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Author has written 8 stories for Harry Potter, Hikaru no Go, Death Note, X-overs, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Fate/stay night.

Please review I really like feedback. I mean real reviews by the way-- what you liked, what you didn't, what you think will happen or want to happen. You know, ACTUAL FEEDBACK.

Here is a comic for chapter 7 of Encounters... And a second Encounters comic is here...

You can find my HP/AB crossover over here (I really have forgotten my login for adultfanfiction, I'm so embarrassed, I can't even log on over there to tell people)

Also, feel free to visit my tumblr-- ryulabird . tumblr . com-- I don't do a lot online anymore and it's mostly transformers now, but I sometimes put fanart up. I don't really use deviantart at all anymore.

News 3/9/16

Okay, so life has been moving along for the last few years. I finally finished my degree, thesis was hell, and I'm spending most of my time fretting about a job and paying student loans. Obviously this means fanfiction will probably continue to take a backseat on my priorities list, something I do as stress relief when I have time. Strangely, there is less of that when I don't have deadlines. Go figure.

Also, it's time I come to term with a few things. I'm not the same person now that I was when I started writing fanfiction. I think you can probably guess where I'm going with this. It's about Encounters, and how I haven't updated it in more than 5 years. A large part of that is do to the fact that the longer it goes, the more I want to write other things. Even in the Death Note fandom, I'd rather write something completely different than what Encounters is. But, at the same time, I put a hell of a lot of time and research and love into that fic, and I never really wanted to just drop it there. So it's been a fight at the back of my head, whether to struggle on and finish it, or to give up and move on to other interests. Finally, I've decided to move on.

BUT--don't let this dishearten you! Because I did put a ton of work into that fic, and thousands upon thousands of words are sitting around, unseen and unappreciated. So, as part of giving up on Encounters, I'm giving them all to you. Maybe you'll be happy with that, maybe you'll be looking to lynch me, but I hope it gives you some closure. I'll be posting it all on ArchiveofOurOwn, because the format lets me bracket various scenes with author's notes that are easily separated and help explain what's happening in all the unwritten bits. And because I just like Ao3 better than FF.net. Be warned, there's a lot...

Edit-- Links are not working, is it any wonder I don't like FF.net? Anyway, my name on Ao3 is 'ryulabird' Sorry for any convenience.

In other news, what am I doing with my life? I have no idea. Help.

News on Updates

Encounters is totally abandoned! But all the unpublished bits will make their way over to Ao3 in the next month or so. Hopefully there will be enough to satiate all the incredibly loyal fans this story inspired. You guys are all so great, thank you for reading my first ever fanfic and loving it. Sorry I couldn't finish it for you, but life moves on!

A Student is still not being worked on, sadly, it's more a spur of the moment thing. I haven't lost interest in this fic, I just have no idea where it's going. One day I'll sit down to watch HikaGo and just suddenly have another chapter for that story, but it could be a long time coming.

Don't Save Me is semi being worked on. Like, I have about 800 words for the next chapter and about 2000 words for the chapter after that, but I don't have anything inbetween, and reading the end of Naruto kinda killed some of my drive to write, and the fans are... not helping to be honest. So... it may be a long freaking while.

The two oneshots are just that. ONEshots. Though I appreciate the enthusiasm people seem to have for there being more to them.

For anyone who reads Blood and Magic on AFFnet (don't, I can't update there anymore) or Pomme, that is always close to being updated. I just have an easier time working on that. So I add bits and pieces to it every now and again and sometimes add really big pieces when I get inspired.

I'm working on short comics from the vampire's point of view for this fic. They may or may not be going up on Tumblr someday soon, assuming SAI stops being an ass... I'll post a link when it happens.

Plunnies, also known as Bewitched, will just have short little idea chapters... eh.. some snippets from larger fics I'm working on, maybe a short from another fic that I took out... whatever. It might get updates soon from snippets of the ideas below.

New Fics

This may not be anything anyone wants to hear but, Surprise!

