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Please don't be in love with someone else...

Regarder dans votre cœur et vous trouverez l'amour...

all about me.

J A C Q U E L I N E.

your name: is stupid. well, all together it's stupid. i like my first name. and i like my middle name. but together it all just sounds demented.

your age: seventeen, baby. just one more year until i can... do things.

your race: race... like running... i don't like to run. it's bad for you.

your location: it'd be so easy to make you believe the US.

all about my interests.

what do you do: i write. and read. and i stretch in P.E. according to my teacher, i live a "sedentary lifestyle." i had to look that word up before responding.

what do you watch: well...

tv shows: the disney channel. (it's good for your health.) gossip girl, icarly, victorious, the kardashians (whether we're keeping up with them or watching them take miami) and other junk.

movies: she's the man, john tucker must die, mean girls, 17 again, juno, high school musical movies, and other junk.

what do you read: hmm. tough question. my taste in books is... shallow, for lack of a better word. sometimes when i'm bored and stray to people's profiles, they'll say their favorite books consist of brontë, jane austin, and all those classic american novels and poetry and i feel embarrassed that i'm not that deep. i hate poetry. i like the twilight saga and the clique series. bratty rich girls and sexy vampires are all it takes to entertain me. along with the fine workings of chelsea handler. j'ai honte.

what do you learn: math. p.e. math. english. math. science. math. how to steal my best friend's chocolate bar in math class and blame it on the scrawny kid next to her. math. oh, and languages. they're legit. my top 3 favorite languages (in no particular order) are italian, french, and english. i'm also very fond of spanish. and if you speak very slowly, i might understand the gist of brazilian portuguese. (;

what do you listen to: let's go all the way tonight / i should probably let you know that i never knew what i had / n o w i ' m f e e l i n ' s o f l y l i k e a G 6 / long live the look on your face / you've got a face for a smile, you know / you see, i fell in love with my rock god / and i'm on my way to believing / and i don't know where i've been, and i don't know what i'm into / there you go making my heart beat again / (eff the jonas brothers.) / when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while / you build me up, you break me down / i want to make you feel beautiful / swing to the rhythm of love / t h i s r i g h t h e r e i s m y p r e t t y g i r l s w a g . . .

what do you wear: cardigans and ankle boots rock my world.

what do you write: one-shots. i'm gonna stick with those for awhile. i have a few ideas for actual chapter stories, but in all honesty, i highly doubt i could finish them. i'll get bored. so far, i've written for icarly and twilight. but i assure you, the list will expand. later. if i'm not too lazy.

anything else?

i'm difficult.


"Responsible people don't go around getting their nipples twisted!" -- Red Forman, That '70s Show

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Jours de la Semaine reviews
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