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Author has written 35 stories for Inuyasha, Shugo Chara!, and Harry Potter.

R.R. here. This is obviously my profile.

Right, err... My old stuff is really embarrassing, and are/is tagged with a "no revision" at the end to show how bad it really is. And how I refuse to go back and edit it.

I'm also on Dokuga, which is a Sesshomaru x Kagome fan-website, and go by the name of Vonne. I have an exclusive multi-chaptered fic on there that I'm never going to finish, called The Olive Branch Petition, and was my first dip into actually writing a gaming story. If you want to hear the plot (because I've really got it all planned out in my head, just never going to get around to actually writing it), then go ahead and pop me a PM. SessKag sort of died down on me though, so you won't be seeing me as an active member over there anymore.

The Olive Branch Petition is also my first dip into writing fight scenes, which I've grown to have a love-hate relationship in writing with, so if it sucks eggs, you'll understand.

Since my only active story is The Game, a TMR/HP non-magic!AU HP slash fic (wow that's a long tag...), and assumingly what you visited my profile for, I'll be keeping a record of informative stuffs that readers might like to go over as reminders :) If you'd like to see something here that's not already, please leave a message so I can get back to you on that!

If you want me to add a gaming acronym list, I can do that too, but I'd prefer if people ask before I put those up since no one has really commented on needing anymore.

Items will also be added to any already-there lists as the story progresses; it will only describe the mentioned/previewed/seen classes... Information will also be edited as the story goes, depending on whether or not it fits... or my mood.

(Mentioned) Teams:

--Ranks: # Rank, Unknown Rank (yet to be decided/not mentioned), Obscure Rank (Less than 500/does not matter)

--IGNs: Normal, Italics (Undecided/Unknown/Not mentioned)

-Walpurgisnacht: Clan = Serpentine (Registered as Slytherin) : BloodyBaron(S), PestiPeeves(S), XXX(S), XXX(S), XXX(R), XXX(H); Rank 1

-SrsGG: Clan = VenomScar (Registered as Slytherin) : JustForKicks(S), XXX(S), XXX(S), XXX(R), XXX(R), XXX(H) ; Rank 2

-Deathly Hollows: Clan = Serpentine (Registered as Slytherin) : VolDeMort(S), Scarred(S), HBPrince(S); Rank 3

-Les Étranges: Clan = Serpentine (Registered as Slytherin) : Tinkerbella(S), UnSanity(S), InSanity(S); Rank 18

-CtrlAltDelete: Clan = Vigilante (Registered as Slytherin) : SilverWyvern(S), DarkerThanBlack(S), Purrfectly(S), IceAndSnow(S), NautilusDeep(S); Obscure Rank

-Nearly Slain: Clan = AlphaPride (Registered as Gryffindor) : HeadlessNick(G), XXX(G), XXX(G), XXX(G), XXX(H), XXX(H); Rank 4

-Marauders: Clan = AlphaPride (Registered as Gryffindor) : Prongs(G), Padfoot(G), Moony(G); Rank 86

-Twin Tricks: Clan = Unknown (Registered as Gryffindor) : Fred Weasley(G), George Weasley(G);Rank 101

-Golden Quartet: Clan = Unknown (Registered as Gryffindor) : Hermione Granger(R), Ron Weasley(G), Luna Lovegood(R), Neville Longbottom(G); Obscure Rank

-Worn Knowledge: Clan = ArtOfKnowledge (Registered as Ravenclaw) : LadyGrey(R), XXX(R), XXX(R), XXX(H), XXX(G), XXX(S); Rank 5

-Loyal Chalice: Clan = GuardianSpirits (Registered as Huflepuff) : FatFriar(H), XXX(H), XXX(H), XXX(G), XXX(G), XXX(R); Rank 8

-...More To Be Seen Later...

(Mentioned) Clans:

-FORMAT = Clan Name: (Faction) Faction Rank # Clan # of Teams

--Serpentine: Slytherin Faction Rank 1 Clan 30 (MAX) Teams

--AlphaPride: Gryffindor Faction Rank 1 Clan 30 (MAX) Teams

--GuardianSpirits: Hufflepuff Faction Rank 1 Clan 30 (MAX) Teams

--ArtOfKnowledge: Ravenclaw Faction Rank 1 Clan 30 (MAX) Teams

--Vigilante: Slytherin Faction Rank X Clan 10 Teams

(Mentioned) Job Trees:

-FORMAT = 4th Job Class: 1st Job--2nd Job--3rd Job--*4th Job*

--Paladin Warrior--Page--Guardian--*Paladin*

--Berserker: Warrior--Mercenary--Swords Master--*Berserker*

--Dark Lord: Magician--Dark Wizard--Warlock--*Dark Lord*

--Necromancer: Magician--Dark Wizard--Blood Magician--*Necromancer*

--Sage: Magician--Cleric--Priest--*Sage*

--Bishop: Magician--Cleric--Priest--*Bishop*

--Arch Ranger: Archer--Scout--Ranger--*Arch Ranger*

--Bandit King: Rogue--Thief--Bandit--*Bandit King*

--Shadow Lord: Rogue--Ninja--Specialist--*Shadow Lord*

Known Skills:

-Scarred (AKA Harry James Potter):

--Skid Dash: Charge two to three meters forward in a quick, speedy slide. Cannot be intercepted. Required to be learned to learn Skid Back. Mercenary skill.

--Skid Back: Slide backwards two to three meters. Cannot be intercepted. Mercenary skill.

--Ecliptic Slice: Swing your blade quickly in a wide arc, knocking the enemy in front of you into the air or, if already airborne, bouncing them upwards again. Mercenary skill.

--Iron Heart: At 60% and below HP, gives you and all surrounding party members an increase in defense, magic defense, and health. Mercenary skill.

