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Author has written 13 stories for Twilight, Elfen Lied, Harry Potter, Tenchi Muyo, School Days, D N Angel, Bubblegum Crisis, and Dragon Age.

Hello once again! It seems I haven't been on here for so long, and I'm incredibly sorry for that. If all my readers and my reviewers could forgive me, I'd be much obliged to continue writing. I last wrote when I was in high school! Time does have a knack for slipping by without my notice. I'm in college now, but guess what? I'm majoring in English-- there is nothing more worthy of my passion than the written word. (Which means I may be jobless but well-versed haha...)

I must say that my tastes have changed and I have not been immersed in anime as I once was, but I still have a vast account of the tales I was writing. I will continue with my best intentions to finish what I have started. I must give this miraculous return to the people who continued to review, if it were not for your pleas to continue the story, I do not think I would have returned. Thank you a million times over for once again inspiring me to pursue such tales. It's been so long, but I have hopes that the story will be of the same heart.

Which reminds me, I need to jump back in on this fanfiction world; anyone have any good reads that they'd like to share. I need to brush up on my knowledge of the worlds I'm trying to paint; it's the only way to get the characters down just right. Anything with Washu and Ryoko would, at the moment, satisfy my needs.

As for preferences in writing material I usually stick to anime, however I tend to also delve into works such as Twilight and Harry Potter at times. I'm hoping to publish more Tenchi fanfics with central attention to the Washu - Ryoko dynamic. Now that I think about it, Tenchi x Ryoko are a lovely pair but I think Ryoko could do better ;p haha perhaps I'll make a fanfic where she ends up in a different man's heart. I tend to make my own characters for each fanfic, it lets me add in my own element without messing up the natural side of other characters that I did not make up.

I have to admit, the only reason I have a School Days fanfic up is because I absolutely hated that anime...so much so that I had to write something to better the story. I lost all respect for all the original characters...not to mention the ending was just depressing for no good reason, so I made my own version of the entire anime. It's still in the works, but I'm hoping to provide some redemption for at least SOME of the characters.

By the way I just read an interesting piece that basically discredits fanfic authors. I was on sparknotes and happened upon a blog by Dan who seemed to be on a pleasant rampage over fanfiction. This poor misled soul has come to believe that fanfiction is a waste of time, "crap" and "empty." Honestly, as a writer of both original pieces and fanfiction, I can't even look at this blog with the tiniest bit of respect. The writer seems a bit narrow-minded as do most of the people who comment. Many note that they write fanfiction "in their heads" but would never take the time to type it up -- sounds a bit like they're scared to admit a certain desire. I don't write on fanfiction.net to become the next Stephenie Meyer (Haha though I bet some of the writers on here could surpass her), and I don't write on here to butcher up stories, but I do come here to create the fantasies that were never born. To those who can't understand that, it's because they're so wrapped up in their sense of self that any world aside from their "real world" is written off as a waste of time. However, we as a fanfic community can hold strong and keep writing as we have always done-- we each have our own passion and should not be persuaded to throw them away just because others don't understand its value.

I could rant on forever...maybe I will. Another time perhaps.

(Here's the link if you want to read that blog)

Reading through TIME magazine, I happened upon a peculiar article that combats the one I mentioned above. It's superbly written and it's acquired a place in my heart as a fanfiction writer _. Give it a read; it puts the blog to flames ;D

(Link to TIME article)

Future works I intend to try and get out will most likely focus on the Animes I have delved into most:

Full Metal Panic

Elfen Lied


Ghost in the Shell

Non-Anime works I'm considering:

- Mass Effect

- Dragon Age

- Final Fantasy VIII (Where Squall is not gay... -_-')

- Kyle XY

-Cowboy and Aliens

Enjoy the works!


Well I have some drawings of my OC Rio, here's the link

You should find one pic for now, I'll let you draw your own conclusions ;p

Here's a second pic!

Here's Rio's final pic!!! I messed up a bit and need to clean the drawing up a bit, but it will do for now!!! _ If it doesn't satisfy your image, send me one and I'll post it. I'll be posting another soon; a full body shot so that you'll have a better visual.

So there's the final pic I was talking about, enjoy!!!

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