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Hey ya'll!

Okay, so I'm totally not southern. You see, people think that Florida is part of the South, but let me tell you, that is NOT TRUE. Florida is IN the South, not PART of the South. Unless you count the northern part, near Alabama and Georgia. There are some hicks up there. (no offense)

So anyway, I live in South Florida and my friends and I are huuuge Twilight fans. Basically, two of my friends had read the whole Twilight series but never really spoke to us about it. Then one day, I was bored, and I saw New Moon on my sister's bed. I was like, Omg, Becca, we already have that book! So i looked around, and discovered that we already had TWILIGHT, not New Moon. So I started to read it from the middle (I really can't remember why) and loved it, so evntually re-read it from the begginning. I discussed it with my friends who had already read it, and being the extrememly talkative and loud person that I am, eventually spread it to ALL of my friends. I mean, ALL of them are obsessed now.
And their lives would never be the same...

Anyways, I of course love other books besides Twilight, but this is now my current fav obsession.

So, more about me.
I have a pond full of fish (dont ask me how many), four indoor cats, and three cats that live outside that we sometimes feed (yes, i plan on becoming a cat lady. Get over it). I am the proud owner of three beautiful guitars, and the only perosn I know with Hello Kitty guitar picks frm my friend (x alisunshine x). (Thnx to paigeisavampire for the inspiration to write that down here)

I''m the kinda girl who has a coolly stylish short haircut with bangs, but is trying to grow it out so right now looks kinda emo even though she is the farthest thing from emo that you can get.

I have been called a pathological liar before, but I like to think of it as frequently pulling my friends into a whole day of lies that eventually spirals down into a place not too far short of Hell.
Aka, i like to play tricks on my very gullible friends.

"No, it's okay if you bite Jacob. I don't mind." ~EC

And on a parting note:

Twilight: Becuase apparently in Forks the use of the expression "Holy Crow" is perfectly acceptable...

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