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If you have received a review/PM reply from this account, you have done only one thing: blocked my main account.

Since I don't bother with in depth crits anymore, I can only assume you've blocked because of personal issues with me. Please, be an adult. Resolve conflicts like an adult. I can agree to disagree and still remain civil.

If by some off chance I actually reviewed you and you blocked. That's a shame. Reviews are not LAW, or WORD. They are opinions and suggestions on how to improve. If you can't handle that, then perhaps find a new hobby.

Suggesting Stories for Best of the Best Resident Evil Fan Fiction:

Please PM Maiafay if you have suggestions for C2 inclusion.

Resident Evil stories must adhere to these rules:

1) Original plotlines. No walkthroughs, no novelizations of the games.

2) Good grammar and punctuation. Typos to a minimum.

3) Basic story structure intact: i.e., dialogue on separate paragraphs, capital letter beginning each sentence, line breaks for POV's, etc., etc..

4) Canon characters in character when possible; OOC tolerated as long as it's plausible.

5) Either be completed, or a WIP the author intends to finish.

6) Original Characters accepted, but will be scrutinized before I add.

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Community: Best of the Best Resident Evil Fan Fiction
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