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Hey everyone! I apologize for not updating for such a long time. I know you must all be very upset with me., and i'm upset with myself too. But don't worry! I'll be updating again soon, so keep coming back!

Hello! I am amulet-berriie. Good news to everyone, I've finally finished my first chaptered story, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. It's time for me to write a sequel to it now!! Aweshum!

Guess what everyone?! :) I now have an email only for So whether you have any problems, concerns, or questions or such about my stories or future stories, don't be shy to send me an email! The email is: .

SEQUEL TO "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" IS OUT! Title: Return to Me

WARNING!! THIS HAS BEEN PUT OFF AND IS ON HOLD--> COMING SOON: NEW FAN FICTION. ANIME: GAKUEN ALICE. More information in the last box. :) Date has not been decided yet. Probably later... after a few more chapters of He loves me, He loves Me Not. And depending on how fast I write the story. :P PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO READ THE INFORMATION! AGAIN I SAY, LAST. BOX!

My story is coming nicely, I have many visitors and many hits so I thank everyone. :)

For those of you that don't really read the author's notes in the beginning or the end and only read the story, I will be uploading or updating my chapters every week depending on when I posted up my new stories. If I posted a new story on a Monday then the next chapter will also be on a Monday. Sometimes it might be earlier if I am very excited. Later if i am busy.

I love writing stories and I've got a few... random stories in my computer. The thing is... I start them and don't end up finishing them. I always go on to a new story if I have something in mind. Hehe. But anyways, if my first fan fiction goes well, I might consider writing more fan fictions... LATER ON that is.

Thanks for visiting!

Hello fans! (If I have any), I have finally started the sequel to He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. I have posted the information about the sequel at the very end of that story. I haven't posted any chapters up yet seeing i'm only starting to write it. But I have come up with a summary and title and they are in the last page along with other information including the preview. If you only wish to know the summary and title and wish to save time, I shall tell you here. The title will be known as "Return to Me", but it is uncertain that I shall keep that title if I wish to change it or find a better one. As for the summary:

One heart, two boys. Her old time crush has suddenly appeared right in front of her after 4 years of going to Alice Academy US and not contacting her. Not to mention her ex-boyfriend suddenly comes back from Italy and has become even greater than he was before! What will happen to Mikan!?

Please check the end of the story of He Loves Me He Loves Me Not for more information, and i may post new information up about the sequel from time to time. Don't forget to check back often!!

I'm planning on writing another story! I've had this one in my mind for about a month. (Actually two, but I forgot what I wanted to write about for the second one. T_T;; So I'll need some time to think and remember. For now, this one's been on my mind.) Not quite sure about the Title yet. I'll give you the summary, and people can help me with the names! I'll take each one into consideration and the whoever's title I choose, the story will be dedicated to them! OR I might be able to make up my own, so all your thoughts for the title counts! Here's the summary:

Natsume, an 8 year old boy, is somewhat a lonely kid who walks to school everyday with the same grumpy look on his face. One day, while his eyes were wandering, he saw a little girl watching him carefully from behind a tree. He stopped and stared back, but the second he stopped and stared, the girl ran off.

Thank you minna! Please help me think of a title for this!

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