actually kind of suck at writing and hate it, but I started writing this story and it turned out to actually be kind of fun.

I don't actually watch any TV shows on TV anymore unless I really like them. I pretty much only watch Heroes, which I think is now only an okay show because they can't do a decent fight scene to save their lives and the show sucks when it tries to be really serious. It's okay when it's being just regular serious, but sometimes it tries to do things that it just can't do. I also watch Sarah Conner Chronicles, which is good but I really don't care about the mom lady, pretty much just the robot and John. I just started watching Full Metal Alchemist online. It's actually pretty good about not being too Japanese.

Here's a random fact, I keep a big wrench in my car in case zombies ever attack. I think that this reveals more about me than most other things. I'm also trying to pick up some Chinese so I can swear at people in it. I already know a few and they kick ass. I want the ability to switch into a Scottish or Cockney accent at will because you would either sound like Sean Connery or be able to say " 'ello poppet" and sound awesome. Plus you can say stuff with either that no one can understand if your accent is strong enough.

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Wrote this a month ago but didn't feel like posting it at the time. It's not finished, and I'm still writing for it.
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Red to Blue reviews
Serenity has taken aboard another crew member, another student of the Academy. He has no memory, and struggles to survive in a world that he has never experienced. Reviews are nice. Finished. There will be another story later, only with a new character.
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