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MY COMPUTER CRASHED!! I am writing this from a different computer that I can't update from. All of my documents are saved on the other computer. I'm hoping I will find a way to post again by Sunday, but I can't make any promises. I'm really sorry if anyone was reading my stories and looking foward to a new chapter.


Books I like (in order):

Twilight saga

Harry Potter

Bloody Jack

The Hunger Games

Maximum Ride Series

Nobody's Princess/ Nobody's Prize

Gregor the Overlander (like third grade level, but who cares??)

I'm adding a new part to my pro:

stupid things my friends have done.

1. They were folding a table cloth and couldn't find the corners. I kindly pointed out it was a circle.

2. the night before a huge science project was due, my friend called at 9:30 and said she needed to make three pots of pasta. When I asked why she said because her science project was to see which type most ppl prefered.

3. When putting names into a hat for secret santa, they put in the same name twice.

4. one of my friends likes to walk infront of me in the hall and at random times will stop and tell everyone I pushed her. One time she pushed me into our gym teacher.

5. when we were conducting a science experiment with dangerous chemicals they thought the instructions said mL instead of drops. They noticed in time to watch it blow up.

6. When my science experiment went wrong they put it under running water. It exploded.

7. We were at the town fair last year and it was cold and raining. We all decided to get ice cream (makes perfect sense, right?). Then, after all of us but one got our ice cream, my friend who didn't have her ice cream yet asked if it wtas cold.

8. We were doing this thing in school where we read these articles and then talked in a group about what we had read. After that we wrote down on a big sheet of paper what we had discussed. We were all talking and then there was a break in the conversation. One of my friends said "oh, we should right this down." she then began telling us this fact from one of the articles. It was obvious she was reciting what she had said because she used a lot of big words. After she finished I asked her if she knew what it meant and after thinking about it for a few seconds she responded that no, she didn't.

I love my friends dearly, but they can be very funny

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