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Author has written 16 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Bleach, Naruto, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hi My Name is Candy May

Avatar: Me! Candy May from Hypo's "Close Encounter"

Eye Color: Metallic Purple


Hair Color: Blue with metallic purple highlights that is in a pony tail.

Outfit: Very short black/dark blue strapless shirt that says my team name "RGR" (Which means rose garden racers) a black skirt with dark blue flames at the bottom, black stockings that come from under the skirt to the knees, and black and dark blueboots that look just like Amy's and a black headband.

Likes: Silver the hedgehog, Flash the hedgehog, racing, goofing off, being smart, friends, romance, to pick on and call Smokey Faker,and to get her sleep

Hates: Buttman, Noseman Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, to be woken up, Eggman, annoying perverts, and preps.

She is also Amy Rose's twin cousin by Amy's True Age but Amy doesn't want anyone knowing.


None Sorry :(


Vacation Mystery ;)

Bestfriend who got me on here: Hypo Prower








Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go



Couples: I support all the way

Sonic: Also couples not on here are ones that stay very far away from this profile!

SonicxAmy: My Number 1 favorite sonic couple, plus Amy digs Sonic and He digs her back (secretly)

JetxWave: Oh come on you know they're meant to be

ShadowxSmokey: why would I not like them, it's Shadow with Smokey plus They make a cute argument couple.

ShadowxDusk: I read a story of it and I loved it!

ShadowxAmy: It's grown on me!

VectorxVanilla: He likes her and she's likes him too!

TailsxCream: It's the cutest couple Ever! I mean cute with cute!

KnucklesxRouge: Love hate relationship. I likey

FlashxCandy: Hello it's me and my loverboy

SilverxCandy: Only if something bad happens to Flash.

MoxyxRoxy: Smart and work well together.

StormxRuby: Hello dumb, strong, and loyal with dumb, pretty, strong, and loyal. Perfect Match

SkyxEmerald: Just like Jet and Wave

LindsxSonique: It's just so totally awesome!

RainxMeadow: Lets see...Pervert with annoying Perfect

EspioxScarlet: My favorite Sonic character with my oc duh! How is it not COOL!

RoyxVana: Same as Vecter and Vanilla

TylerxKc: Sweet and caring with hyper, smart, and crazily affectionate. Just CUTE!

ManicxFlora: Hello! Green with messed up hairdo, who plays drums deffinately matches with easily amused and cute.

FuFuxChris: Dumb with dumber how else would you put it!

ReecexTikal: Both true Sweethearts

TylerxMarine: Well they both think they're pirates, and not on the smart side.

ScourgexRosy: Anti version of Sonamy! Let's see.. you have a womanizer with a girl who brain got messed up. Put together and you get a Sexily/humorous couple

My Characters:

Smokey Fay (Hedgehog)

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Age: 15

Hair Color: Black with metallic hot pink highlights.

Outfit: Same as my character Candy but with Hot Pink, black and pink shoes just like Shadows. She wears her hair down and wears a hot pink headbank. Her hair goes down to her mid back.

Likes: Shadow, bugging and calling Candy Faker, racing, to goof off, and to sometimes have things silent.

Hates: Everything Candy hates

Flash the Hedgehog

Eye Color: Gold

Age: 16

Hair color: lime green with gold highlights

outfit: just like all the other boys, but his shoes are just like Sonics but are green and gold

Likes: Candy, racing, flirting, and being obnoxious

Hates: Same as Candy

Rain the Cat

Eye Color: Red

Age: 14

Hair color: Red with black highlights

outfit: just like Flash except his shoes are red and black.

Likes: being a pervert, Meadow, racing, flirting, being obnoxious, and sleeping.

Hates: Same as Candy

Meadow Layne (Cat)

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 13

Hair color: Black with metallic purple highlights

outfit: Same as Candy except with purple, she wears her hair down.

Likes: Rain (secretly), racing, dancing, singing, hanging out with friends.