Transformers: It probably won't surprise anyone who's been to my tumblr, but I really, REALLY like transformers now and I so very much want to write a Transformers fic. I won't say exactly what, but my god! I REALLY WANT TO WRITE ONE! ARRRRGGGGGHH! ACTUALLY TWO, I HAVE TWO REALLY GREAT IDEAS-- NO THREE! THREE REALLY GREAT IDEAS, OKAY MAYBE THAT WOULD BE FOUR, I FORGOT THE OTHER ONE, BUT STILL FOUR REALLY GREAT IDEAS THAT I WISH SO MUCH TO WRITE BUT I'VE NEVER WRITTEN ALIEN ROBOTS BEFORE AND THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING FICS OUT THERE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!! (Five, I forgot the other OTHER idea, so that's FIVE stories I want to write for Transformers. Somebody kill me now...)

Harry Potter Crossovers: Ah, my mainstay, my muse, my basic outline of everything (except giant alien robots)! Putting Harry Potter into other fandoms is so fun and so easy!

--Mass Effect: Yeah... This has been fun, and I know I didn't mention a whole lot of writing being one of my distractions from updating but... Surprise again! I've written (and drawn and outlined and mapped) quite a lot for this (10,000 words), however I won't be posting it anywhere until I have maybe more than six chapters done? (currently at one and a half) Figure that will help keep a steady update schedule.

I am a lying liar who lies. Fate in the Stars

--Temaraire: Anyone remember the really GOOD HP/Tem fanfics? The ones that all seem to be written by Esama? Yeah, I miss those. Enough so that I borrowed one of her plotbunnies, broke it into pieces and rewrote it into almost 10,000 words of disconnected ramblings. o_O So... yeah... I definitely won't post that until it's mostly complete because I have plans! and drawings. Literally DOZENS of drawings for this thing. I have also borrowed over twenty books on Chinese history and 19th century British clothing and technology in the past few years JUST BECAUSE OF THIS. I am learning so much!

--Naruto: Yep. But wait! I hear you cry, what about the HP/Naruto fic I already have? Well that one is a gen story about Harry being stuck in Konoha and dealing with ninjas and hating everybody. THIS one is a slash fic with some serious porn and Harry being stuck in Konoha and dealing with Ibiki and getting a lot of sex. So, totally different. (just over 6000 words)

--Sherlock Holmes: Not the BBC version, no, the book version. This, much like the Transformers fics, is something I really DESPERATELY want to write, but don't have much for yet (some drawings, an outline, and about 500 actual words) Meh. But it would be fun! Imagine Harry getting stuck in 1890s Britain, but there's no wizards and a certain fictional detective is running around solving cases that seem strangely similar to TV specials Harry remembers from his time. And Moriarty. Because villains are fun.

--Justice League: I've actually been wanting to do this for a long time, but I never really got around to it. Technically, I still haven't since just over 300 words doesn't count for much story wise. But I have been outlining it and I have a definite plot I want to follow, so I might just give in one day soon and spew out a couple thousand words and that'll be that. By the way, it will have a Harry/J'onn J'onzz pairing, and will be another "Harry stuck somewhere without any other wizards" because I love abandoning Harry in awkward places.

--Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory: Sorta a cross between the movie (Depp version) and the book, with maybe some references to the Wilde movie. Basically a "Harry finds the last Golden Ticket and takes Teddy with him to the factory and then dark shit goes down" sort of fic. So, no Charlie Bucket even though I love him. Harry keeps trying to save the children from their fates, because let's face it, Wonka's a bit of an scary psychopath. And Wonka gets angrier and angrier every time Harry attempts to interfere, leading to much scary times when it comes down to just him and Teddy being left alone with Wonka in a basically magical factory that is loyal only to its owner. It has a plot, I swear, but it's only got about a 1000 words to it and I only really feel inspired when I watch the movie or eat a chocolate bar, so... not too likely in the near (or far) future.

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