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~~find a guy who calls you BEAUTIFUL instead of hot
who calls you BACK when you hang up on him
who will stay AWAKE just to watch you sleep
wait for the boy who KISSES your forehead
who wants to show YOU off to the world when you are in your sweats
who holds your HAND infront of his friends
who thinks you're just as PRETTY without make-up on
wait for the ONE who is constantly reminding you
of how much he CARES about you
and how LUCKY he is to have you
wait for the ONE who turns to his friends
and says "THATS HER"~~


September 1st -wow school tomorrow. Feels like the summer was to short. Sadly it's the last day and it's raining meaning I'm trapped indoors...trying to think of excuses not to clean my room. I hate cleaning it up...it takes like 5 minutes to sort my clothes and then having to hang them up only realizing at the end of the week they will be back in a pile on my chair...that and with the small dirt pile that got dragged into the room after helping my dad work on our deck. My hope is it might sprout some flowers...that would be cool!! Oh so I finally poseted a story : My Sanctuary. (has anyone heard that song? Passion is the English version I believe KH2 intro song. And think KH3 is only months and months away...but after watching the trailors I can hardly contain myself.) I was really happy and surprised with the responses and reviews I got. Yay! The next chapter is up and can you believe I've already written the last chapter before the 3? (or second in a sense) I dunno I have a hard time keeping a straight timeline when I write, sometimes I get bored with a part in the story so I write another and work up to that point. Other than that I have a KaibaxOC I'm working on. Fruits Basket will be posted (dunno how far I'll go with that one). And another one with a YamixOC called change of Fate (tittle might change) that's a fun one to write. The character reminds me of a less I want to rule the world and kill the Pharaoh Bakura (which you might think leaves us with Ryou...but not) Yami may be Pharaoh...but he has to deal with a royal pain in the ass who happens to be a boy-crazed-hormonal-driven-shopaholic-teenage girl who...why am I talking about this here scroll down if you want to read more! Sadly some of my stories are taking a back seat for my Original story which is not going very far...but I love drawing my characters...Oh My luch is ready I'm off to my veggy shoup! (yes I did say it with an H...no I'm just weird...it's ok) Love yah!

Stories to come:

Fruits Basket: Inspired by fruits basket!! Through a series of unfortunate events( cough blackmail cough) Our poor Seto Kaiba is housing Yami, Bakura, and Malik. Only now caos issues as everyone is ready to kill each other, that is until a misfit with no where else to go joins in. Can she help save them from themselves, (better than it sounds! I'm just trying to figure out a better plot for the story...)

Change of Fate (Title might change): The puzzle was given to a friend of Mr. Motou(sp?) and he gave it to his neice (a royal procrastinator at it's best) one day or week she is sick and suck in bed so she almost finished the puzzle (except for three peices,) but got a call for the mall. Her uncle wants to see the puzzle finished so Riley (our wonderwoman) solves it only to discover a very hot/ sexy spirit that now shares her body and can read her thoughts. Kicking and screaming she is forced to learn the basic's of duel monsters and the Pharaoh has to learn a whole new mean of Patience is a virtue. Will they be able to work together and save the world? Yugi and the gang meet up later with her when she moves...not sure where I'll start the story off yet tho. One chapter is written... pretty long...but funny. YamixOC

i LOVE Ryou...sry had to say that. I'm just a sucker for a british accent...actually any accent...speaking of forgeinaid (long story...) Here a KaibaxOC

mY aNGEl (title might change): I really hope they let me post it like that. lol Anyways, Mokuba really wants his brother to be happy and find his old self again that seems to be lost in nothing but hate and anger. He prays for an angel to come help him. Sadly no angel in Hevean wants to take the job, except a klutzy angel in training who is promised if she can suceed she will be a full fledged angel. With her attitude of sunshine and lolly-pops rainbows and everything that's wonderful...(you get the idea) clashes with Mr. I hate anything that doesn't get me more money or power don't talk to me unless you are worthy. Maybe earning her title might be harder than she thought.

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