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Author has written 11 stories for Bleach, and Death Note.

Name: EllyattheDisco

Age: who wants to know??

Sex: Female

Orientation: straight my friends

Likes: manga, anime, ice cream, cheerleading, reading, writing (duh), yaoi (secretly...), the mall, and scene guys (gotta love em'!), singing, dancing, performing, japanese class (I'm learning!!) That goth guy in the music video for 'beautiful' by C. Aguilera (drools over sexxy smirk at the end of the vid) Eep!

Dislikes: any form of predjudiced, flaggers/flamers, creeps, snobs, Hollows (haha), having to actually do anything, texting for hours on end, preppy guys XP

Animes: Bleach, naruto, Revolutionary Girl Utena, gravitation, Deathnote

Anime Characters: Ichigo kurosaki, Yoruichi, Renji Abarai, Ulquiorra Schiffer, Hisagi shuuhie , Utena Tenjou, Anthy Himemiya, Saionji Kyouichi, Ochimaru O.o, Light Yagami, L

Fandom pairings:


Yoruichi x Ichigo it's really funny and so sencere at the same time

Renji x Ichigo enough hotness to defuse an atom bomb? Plz&ty

Hisagi x Renji I have a thing for tattoos

Ulquiorra x Ichigo I know, it scares me too

Yoruichi x Renji very very very rare but surprisingly cute!

Yoruichi x Byakuya I've written a few actually

Light Yagami x L Light that evil bastard killed L but I'm convinced L loved him! i cried when he died! T_T

Hisage x Ukitake If you've read 'Giving Grace', well you'd agree!

Ichigo x Byakuya x Hanatarou, MY OT3!! dear gawd I read a smut fic with them called 'paper cut' (wets pants)



calms down a bit

Random stuff

9-2-08, Okay so school starts tommorow! And I'm supposed to be getting ready for a party right now but instead I'm here ranting. Anyways so I was doing the usual fanfic reading when I decided I should write a deppressing ByaYoru fic which I did, READ AND REVIEW PLZ!! But afterwards i listened to Beautiful by Christina Aquilera on itunes so i decided to watch the vid on youtube: 1 word: Beautiful! (wait, what? lolol) is it bad that i find the goth dude extremely sexxy?? Eep! I can't tell any of my friends about that cuz well, I'm like the world's 1st Scene Cheerleader (long ass story don't ask!) And I've only informed a few of my infatuation with Goth/Scene/emo guys, and it's really hard to get them to like me cause I'm a mother-chuckin' cheerleader! But anyways, great vid, wonderful song, check out the song, and my new fic, 'I Don't Cry' which goes with her other song, 'Hurt'. Saonara, adios, see ya, BYEE!! (Don't forget 2 read and review my stories) Oi okay i'll shut up now XDD

9-3-08, Today was the 1st day of school! I was soo excited I couldnt sleep and only got like 4 hrs of beauty rest but who cares! But I'm really happy cuz i knew there would be some pretty cute guys there but my GAWDDD!! at least 75 of the guys are at least average+ or higher!! But theres this 1 guy in 1 of my classes, Brandon, (drool) and it's really cool cuz my besty is also in that class and wow he's just wow, and I used 2 like this guy ian but then i got over it (sorta) but now hes showing interest and i feel weird about it, but unbelievably happy! I've seemed to get really popular, I have people shouting out 'hi' to me left and right and guys have shown SERIOUS interest. i've really come into my own! XD except... i have a dilemma, u c, this guy, lets call him X, liked me b4 and I liked him, then he got a gawd-awful-hideous haircut so i stopped liking him, so then he got a gf but kept flirtin with me, so i flipped out on him, and he flipped out on me. but now i like him again but he still has a gf (who in my opinion isnt half as pur-etty as me tbh) so do u think im a btch 4 planning 2 steal him back?! HEY!! Ur supposed 2 be on my side! I supply you with heart warming fanfics so u support me gawdammit!! (cools off) ok, well im still looking 4 my emo prince in shining skinny jeans so i'll keep ya posted! I posted a new fic, 'Rain' and it's pretty good and so far ppl like it so check it out! and REVIEW!!

