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Hello! I'm an Australian woman who is a bit of a penny pincher and likes to read stuff she doesn't have to pay for, and has quite a bit of varied interest as far as stories go. I love to read, and was ecstatic to discover Fanfiction in 2008.

I've added an avatar that I made myself. It's supposed to look like a cucumber. It doesn't, not really, but it's green. I like green. Poetic license?

I'm not overly fussy and will read most Mary Sues and unrealistic stories (who wants to read overly realistic things when we have reality in our real lives anyway?) and the only thing I find unforgivable is bad grammar, and even that is easily remedied - so it's not really unforgivable. Of course, I do love a well done story, and have found some on this site.

Okay. Now, what are you doing? There are stories to be read on this website, so get to it! Of course, there's now my own story to read...

For The Right Reason
Started in 2008, about two years after I discovered KOTOR. I honestly intended finishing it, but six years on, the death of a brother, changes of circumstance and simply losing interest in Star Wars, I think it will have to stay unfinished. I really never knew enough about the SW universe, and my way of writing it is dry and variable. If you really want to know what I planned for the rest: Before the Leviathan, Carth and Revan conquer Manaan, Kashyyyk and Tattooine, in that order. Kashyyyk is mostly as the game reveals, though there was supposed to be some interesting banter with Jolee. Juhani comes across her previous owner there, and things seem to resolve themselves but the underlying issues Juhani has remain. Tattooine then provides some conflict between Carth and Revan as Carth encourages Bastila to talk to her mother and find her father, while Revan is very much against the idea. It shakes Revan's preconceived ideas, and she notices she has feelings for Carth and tries to push him away before he calls her on her b*llsh*t. Jolee warns her that she's twisting herself up in tangled web she might not recover from. They also do find HK49, who Revan designed in her youth and lost during the Mandalorian Wars (revealed later as a reluctant bodyguard for Malak, and yes, Revan autofitted/designed him for strategic assassination). Seems Revan thought Malak had some excellent ideas, and stayed behind as his secret informer, long-distance conspirator and secret recruiter.

Then when they are captured: Revan conceals the fact that she knows where Carth's son Dustil is, Admiral Karath reveals that fact along with the idea that Revan helped plan Malak's earlier assaults on the Republic, which she had done partly to try to help him resist the dark side; Bastila is still taken by Malak who has his mouth and jaw still; Revan is badly injured escaping and ... uh, something happens, not worked out ... and she and Carth slowly patch up their friendship, but are still wary of each other. By this time, Revan is pretty much back in prime fighting shape and having owned up to her own dark side, manages quite neatly to breeze through that Sith planet (I forget the name... oh, Korriban!) with the only hiccup being Dustil. He sneers at them all, but after she shows him the true nature of the Sith Revan bribes him with the bulk of their savings and a false promise to train him as a Jedi, to desert the Sith and head to Coruscant to await the end of the war.

Then I was gonna play tricks on you with Carth saying he only wants Revan as a friend, and making a friendlike date for a caffa or so when their mission is over. Sadder but wiser, they head to Lehon (the Rakata planet) and things are again, mostly game wise. There would be interesting dynamics between Bastila and a Revan that was really before her time, but it would end similarly. Then they head back to the Ebon Hawk, board the Star Forge - with perhaps a mention of Carth looking stressed and trying to talk to her before they head off but there isn't time. Revan talks Bastila down, but not trusting her hits her unconscious anyway, passing her to Carth to take her back to the Hawk. Big battle scene with Malak - my secret idea was to have Eva almost die again, but she pulls out a cortosis dagger which permanently shorts out his lightsaber. He is the better at fighting, but she was always the strongest with the Force - so it ends that they're more evenly matched, and he tries to fool her again but ends up killing himself accidentally in his own trap. He has a few short words while he's impaled and dying, which messes Eva up even more. They make it off the dying Star Forge and land on Lehon, where the Republic wants to congratulate and award Eva but she refuses and, emotionally exhausted, shuts herself in a room and sleeps.

They head back to some sort of organised base, could be on Coruscant, hadn't decided - where Carth and Eva very tentatively make up - hey, they're middle-aged and cautious - and try to figure out what to do with Dustil and the others. A few chapters on establishing the futures of the other characters who let them - and a strengthening bond between them, and Revan quietly resigns from the Jedi to pursue an alternate future with her intended husband. After that - I really hadn't planned. I did have a nebulous idea that my Exile of that universe, a guy called Rade Pace, might turn up as her old love interest, but that's a little soap opera for my taste.

Yep, it's probably for the best I didn't finish it. If you have additional questions, you can PM me if you want and I'll try to answer them, but I don't really expect any interest in this story again.

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