Hates: Same as Candy

Cloud the Panda

Eye Color: Dark Green

Age: 16

Hair color: Brown with lime green highlights.

outfit: Same as all boys but shoes are brown and green

likes: Marteenie, and everything Flash likes.

Hates: Same as Candy

Marteenie Cay (Panda)

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 15

Hair Color: Green with Metallic Pink Highlights

Outfit: Same as Candy except with lime green. Hair goes down to her shoulders. Green and pink shoes.

Likes: Cloud, rest just like Candy.

Hates: Same as Candy

Vana the Crocodile

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 20

Hair Color: Blonde- Only a little past the ears

Sister of Vector

Outfit: a t-shirt with Chaotic Detective Agency and shorts and same shoes as her brother.

Likes: Roy, same as candy

hates: Vector, and same as candy

K.C. Henry (Bee)

Eye Color: orange

Age: 6

Outfit: orange dress that says CDA and shoes

Likes: Charmy, and everything Candy does

Hates: Same as Candy

Scarlet Henry (Chameleon)

Eye Color: Hazel

Age: 16

Outfit: Black t-shirt and shorts she is a very light purple and wears her hair and it goes down past her ears. She wears lego shoes. She adopted K.C. when she was 10 years old.

Likes: Espio, and everything Candy does

Hates: Same as Candy

Roy the Rabbit

Eye Color: Green

Age: 21

Outfit: same as all guys but wears the same exact shoes as Vector. And he is a champange brown.

Likes: Vana, and everything Moxy likes.

Hates: Same as Candy

Moxy the Fox

Age: 13

Outfit: Same as tails except he is red

Likes: Roxy, being nice, building and fixing things.

Hates: Same as Candy

Roxy Layne (2-tailed Vixen)

Eye Color: Dark Purple


Outfit: Same as Candy but with orange. Hair goes to shoulders hair is orange with Red highlights

Likes: Moxy and everything he likes

Hates: Everything Candy hates.

Flora Ray (Hedgehog)

Age: 14

Outfit: Same as candy's except with yellow flames. She is yellow with pink highlights.

Likes: Manic, annoying Sonic and Silver, stealing Skree's cookies,and everything Candy likes.

Hates: Same as Candy

Sky the Hawk

Eye Color: Hazel

Age: 16

Outfit: Same as Jet's except Black and Brown

Likes: Emerald, winning, and drag racing.

Hates: Same as Candy, and losing.

Emerald the Swallow

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 15

Outfit: Same as Wave's except black with dark blue, she is dark green with green highlights.

Likes: Sky, Ruby and Wave her best friends, building things, and drag racing.

Hates: People that mess up her inventions, and everything Candy hates.

Ruby the Albatross

Eye Color: Black

Age: 17

Outfit: Same as Wave's except black with maroon, Ruby red with marroon highlights.

Likes: Storm, punching things,and everything Candy does.

Reece Da Bat

Age: 19

Eye Color: Sapphire Blue

Outfit: he wears lime green gloves with black and lime green shoes just like Sonics. He is black with gray ears, and wings.

Likes: Tikal, and skulls

Hates: almost everything

FuFu the Monkey

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 14

Outfit: she wears a pink ballerina outfit, and she is a brown monkey

Likes: Chris, and everything

Hates: Buttman!

Chris the Monkey

Eye Color: Green

Age: 15

Outfit: a red and black baseball hat and shoes just like knuckles! He is brown.

Likes: FuFu, Runescape, video games, and baseball

Hates: Barbie, and People who talk to much

Harold Robuttnitt (a.k.a. Buttman)

Eye Color: Gray

Age: 48

Outfit: Same as Eggman's except it's green instead of red. Plus he has Black hair instead of red.

Likes: Eggman, Noseman, burning barbie dolls, playing with polly pockets, eating, trying to rule the world, and beating up the mail man.(Bob)

Hates: Candy and her gang, mail man Bob, Barbie, starving to death, and girl scouts.

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