--Boomerang: Quickly bounce off of in-range enemies to deal damage, chaining up to four foes maximum. Cannot rally airborne enemies. Can be intercepted. Mercenary skill.

--Tumble Dive: Roll in a direction of your choosing, stopping either three to four meters away automatically or of your own choosing, swinging your blade outwards as an aftereffect as you stop. Cannot be intercepted. Swords Master skill.

--Sword Shield: Move in a flurry of directions, swinging your blade as you go, pushing enemies a small distance away and creating high-pressure wind currents to direct at your foes, which also knocks them backwards a small way. Can be interrupted from behind or at a side angle. Swords Master skill.

--Ultimate Reckoning: Stab the air upwards with a brutal force, knocking surrounding enemies into the air or, if already airborne, bouncing them upwards again. Deals double damage if enemies are already airborne, stacking on top of the aerial attack bonus. Swords Master skill.

--Ferocious Aura: A blazing aura bursts to life and surrounds you, boosting attack for every five points of attack speed. On command, burst once spits of aura in a circular ring around you, hitting enemies for damage and afflicting them with a curse status. Berserker skill.

--Heart of Will: When about to die, maintains HP at one and temporarily gives an invincible status. Berserker skill.

--EQ Slice: Furiously strike the ground with your blade, creating a widening crack in the chosen direction. All enemies along this crack will be hit for damage, potentially knocking them up. Berserker skill.

--Glory of Pain: By ignoring the pain from damage taken, passively gives you defense based on how high your combo is. Cooldown after combo break. Berserker skill.

-VolDeMort (AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle):

--Mana Drain: Passively takes the damage inflicted on enemies and turns it into mana. Magician skill.

--Pulse Bolt: Fire off a bolt of rapid dark magic. For five seconds after casting, gives a passive buff that increases attack speed. Dark Wizard skill.

--Drain Bolt: A quick shot of dark magic that, on impact with a foe, will slow the enemy depending on the level of the skill. At one point, it will slightly slow the enemy. Maxed, it will drastically slow the enemy. Dark Wizard skill.

--Torment: Taunt the enemy by sending them vicious visions, causing them only to be able to use pure damage skills. Attracts aggro. Dark Wizard skill.

--Will O' Wisp: Sends off violent Will O' Wisps to float around the caster, which will grab on to the caster's foes when they near and afflicting them with a third degree burn. Dark Wizard skill.

--Darkness' Tendrils: Send tendrils of darkness towards a group of foes, striking them for damage per second as they come into contact with the tendrils and slowing them. Warlock skill.

--Crowning Fire: Throw a wisp of dark magic fire towards an enemy, which will then jump to the nearest foe. Has a 30% chance of burning the target. Chains up to six enemies maxed. Warlock skill.

--Aura Bind: An active skill that entangles another player and allows the caster to share health and mana with him/her. Also allows the caster to pull the player to his/her location. Against an enemy, this skill drains mana from the bound and slows them slightly. Required to be maxed to learn Soul Bind. Warlock skill.

--Soul Bind: An active skill that entangles another player physically and mentally, allowing the caster to share health, mana, status, and buffs. Also allows the caster to combine spells with the other player. Players will share combo chains and vision and be able to swap locations. Unlike Aura Bind, drains mana per second as it is active. Dark Lord skill.

--Shadow Shift: Delve into the shadows of the surrounding environment for two seconds, temporarily gaining an untouchable status. Caster is still affected by any status afflictions possessed beforehand. Dark Lord skill.

--Grip of Darkness: Send a pulse of magic in a direction, catching the attention of the darkness. Said sentient darkness will snare the enemy in a vice-like grip, holding them captured for a short amount of time. Maxed, can snare up to two foes for four seconds. Dark Lord skill.

--Absence of Light: Merge with the darkness, becoming one with the element itself. In this form, the caster is able to leap upon their enemies, dealing a wide area of damage. If dealt a direct hit, the enemy(ies) will be stunned and afflicted with the Dark Mark status, which can be consumed at any time to deal true damage. Dark Lord skill. (Note: Very hard to land in PvP. Takes excellent prediction skills. Long cooldown. Long delay. Best paired with an additional stun from any ally)

-HBPrince (AKA Severus Tobias Snape): ...Coming Soon...

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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,243 - Reviews: 84 - Favs: 836 - Follows: 262 - Published: 7/27/2015 - [Tom R. Jr., Harry P.] - Complete
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!MAJOR NON-MAGIC AU! VolDeMort, an infamously vicious PvPer. Scarred, a ridiculously lucky warrior. HBPrince, their unfortunate priest (sage, but really, who's keeping track?). Together, they're the smallest of the top 10 teams on CoS Online, and probably the most dysfunctional as well... Eventual TMR/HP SLASH, pairings inside.
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!NON-MAGIC!FUTURISTIC!AU! Ether Arena, the game where one Master pits their Marionette against another's, but what is it really? Tom Riddle, the reigning European Champion, is about to find out when he's offered to test drive Ether Co.'s newest project, but he never expected to find his beautiful green-eyed Marionette far more enticing than he should be... TMR/HP; discontinued
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Tricked into possessing a seemingly unfarmable plot of land, Tom Riddle is forced to make things work and build up his new life from scratch in Mineral Town. He expected eventual success, a lot of hard work, and several painstaking seasons of the "outsider" reputation... but no one ever mentioned falling in love with a god. A life story told in 100 word snippets. TMR/HP SLASH
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AxI/AxU:FRIENDSHIP...Amu's voice was then drowned out by the allure of such strong, courageous warmth. It filled up her heart, pushing out all of the loneliness she had felt earlier that night. For once in such a long while, she felt determination.
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