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Author has written 2 stories for StarTrek: The Original Series.

(Will change this sometime-but right now I will just fix my age sense well i aged things to make things clear)

My real name: Joy sorry that’s all I’m telling you,

Age: 20

Hi I’m both tom giry, I’m random and crazy and love to daydream, but I’m also sweet and kind, I love t.v and I get emotionally attracted to the fiction characters. Sorry but I have a hard time spelling but I DO try, also I'm a Christian, this does mean I don't do slash, but this does not mean I will freak out, and treat you like you nothing but wortless trash, if you ship slash or are gay, I don't support homosexuality-but I won't be a horrible person about it.

Also God loves everybody and everything, if you think he hates*put something here* i'm sorry but that's wrong.

my favorite t.v shows

Doctor Who: Pretty much my favorite t.v show in my heart.

Favorite: The Doctor, someone that I look up to, and I love how he’s funny but series, and how he’s a hero who wants everyone but their is darkness, and how’s happy but also really sad inside.
Least: Donna’s mom, but she was better in the end.

Chuck:Anther show that I will always love,

Favorite: Chuck, he’s such a kind hearted man, and great role model.

Least:It used to be Daniel Shaw but he made a great villain in the end.

Adventure Time: Not only is it funny but it can in fact get deep

Favorite: Finn, I love how heroic he is.

Least: It used to be lumpy Space Princess but she grow on me.

Fringe:Anther show that will be in my heart.

Favorite: Walter Bishop, he’s a mad scientist on the good side! Also he’s funny but their is more to him than meets the eye.

Least: No one, I mean I didn’t like phillip in the pilot, but he I loved him in the second episode, I didn’t care for Charlie and Astrid but their grow on me, I don’t mind Sanford Harris, I think I have a love/hate thing with Windmark.

Once Upon a time: I watch this show with my mom.

Favorite: Regina, I used to think it was Emma, but then I realized I played more attention on her then Emma.

Least:King George he’s a jerk.

How I met your mother

Favorite: Ted Mosby, he is nice but with flaws like with every other character, I kind of a fiction crush on him.


My Little Pony FIM

Favorite: Twilight Sparkle

Least: I kind of disliked Rarity at first, but she grow on case you couldn't tell it takes a lot for me to hate a character, and most of the time their grow on me,

Phineas and Ferb: I used to not really like this show, but ever since I watched Phineas and Ferb get busted I loved it.

Favorite: Phineas, my favorite type of characters are the funny ones and the nice ones.


Monk: I used to be obsessed with this show, I couldn't stop thinking or reading fanfic of this show, I no longer obsessive over it but I still enjoy it.

Favorite: Monk

Leas: None

Psych: Really funny show.

Favorite: Shawn Spencer, I know spell the name like that and not Sean.

Least: None

Sherlock: Good show, not as obsessive (in a good way) as the other fans though.

Favorite: Sherlock, but in real life I would fall for a guy like John, I would be like John to Sherlock be friends but gets annoyed at him.

Least: Dimmock

also I don’t hate Justin Bieber or Twilight, not a fan though, part of the reason is the hatred got way too intense so I want softer on them.

I will add more stuff one day.

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