9-9-08, Ok so i havnt really journalled in like 6 days but I am NOW! And thisll b pretty damn long so i'll have 2 organize this in categories: Boys, School, Japanese(fu ya!), Cheer, and uhh more boys!

Boys- Ok so i mightve mentioned this ADORABLE mystery boy thats in my bff's LA class well i kno who he is and some basic facts! His names SAM passes out he likes reality shows and hes too cute! Except he broke his leg so now hes crippled on the FIFTH day of school! My gawd, bad timing, but hes also friends with this guy i talk to so uh, HAPPY TIME! Then there's this guy, Harrison who i talk to a lot that my bff also likes and i promised her i wouldnt be with harrison if she kept her paws offa Sam (cuz she kinda likes him) I mean, i like Harrison, he's super cute and funny but hes my plan B if i dont get Sam. (Which i WILL! Comeon, who can resist a cheerleader??) But I do really like Harrison but I will calm The Boy Beast for the sake of my BFF (and Sam XDD) Brandon, ehh not suh much anymoar! Sorry B! And theres this 1 guy at the HS who LITERALLY looks like a human light Yagami, I mean its almost scary, but yaknow, hes 1 of THOSE guys, who only fall for THOSE kinda girls. Yaknow, the school prezzy types who only fall for the school prezzy girls. (Buh-oring) But o well, his loss! Oh and i have a lot of classes with the school genius Josh and the teachers keep doing this sick thing were they all sit me by him, it's like the EllyxJosh Cult or sumthin. But the thing is, hes actually pretty cute and I'm also a rare breed of cheerleader: Geniusus Smarti-pantimus Not-Dumb-as-a-rockus and I can actually hold my own with him but he has an enflatted ego (when it comes to school) But hes got low self-esteem also (in the flirting department) But we get along really well and he actually shows me some of his weaknesses and i want to show him that you don't have to rely on your brain for EVERYTHING, sometimes just letting your heart and faith guide you is the best solution. You know that saying: 'I put up walls not to keep people out but to see who cares enough to break them down' That's kinda how I feel about Josh, but am I willing to break down his walls? I think I am, I think I'm in love guysss...

School- Is going AMAZZZIINNGGGGGG!! I'm doing so well! i'm getting all my homework done and I got 2nd best out of all my Algebra teacher's students (that includes freshies, Juniors, Sophies, and Seniors!!) Lee sensie who teaches Japanese is the shiz! Lee Sensie, Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu for all your help XD! Oh, and i read a book called 'A child called It' If you don't read this book I will assume Hollow form, come to your house and eat your soul! READ IT!!

Cheer- uhhh lol, really fun, I cheered my 1st game yesterday and it was fun except I skipped a game that I wasn't cheering at the go to a concert for THIS PROVIDENCE!! i was in the front and I FUCKING TOUCHED DAN FUCKING YOUNGGGGGG!! lol wen me and my friends were looking for a parking spot i saw him outside talking to the crew and I literally started HYPERVENTALATING!! It was the best thing ever and if Dan Young ever reads this, just email me, I'll send you a personalized security questionnaire and we can totally sleep tog-- uhh erm, I mean hang out! heh anyways thats pretty much it for cheer... lol

Japanese- Love it love it love it love it! I memorized the japanese alphabet and said it so well lee Sensie gave me extra pionts! A I U E O ka ki ku ke ko Sa shi su so so Ta chi tsu te to... you get it! Lol my name's so funny in Japanese! There's also this guy in Jap who's suri kawaii, dunno his name but hes a boku kawaii suri! (very cute boy! XDD)

Boys part II- Zach, well, oh shiz long story short, 1 of my bffs likes him and always told me bout him but i never saw him, i saw some ransom super cute guy and was like, hes cute. So bff shows me him and well guess wut! Thats the guy! bad right so im not gonna tell her, hee hee... Ok so I sit by some senior guy in drawing and hes reallly cute and 2day we had 2 do these crap wire hand sketches and every1 else's looked like their pencils had a spaz attack but mine was pretty good so he was like, "wow thats really good, your art is like perfect' it was such a cute moment i mightve even blushed! haha! Also in that class we listened to 'brighter than sunshine' by aqualung and i downloaded it so now every time i hear the song i think of him eepp!! Oh and 1 more things, I am officially 'SAM'S NICELY IMMACULATE FANGIRL' or a SNIF (lol nicely immaculate? makes no sense but 2 bad I like the abrriviation snif hahahaha!) bye bye kiddly diddly ill keep ya posted!

