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I am the hunger, I am the bones, I'll eat your dreams and burn your homes.

Struggling against men doesn't make you a feminist, it makes you female.

I go by the name Chance online (it was a toss up between that and Cthulhu) I am an 19 year old and I spend all of my time wandering my home town like that flea bitten stray cat from down the street, you know the one; very affectionate, but there is no way in hell you want to touch it.

I am very fond of AU and quite angsty fics. It's a running joke between me and my friends that the more I love a character the more I will torture them. I'm also a prolific one-shot writer, I've had this profile for years, I keep abandoning it when I try to write longer stories then coming back when everyone's forgotten I exist.

In my writing I tend to drift towards more poetic styles of writing, I try to make it work, but honestly, sometimes my writing just plain sucks. If you think you have any tips I'd find useful, please send me a message, it's always good to learn more.

If you like my writing and want to tell me, go ahead. If you hate my writing and want to tell me, then likewise. Just don't be verbally abusive, okay? Bullying really isn't even a little bit cool, and I kind of have thin skin.