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Author has written 28 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur, Moonlight, Sorcerer's Apprentice, 2010, Megamind, Sherlock, Penguins of Madagascar, Star Trek: 2009, and Doctor Strange.

Hello, everyone. My name is FantasyBard. Welcome to my weird, wonderful world. I hope that you will enjoy your stay.

I have been on for at least six years, and I have loved every single moment of it. Connecting with other writers who have the same passion for the fandoms that I do has been a very rewarding and wonderful experience.

I try to take my writing as seriously as I can. One of the most important things for me in writing fan fiction is trying to keep my creation as closely to canon as I can make it. Naturally, the very nature of fan fiction means that there will always be some changes, but keeping close to the original is always better than straying.

Here are some of the major stories that I have written on this site. They are not the only things that I have written on this site, but I consider them my best work. Go ahead and check them out.

Pirates of the Caribbean Series: Featuring my two OC's, Marie Turner and Emma Swann, along with Will, Elizabeth and Jack and their adventures throughout the first three movies of the series.

The Curse of the Black Pearl: When Will's twin sister Marie happens to be swept along on the adventure to find Elizabeth, she and Jack prove to be a potentially volatile mix, one that could either lead them to kill each other, or to feel something that never ever has before. In addition, James Norrington finds himself torn between two very different women, Elizabeth and Emma, her older sister, who has loved him for far longer than he knows.

Dead Man's Chest: As a new enemy begins to move against our favorite heroes, they will be forced to face their most difficult inward battles. Marie will have to decide where her loyalties truly lie when the desires between Jack and Will are brought into conflict with each other. And Emma must summon a strength that she never knew she had in order to face and fight a ghost from her past. Meanwhile, James finds himself forced to reevaluate everything he thought defined him.

At World's End: The final battle is about to begin. The six heroes must band together with allies both old and new in order to protect all that they hold dear. As Marie, Emma and James forage their own way, the rest try to find Jack in the locker of Davy Jones before it is to late. However, the ultimate question is how much is each willing to sacrifice so that another may live free?

Megamind is one of my favorite animated movies. This little forgotten gem about a big-headed, alien that started as a super-villain and became a hero and defender has it all: loveable characters, hilarious moments, gorgeous animation and an important message that anyone can be a hero. Naturally, it captured my imagination, and though I don't get a chance to post much there now, I still have a lot of fun whenever I revisit this fandom.

Days in the Life of Brain Bot: A super-villain would be nothing without his robotic henchmen. In the case of Megamind, he has the brain bots, adorable, floating robots with pulsing blue domes and spider-like tendrils that helped him to be the master of all villainy (or heroics as the case might be). But, have you wondered what might have been going through the minds of the brain bots as they watched Megamind's journey from villain to hero? Could they have not undergone a very similar transformation themselves? Well, look no further than the story-telling powers of brain bot 147. Join her and her friends as they discover that heroes come in all sizes and that by working together, amazing things can happen.

First Contact: Megamind always believed that he was the last one of his race. However, that was not necessarily the case. From the far reaches of space, someone has been watching him and earth for awhile. Kaitoia, a Tandaren, and Melisande, a Nairian, pay a visit to earth incognito, to investigate the possibility of a first contact with humans. However, Kaitoia soon finds herself drawn to Megamind in a way that she cannot explain. It turns out that there is a very deep connection between the two of them that neither are capable of ignoring. Megamind is about to find out just what first contact means.

Moonlight is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. Back before vampires sparkled, Moonlight's vampires were cool and sexy. A show that unfortunately only ran for one season of sixteen episodes, Moonlight's fans have surged forward to create their own future for the characters that they came to know and love. I actually have created two different universes for Moonlight. The first, which I call the Immortal Horizons universe focuses on the question on what would have happened if Josef had succeeded in turning Sarah Whitely, and she was an active character in the series. The second, which is still only in it's first story, is the Were universe, which explore the idea of shape-shifters within the Moonlight universe.

Immortal Horizons universe, story order:

1) Immortal Horizons 2) Flashes of Moonlight 3) Family Feud 4) Sins of the Father 4) Frohe Weihnacten 4) Viva Las Vegas 5) Secret of the Phoenix

Were Universe, Story Order:

1) Cat's Cradle (so far, this is the only one that is up, but I am planning on making a series, so stay tuned).

