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Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out what to do next.

11/9/10: Note to anyone confused about the update to The Warrior Chronicles: Hey buddies, loyal readers, or anyone hopeful for a sequel--I totally messed up. A couple months ago, ffnet arbitrarily decided to delete a couple of dividers from my story, as it is wont to do, and after deliberating and putting it off for fear of accidentally deleting something or otherwise messing it up, as I am wont to do, I decided to go ahead and fix it. Fixing it wasn't actually that hard--except for the fact that I accidentally uploaded one of the repaired chapters as a new chapter, sending out an alert to anyone who'd chosen to be notified, and bumping the story itself back up to the top of the archive.

Though this may seem like a really backhanded, cheap way to renew interest in it (which was a kind of awesome unintended consequence--and thank you so much to anyone who reviewed since then), I didn't do it on purpose, and I feel like such a moron, believe me. Not really because I messed up--I'm always going back and editing typos and bad html out of LJ entries, and my twitter feed is just a long list of bad ideas I probably shouldn't share with anyone--but more because I explicitly told you guys that when I updated it again, that would mean the sequel is nigh.

It's not.

As some of you know, I've been working on The Earth Diary of Toby Hamee for the past few months, and right now I'm mired in the last chapter of that. Once I finish that, I wanted to try my hand at original writing--screenplays, maybe some original fiction, I don't know. The sequel to The Warrior Chronicles is pretty solidly back-burnered right now. That doesn't mean I'll never write it--I have been thinking about it a lot, and a structure IS starting to emerge from the chaos, but it can take anywhere from six months to ten years after that for me to feel ready enough to write it. (Wanna know when I came up for the idea of Earth Diary? Oct. 5th, 2009. At least, that's when I thought it had enough merit to remind myself about it as a note on my phone, and that itself might have taken a month or two.) So basically, this is a long way for me to say:

I'm really, horribly sorry for getting your hopes up. I don't want you to lose hope entirely--I still really want to write it, because I think there is some good stuff in there that I feel comfortable enough sharing with the world, but it is STILL going to be a while. And as awkward a plug this is, if you're interested, I still encourage you to put the story on alert because that plan hasn't changed. It just got rudely interrupted by my ineptitude at navigating the bowels of ffnet.

So when the day comes, I WILL update the original story with an epilogue, and I'll probably include a note with that letting you know when I plan to start posting the sequel. But until then, I plan on publishing the last chapter of Earth Diary around Christmas sometime (when I finally have enough consecutive time off to put the finishing touches on it [it's like, 2/3 written at this point]), and after that, who knows?

All right, ramble ramble ramble, tl;dr: thanks to everyone who's ever read or reviewed my stuff, and I hope to get something new out to you guys soon :)

1/28/11: So Christmas happened a month ago.

Earth Diary update did not.

I hope you guys believe me that I haven't forgotten about you, that I do plan on updating, in fact I can't wait to, and this isn't some kind of passive-aggressive attack or anything, either. I am still writing this last chapter of Earth Diary. It just keeps growing and compounding and every time I write a sentence, I realize there's a sentence of set-up and consequence I need to make it good.

I am making progress, though. It is finishable. It will be finished.

I don't know when, but soon. It won't be another six months. By the end of March if we're being really conservative. It's closer to done than it is to unstarted.

I hate being coy and vague, but that's the best I can give you right now. I hope it'll knock your socks off when it comes, but for now, just believe me when I say I haven't forgotten. :)

4/27/11: I suck. But I haven't forgotten. I'm just busier than I planned to be I guess.

It's coming. I don't want to give dates anymore for risk of being "that author," but I promise it's coming. I need the damn thing to be done, so it will be done. Someday soon.

Sorry for missing all my self-imposed deadlines. I suck.

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