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Author has written 6 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Avatar: Last Airbender, Bleach, and Dragon Age.

Hello to all those who are interested enough to look at my profile, hi and welcome!!!

I've been on for quite a while (1 year maybe more?) I can't honestly remember but I figured it was time to update my profile.

As you many of you have figured, my name is Knight of Wattala, I bet that 99% of those who read this, have NO idea what that means. Well, 'Wattala' is the hometown where my mother grew up, in a country I wouldn't say on the internet and I spent a few years living there, in fact, it was in Wattala that I joined, hence my unique name.

I've been here long enough now to get acquainted with the linguo of FF and I've developed opinions on issues such as relationships, what I like to see in a story and my thoughts on reviews. So here goes.

Genres I write about: For the most part, I write whatever strikes my fancy, and this fancy is usually a cross between action, adventure and romance. Comedy is not my forte, nor is drama. Speaking of love we move onto...

Pairings : I'll be straight up, I think romance is interesting and adds some nice flavour to a story but of course, how good the flavour is depends on factors such as the characters involved and the nature of their relations. So for this reason, I choose the pairings based on what I see in the canon material and whether I think it is a good compatible relationship, for example, in Avatar the last Airbender, I'm more likely to write about Zutara then Kataang (is that right?) Simply because I see more compatibility between the two, even if it wasn't canon

I like certain pairings for various other reasons, for example, it would depend on how well I can relate to the other characters, an example is FFVII, I strongly relate to Cloud and convinced that Tifa is a good match for him (she's also one of my favourite characters) hence I write about Cloti.

But to be honest, if I write a multichapter story romance will come second, as I stated before, it adds a nice flavour, there are exceptions, but I try and plan romance to be second. But a oneshot is more like to be romantic based see my fics 'Saynora' and 'Building Bridges'

Reviews: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE getting reviews, while simple comments such as 'Great job' and 'Awesome stuff' work, I really like reviews that give me a balanced critique, where readers tell me what they like and don't like about my stories. I'm certain I speak for 90% of authors out there when I say this.

I don't read as many stories as I used to but when I do, I do give lengthy reviews regarding what I liked most (or didn't like) about the story as I'm certain that the author will feel good about it. Not because he/she is getting a review from me specifically but because they're getting well-rounded critiques from a reader.

Stories: Below is a list of the stories I'm working on in the past, present and future.

In Progess:

The Looming Darkness (Avatar: The Last Airbender) :

In the aftermath of the war, Zuko along with his uncle Fire Lord Iroh struggles to drag his country into a new era of peace but his plans for restoration are thwarted by the rise of a guerrilla group more than capable of tackling the Fire Nation's elite forces head on. To make sure that the problem doesn't spiral out of control, Iroh calls upon Zuko's old comrades to help them out. Unfortunately for Zuko, the presence of a certain waterbender haunts him with memories of their past and he must confront feelings that he had long surpressed.


Codex De Celatum (Harry Potter)

The story takes place during the trio's sixth year, a member of the Weasley family is attacked triggering a series of events that start a race to obtain a powerful object called the 'Codex De Celatum' Ron has been chosen to protect the object from those who would use it for ill purposes and he must dive deep into the memories of his ancestor, to find the object and prevent Voldermort and his Death Eaters from getting it.

Stories Complete

Choices 'In Love' (Final Fantasy VII)

A romantic fic revolving around Cloud, Tifa and a little bit of Reno. Following Sephiroth's defeat a second time, Cloud returns to Seventh Heaven to begin a new life with Tifa, Marlene and Denzel. Unfortunately, the presence of a certain red-headed Turk complicates things, how will Cloud handle this unexpected development and what can he do to make things right?

Sayonara (Bleac)

A oneshot story which I couldn't help but write. What if Orihime had gone to Uryuu instead of Ichigo before she was taken by the Arrancar? This is my version of what could have happened.

Building Bridges (Final Fantasy VII)

It's Tifa's birthday and Cloud wants to get her something special.

Ideas but no Plot:

Final Fantasy VII:

A race to find the one who can wield the 'White Materia' before the end of the world. An AU fic, featuring more locations, plenty of action and Cloud's badass personality, need I say more?

Sequel to the Looming Darkness:

Building on the events of the first story, a shift in the balance of the Spirit World causes disturbances both in the spiritual and physical realm and it is up to Zuko and his friends to stop it before the world ends.

Sequel to Codex De Celatum:

I know, I know, it's crazy to plan the sequel when I haven't even started writing the first story. But I have a few good ideas and we'll see how it goes.

Stories on hold

The Prince of Fire (Avatar the Last Airbender)

My epic bio story of Iroh before the original series, but for some reason I lost interest, and I haven't had any messages asking me to continue this story, so I figured I will put it on hold to finish Looming Darkness.

Thanks for checking out my profile everyone, now go on read some of my stories!!! (Only if you want to that is...hee hee...)

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