What can be said about Sherlock that has not already been said before? The acting, the writing, the astute adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's into a modern setting, everything about this series continues to entrance me. The only flaw it could be said to have is the insanely long hiatuses in-between each series. In an attempt to tide myself over, I took to writing my own OC, Brenna Ryan, and well, it just sort of took on a life of it's own.

A Thief's Life follows the adventures of Brenna Ryan, a former thief, con artist, and forager. The story itself is loosely based upon the concept of the show White Collar (again, another great series that you should all check out). Brenna is trying to reform her life by helping the London Police task force solve cases that she is an expert in. She struggles with the guilt of her past actions, and the inevitable consequences. Amazingly, she somehow manages to form a relationship with the brilliant, but impossibly irascible Sherlock Holmes.

I have re-imagined every episode of Sherlock as though Brenna were a major player within each of the stories. I have tried to stay as faithful to the source material as I can, though there have been a few places where I felt the need to diverge.

As of right now, A Thief's Life is on hold, as I go back to re-edit and re-write some sections which I feel need to be updated in light of Series 3. I am going to keep the series up right now, and will try to keep updates on my profile.

For right now, though, here is the order in which the series goes:

1) A Thief's Life (or A Study in Pink) 2) A Thief's Mystery (or The Blind Banker) 3) A Thief's Game (or The Great Game) 4) A Thief's Secrets (or A Scandal in Belgravia) 5) A Thief'sFear (or, The Hounds of Baskerville) 6 A Thief's Fall (or, The Reichenbach Fall) 7) A Thief's Vindication

Update 12-03-2015: This is a general announcement to the readers of my Thief's Life series. I have been going over the series as a whole over the last few months, and have decided to do a major rehaul of the majority of the stories that are in this series. This is partially a response to some of the ideas which I had when Series 3 came out, and also because I feel that there are to many parts of this series which are not as good as I would like them to be. Because of this, I am planning on deleting the stories from A Thief's Game to A Thief's Vindication. I feel that this is the best way to tell a complete story, and revise the series in general.

The revamped edition of A Thief's Game will be posted at the end of December, with new chapters hopefully being added regularly. I will be posting this announcement on the stories that I am planning to delete, before I take them down next week. Thank you all for your patience with me as I revamp this series, and make it an even better story.

Future Projects:

I am currently in the process of writing and editing a Star Trek 2009 series. It will contain OC's, and yes, there will be pairings with characters (specfically James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy and eventually, Khan). I am also attempting an experiment which might involve a little bit mixing genres. As the original series and Into Darkness established, The Augments were genetically enhanced to have superior speed, reflexes, and intellect. But, what if there was an unforeseen side effect to these experiments? Some of the mutations introduced in order to bring about these enhancements did not go the expected way, and so some of the Augments gained extra-ordinary abilities, like telepathy, telekinesis and elemental control. These were known as Deviants, as their gifts had come about because a deviation from the original intent.

In my idea of a Star Trek universe, Deviants, along with the other descendants of Augment survivors, now live side by side along with humans. One of them is Ashley Pike, the daughter of Christopher Pike. An Elemental Deviant, she has the power to control fire and water. Ashley is outgoing, intelligent, and fiercely passionate. She has a tendency to act without considering the consequences. When it comes to being a Deviant, even in the advanced society of the 23rd Century, she must still deal with the prejudice that is simmering beneath the surface in a seemingly perfect world.

Jim's older sister, Danielle, is incredibly protective of him. Essentially, she is the only family that Jim has ever been able to rely on during his somewhat difficult childhood. Though the two of them are very close, she is pretty much his opposite in every way: quiet, thoughtful, and compassionate, she has a gift for being able to see into the heart of any person, and helping through any difficulty that they might be facing. However, her desire to help others can often interfere with any plans of happiness that she has for herself. It might take a certain southern doctor to help her change all of that.

I am hoping to have this story up at some point in the fall, so be on the lookout for that.

That pretty much sums me up in a nutshell. I hope that you enjoy the stories and worlds which I have created. Please visit again soon.

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