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Heyya!! This is MY profile. And who is this wonderful person, you ask? Why, Sasha of course. Who else? XD Naaahh I'm just KIDDING. I'm not THAT conceited. At least I like to think so.

Anyways, I know everyone puts info about them on here, but I've decided to put quotes between me and my friends. I guess this gives you an inside look into my life. Sorta. My stalker must be celebrating as I write this... x)


(My best friend Dasha and I are watching Mamma Mia. Great movie, by the way.)

Dasha: It's too bright in here to watch a movie!
Me: Oh, Ohkay, I guess I'll just dim the lights then.
Dasha: Ooh, sexy.

(Me and my friend Kristina talking on AIM.)

Me: ya i was thinkin that ill bring my old yearbook 2 school
Me: and show everyone your sneeze pic
Me: XD
Kristina: NOOOOO
Kristina: i hate you
Kristina: ok we are officially having a fite
Kristina: ok fine this fight is officially over

(In Science, talking about Andelesian chickens with Kirsten.)

Me: Since when can chickens be black? Or BLUE?
Kirsten: Since they were... looks at paper ...Andelesian chickens.
Me: I want a purple chicken!!
Kirsten: Oooh, I want a GREEN one!
Me: Purple is better.
Kirsten: Yah, I know...
Me: Well, since we can breed black and white chickens to get blue chickens can I breed blue and red chickens to get purple chickens?
Kirsten: Sasha, there are no such things as red chickens.
Sasha: Pshh. You're just angry my chickens are a better color than yours.
Kirsten: Well, at least I can breed a yellow and blue chicken to get a green chicken!!
Me: Aawwww! Luckyyyy...

(Me and Kirsten discussing genetics. Yah, I know, we talk about the strangest things in science..)

Mr. Ross (our science teacher, talking about a PUNNET SQUARE. jeez, u guys are perverteddd.) : Yes, so the female doesn't HAVE to be on top, but she usually is for preference.
Kirsten: Did you hear that, Sasha? The female is always on top.
Me: Nooooo. Mr. Ross said that was just for PREFERENCE.

(My friends Sarah and Hyun talking about what colors look good on our guy friends.)

Hyun: Hmm, so what color looks good on Alex?
Sarah: I don't know...
Sarah: I really don't know! No color, I guess.
Hyun: But that's not possible! He has to have a color - he can't just walk around naked!!

(Me, Jenny, and Jackie talking in Art.)

Jenny: I have a knock-knock joke!! Ok, knock knock.
Me: Who's there?
Jenny: Boo.
Me: Wow, Jenny, everyone knows that joke. It goes 'Boo Who?', then 'Aww, don't cry! It's only a joke!'
Jenny: Shut up, Sasha.
Me: I have a better joke. Jackie, knock knock.
Jackie: Who's there?
Me: Orange.
Jackie: Orange who?
Me: Orange you glad you aren't Jenny?

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