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Hiiii, I'm Brianne, or BriJAHH!! Call me whatever you like, I have about 500 nicknames, no joke!
You're here because you:
A) Clicked on the wrong link. (That's ok, we all make mistakes.)
B) Thought you would find interesting information about me (Once again, we all make mistakes.)
C) Wanted to learn something about me (Aw, awesome. Although I'm quite a boring person, at least I'm random as hell, it sucks you can't tell on the computer.)

Alright, so a little about me I guess.
I'm 16, 17 in June. One year closer to moving, yay! I like reading, drawing and writing on a level so extreme your head would implode (which imo is more awesome/pleasing to the eye then exploding), melt, turn into dust, and blow away, vaporizing into thin air if you even began to TRY to understand. Although my house went kaboom a bit ago, I am an avid fan of fire, explosives, anything that will tame the pyro in me. My friend can make mini bombs for me :D didn't hear that. :D

If anybody got like, a review from someone with a name along the lines of "Brianne", that was me. I hadn't made an account yet when I left your review, I'm sorry!! -dies-

Fun things about Bri! YAY!!
Favorite TV Show: I have no "favorite" tv show, I pretty much cry (Well not really, but it makes me sad) if I miss Code Geass, Bleach, Death Note, anything. Uhm...Vampire Knights is good, though I'm still not used to subtitles...Spongebob is the only reason I watch Nickalodeon..

Favorite Movie: Brave Little Toaster, Howl's Moving Castle

Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts2. I found the first game to be alot more confusing then the second, but psh. What the hell do I know? Oh, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The... almost absolute flawlessness of the way the game was put together, and the way the controller works, plus the adventure mode made my inner gamer very appreciative and satisfied. The same can be said for KH2, although I didn't enjoy the way it was hard to do a reaction command sometimes.

Favorite Band: Avenged Sevenfold. They blow all of your girly-voiced boybands out of the water. DEAL WITH IT.

Favorte Music Genre: Uh, I mostly like metal and rock, but don't be surprised if I'm listening to emo/screamo, or even hip hop. I have a very undefined, open-minded musical pallate.

Favorite Book: The Twilight saga. Dude. Vampires, vampire fights, love, INTER-SPECIES SEX?! I saw the ending coming because I'm just cool, but that's ok. Still the best 50 bucks I spent on books, besides my awesome collection of manga.

Favorite Word: Shmekeldorfing. Or eggos. Come on, who can't appreciate hearing the word "eggos" at any random interval of time? Then they'd be like...damn, I want waffles. Then we could all go to IHOP and stuff ourselves with deliciousness.

Favorite System: Gamecube and PS2 tie. The gamecube was so radical, even if all of the games sucked. I fell in love with it just because the game disks were so tiny! I even played frisbee with my kitten with them. :D Even a small animal could appreciate the velocity of the idea of a tiny game disk. I love my PS2, just because I can see Sora's shining face and intense 3D blue eyes every time I turn it on. But Axel happens to be one of my favorites, just because I like how they made his personality. Oh, and the whole fire thing. SWEET! (I have an unhealthy obsession with cute video game boys. -cough- PIT -cough- :D)

Systems/Platforms I Own: Just to make things clear, I'm not rich so don't call me such, it's annoying... I just spend my hard-earned money in ways that my parents don't approve of. I have an xbox 360 (I would rather have the ps3...but eh) a wii, playstation, PS2, gamecube, saturn, genesis, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, All of the gameboys in existance (yes, even the original "brick") a PSP, a NES, a Super Nintendo, and I'm working on the ps3. Honestly. :(

Greatest Gaming Moment: I killed Xemnas on proud mode. I have no idea what level, my brother deleted the file. There were like, 98 other slots he could have saved on, but NOOO he had to delete mine and take the spot, just because I saved in the first slot.

Job: I got fired for calling in too much! xD

My Favorite Things To Say When I'm:
Mad: "F me..." (I also say that when I'm looking for something important and I can't find it)
Sad: "..."
Happy: Well actually, I just laugh and smile a lot.
Annoyed: "Shut it, ahat!"
Amused: "You silly goose!"
Anything else: (Think random phrases)

What Happens When I'm Bored: I call up friends and see if they want to chill. If that fails, I go on myspace. And fill out about 50,000 of those bulletin surveys for the hell of it. Even though they all essentially ask the same things when it comes down to it. I play on my wii, use exaggerated movements, pull a few more muscles. I draw, or write. I play Runescape, World of Warcraft or Dragon Fable. That's how much of a life I have. xD

Super-Awesome Stuff: Cupcakes, Nintendo DS, Video games, I would probably make a good addition to a magazine like Gameinformers, I can pick apart a game and review it pretty well, my friends come to me when they hear about a game, but maybe not. My wii. I seriously like Wii Play, (DON'T KILL ME!!) only because of ping-pong. Seriously, that has to be the best thing ever. I could sit there for hours just hitting the ball back and forth, if the ball didn't go so fast your eyes can't follow it after you pass 150 rallys, or however many I did before I gave up. I don't know. Also, if my ass wasn't a traitor and didn't get numb after 20 minutes of sitting, I'm sure I would play it all night. I like alot more things, but once again I got carried away and described one thing in about 2 paragraphs worth of words.

Uncool Stuff: Feet, people buying you stuff even when you don't want them to, games that aren't worth the money you spent on them, (horrible camera angles AKA Sonic Adventure DX , bad controls, bad graphics, yuck.) Having to scroll up every time I want to underline something. The short in my tv cord!!

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