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Hey everyone, my name is Spencer. I have been writing casually for more than eight years now, mainly co-authoring stories with my best friend. Currently I have many stories and projects that I am working on that are full-scale novels or books and will take quite a long time to finish, so in the meantime I look forward to writing some short stories and fan fiction that I would love to share with you all. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best in the world at technical writing and that I enjoy writing in such a way that is like I am verbally telling the story so commas come up quite a bit in my works; most likely incorrectly a lot more than some people, but as long as I write interesting stories and have fun doing it those types of things do not bother me.

I love feedback, both praising and critical (as long as it is legitimate and not just trollery or rude), and would greatly appreciate and respond to any and all that you guys give me. I love the fantasy, science fiction, supernatural, and anime genres and have many different story ideas for many different fan fictions. I will update as often as I can and will definitely let everyone know how my stories are coming together ahead of time.

I look forward to sharing my imagination with all of you guys and hope that some of you will share your thoughts on my works. Don't be afraid to send me any kind of feedback or to ask me questions, I will do my best to respond to every single one of them. My goal is to share stories that you guys can be entertained by because without the readers there truly is no need for the writer. I would also like to state that my stories will have a rather dark or serious tone most of the time and that I will be clear about the type of content that I plan to put out so that no one is offended by unexpected material. If you want to know anything else about me or would like to ask me about anything at all feel free to do so. I hope you enjoy what I bring to this site and even if my stories only bring one person enjoyment, I will be happy!

My FictionPress profile is under the same Pen Name, here is the link:

Update 12/3/2012: I am planning and beginning work on an original story that I'll be posting on Fiction Press. This story will be the first project that I write in its entirety for the site, and I am sorry that my Dragon Age story has unfortunately halted in its tracks for the time being but the inspiration just wasn't there and I finally have time to dedicate to creating something new, an original work. I am extremely excited about it and would like to extend an offer to any writers or readers out there who would like to take part in the creation of this world that I am delving into and who would like to have a chance to help me come up with some additional characters or good ideas that would make this story even better than I have planned. I don't even know if anyone will ever even read this update lol but I am putting this out there because I love this site, I have been a reader for years and have been writing for a very long time, and now that I have awakened this desire to share my works and my imagination with all of you I feel that this would be the perfect opportunity to use the community oriented side of this site that I have always loved to let anyone who would be interested join me on this journey and lend me a hand in developing an idea that is already very close to my heart. Anyone is welcome to PM me for details of any kind regarding this project, the story, my goals, or even just to talk about writing in general. Before I close this update though, I would like to say one last thing to hopefully give some of you a better idea of what this project is going to be like. It will hopefully be a multiple part series that has a very Hellboy like essence to it; being focused around a uniquely fresh and lively group of people (or things) with some form of supernatural abilities as well as unique gifts. It's going to be around the maturity level of the Hellboy comics and movies or slightly darker. This project is something that I believe can be special and bring a refreshing sense of life to one of the more familiar genres. Inspirations for this project are things like Hellboy, X-Men (and Marvel comics in general), The Mortal Instruments series, The Walking Dead (in the sense that both the show and the comics have a group based element to them), as well as many other things. If you enjoy any of these things listed or any kind of story in the supernatural/horror/comic book genres then I know that you would love the style and vision that I am trying to achieve. If you have any interest just give me a PM here or at Fiction Press and we can go from there. This project will be completed, whether it is done by me alone or with a community, I just wanted to extend the invitation to allow others to stand with me in this undertaking, so if you enjoy the types of stories and genres that I list above or love the idea of community that this site has worked hard to promote and would be interested in doing something like this just let me no. Remember...A writer is a ghost without a reader, so let the words flow, unleash your imagination, and enjoy what others have worked hard to create. Thanks and may safety and peace be upon you.

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