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Author has written 7 stories for StarTrek: The Original Series, Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, Dungeons and Dragons, Lost In Space, His Dark Materials, Once Upon a Time, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

I am an American, and I live in St. Louis, Missouri. I was born in 1959. Prior to this attempt at fanfiction, I have been, and still am, an avid model builder. This was a popular hobby when I was in school in the 1960's/1970's, and hobby shops back then were almost as ubiquitous as computer game stores are now. (I am currently working on a 1/1000th scale plastic model of the USS Volynov as well as a 1/24th scale card-model of a "Big-Gemini" in alternate time line Magisterial markings as mentioned in my story, Ship of the Stars. I also have plans to model an alternate timeline Magisterial reverse-engineered NX-class starship, just as soon as the Polar Lights model kit company re-pops their 1/1000th scale Enterprise NX-01 kit. )

As I have mentioned earlier, my favorite fanfiction stories are the crossover stories that put familiar characters from one fandom into contact with characters from other, often similar fandoms. I like these because although the reader knows the characters in each fandom intimately, the characters of the different fandoms do not know each other; and that is where the fun begins!

Some of my favorites "combinations" that I like to read about include:

Harry Potter / X-Men: These fit smoothly together, in my opinion. Both are about young people who have special talents and abilities, and who attend special schools set up to teach them how to properly use their talents and abilities.

Star Trek / Star Wars: Though most stories tend to be written by extreme fans of one fandom over the other (and usually involve largely one-sided space battles,) there are some very well written stories out there that are worth seeking out.

In a similar vein, I also like original stories in established fandoms that are told from the viewpoint of minor characters that we see only in passing. The Star Wars anthologies ‘Tales from Jabba's Palace,' and ‘Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina,' are among my favorites. The fun here is not only reading about what is going on "in the background," but seeing main plot lines being described by characters that are unaware of the significance of the events that they are witnessing.

As with the hobby of model building, for every project finally completed, there are many more in the works, and fanfiction appears to be no exception. Here are some of the ideas I am currently working on and hope to complete someday. Please note that all titles are working titles only at this time:

Suddenly Mutant: A His Dark Materials / X-Men crossover. (This will be the sequel to ‘Ship of the Stars.') Sixteen-year-old Will Parry is being hunted by Sentinels that intermittently detect him as a mutant by picking up on the ‘psionic-link' between him and his daemon Kirjava. It is up to Bobby Drake, Rogue and Kitty Pryde to find Will first and help him avoid capture or worse! (This story will feature my Original Characters of Will's and Lyra's future spouses and children, and may take a few more years to complete.)

The Gringotts Job: A Harry Potter / His Dark Materials crossover. When 26 year old Pansy Parkinson is arrested by Aurors, she is given a choice between Azkaban and "special service." She chooses the latter, and is teamed with an unusual 21 year old muggle(?) named Will Parry, who was also press-ganged into service. Together, they are tasked to break into a vault at Gringotts that was owned by a Death Eater who is presumed to have died during the Second Wizarding war, before it may be officially opened. What is in the vault that the Ministry of Magic and MI6, (as well as the American Federal Bureau of Sorcery and NSA,) are afraid of becoming public knowledge? Can Will and his daemon Kirjava, pass as an American wizard? And when Will and Pansy develop feelings for each other, will they be allowed to stay together, or be forced to forget by those who fear that the contents of the vault will send both the muggle and wizarding world reeling?

The Otherworld Honeymoon: A Supernatural / Coraline crossover. While investigating an apartment where dozens of children have gone missing over the past century, Sam and Dean Winchester meet a newlywed couple who have come there for the same reason. Can the Winchesters talk the Lovats out of becoming demon hunters, and making the biggest mistake of their lives, or will the monster that is preying on the local children finally be able to avenge the death of her younger sister at the hands of Coraline and Wybie ten years earlier? (If this were made as an episode of Supernatural (circa. 2009,) I imagine that 21 year old Coraline and Wybie would be played by Ellen Page and Corbin Bleu. This is VERY much a work in progress.)

With A Little Help from My Friends: A Here Comes The Grump fanfic (not a crossover.) The Grump has thought of a foolproof way to stop Princess Dawn, her pet Bip, and Terry Dexter (a boy from "our" world,) from finding the Crystal Key that will unlock the Curse of Gloom that Grump has placed on her kingdom. He will trick them into returning to Terry's world, and seal the way back to the Princess' world behind them! Will Terry and Princess Dawn, (and Bip,) find their way back to continue the quest for the Cave of the Whispering Orchids, where the Crystal Key is hidden, or has The Grump finally won? And if the two fourteen year olds fail to get back to Gladland, what will happen to Princess Dawn and Bip if they are forced to remain in Terry Dexter's world: Earth, circa 1969? (This is very much a work in progress . . . .)

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