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MF Account ( Abeille

Hi everyone! Hi guys, I'm Sakura. Nice to meet you. Enjoy my fics, and hope we can be friends!

I love animes, writing, reading mangas, the computer, t.v, music, and talking and meeting new people!

My favourtie animes are: Gauken Alice, Shugo Chara, Nanatsurio Drops, Fruits Bakset, Kirarin Revolution, Special A, Card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ultra Maniac, Kodocha, Vampire Knight, Kamichama Karin, Ginban Kaleidescope, Princess Tutu, Mermaid Melody, Daa! Daa! Daa!, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Naisho No Tsubomi, Nozura Ga Ita, Mizuira Jidai, Harukanaru Toki No Nakade Hachiyosho, Fushugi Yugi, Saint Tail. I hope I haven't missed anything! I'm actually looking for more animes if you have any ideas please let me know!

My favourite mangas are the ones for the animes and some more like: Nagatachou Strawberry, Penguin Revolution, Penguin Brothers, Love Berrish, Rockin' Heaven, AAA, Orange Planet, CCC, Atash Wa Bami, Koko Ni Iru Yo!, Honey Bitter, Gentle Mens Alliance, Moe!! Kare, Yamamoto To Zejirou To Moushimasa, For Us Who Begin To Love, Pochi, Partner, Cat Street, Parfait Tic, It's Love, Uwasa No Midori-kun, Cherry Juice, Carisma Doll, Beauty Pop, Hitohira No Koi Ga Fura, Naisho No Tsubomi, B.O.D.Y, Harumachu Platform, Mint Na Bokura, Seikshu Shiteru Kai, My Prince-sama, Kyou Koi Wa Hajimemasu, Good Morning Call, Good Morning Kiss, and Brilliant Magic.

So I started fanficiton just reacently, though I always loved to write. Before, I just read some fanfiction, then I got really into it and was reading non-stop. then suddenly, I got the Mikan's Complicated life fanfiction idea, and I just had to post it. I had no idea how to at first, but I worked my way through. Now I have 10 chapter on it, and it's working out well. I so far have only written one for Gakuen Alice though (Mikan's Complicated Life), and also another one-shot When I Fell For With Polka? Check those out!

Also the section, Quick Updates below Stories, and Upcoming Stories, is where I sometimes tell you a little about updates, notices, or if my chapters are going to be late, and why. They won't be long, that's why I called it 'Quick' Updates. Haha :) So read that, if your wondering why my chapter isn't here yet. Also previous updates will be deleted each month.

Well, I hope you read my stories and reveiw. Everyone keep on writing, and reading! Love you guys, lots! Love, Sakura (me).


Mikan's Complicated Life

Mikan decides to move in a dorm, living with only Natsume, Ruka, Yoichi, Koko, Kitsuneme and the only other girls Aoi and Hotaru to attend Gakuen Alice to finally have a normal life, after she took a pause from being an Idol. But unfortunately that is impossible since every boy in school is in-love with the former pop-star. Things get more complicated when the cold-hearted Natsume starts to fall in love with her as well, not to mention the other boys. And what about Yoichi, who won't give his Onee-chan (Mikan) to anyone not even Natsume.

When I Fell For Polka?

Why? "Why? She asked me how you make a baby! I tripped her from humiliating herself, It's just common sense. That's all." Did you fall for her then? "Dear god! Are you fucking crazy? All I got from that was I found out she was stupider then I thouht."'

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