9-11-08, W-well t-today was i-i-interesting, I-i- bursts into hysterical sobs and curls up in the fetal position...

5-26-09 Woah dudess, i just read all that and MAN that was a looonnnngggg ass time ago! So much has changed! crap, where to begin.. hmmm.. first off, lemme apologize for my 6 month haitus haha but i'm probably gonna start writing again but i got bored with the Bleach fandom reeeaaalllllyyyy fast so it'll probably just be DN stuff from now on, so now... i give you LLOONNNGGGG overdue update. btw, does anyone even read this anyways??

Fandom- okay so at the moment i dont really partake in a whole lotta Anime/Manga, sad right? Actually i'm huge in Kpop, Jpop, and Jrock! Suju, Big Bang, Shinee, WG, DBSK, (ily Yunho!!) Dir en Grey, Kat-tun, and K8 just to name a few so yupp sorry Bleachers


Sam - Oh gawd was that a scandal! Well we came, we saw, we had a few sextersations (sexting, but no pics mind you!) he conquered, a was broken hearted, happened like 5 months ago and i completely irradicated him from my life but i still feel deep down in my heart that I love him. I don't think i'll ever fall out of love with him. And to this day he still tries to be my friend but... idk i can't... i just can't...

Josh - Well, after second quarter we got switched classes and I MISS JOSH DAMNIT GIVE HIM BACK SENSEI!! but ya i probably do still love him, not IN love i've only been IN love with one person in my life and that was Sam but i want Josh backkkk!!

Brandon - went to jail for stealing a TV while he was high lmao but hes out now and hes lost like 20lb cause he probably does meth, sad right??

Harrison - haha dated him for a hot minute! I feel bad but i just needed a distraction from Sam, didn't work.

Dmitriy - Half Korean half Russian wierd mix huh! anyways i fell in love with his piano playing but not him and he thought i loved him so he gave me diamond necklace and stalked me, fun right?... right??

X(john) - lol whats with the nicknames?? damn! i've matured so much in 8 months! anyways, mehh idc about him so much but i suppose i could still steal him if i really wanted to, which i don't.

and last but not leasstt...

Okay I really can't say her name because I REALLY CAN'T! NO ONE MUST FIND OUT!! But let's call her Korean Beauty. lol.

Soo... hmm... Im a devout christian, love me some Jesus, but i've always been a very open and accepting person, but lately i've been getting these feelings, unwanted feelings, that transcend lust or attraction or even love really...

haha idk, she's probably not even like THAT but neither am I! I dunno what it is, we just have so much in common and when she compliments me or says i look pretty it feels better than ANY compliment a guy could EVER give me. Most people would see her as average but i think shes the most beautiful girl in the world. But i'm not bi... so wakarimasennn(i don't understand) I don't even know, this is the first time i've actually talked about it, i could NEVER tell anyone! But she's just so wonderful and beautiful and... and... heavenly. I want to be the one to steal her breath when she says, "saranghaeyo" and to return that breath with an, "i love you".

That reminds me, i was asking her to teach me how to pronounce saranghaeyo (korean for i love you) and when she said it "sah-rang-e-o", i felt butterflies in my stomach, she makes me feel so good and free! I've dreamt about us running away together to Japan, she'd cut her hair and we'd live together in the country and when we'd walk in the snow we'd have to hide our entwined hands because no one would accept us.

... I can't say i'm IN love because i'm too afraid but i'll try to express it as closely as I can, but i can't do so in words...

so just remember when I smile at you, the feelings that pulsate through my soul, my very being transcend that of any love.

I love you M-- Korean Beauty...

-Ending Credits -

-that's pretty much it, i'm an undercover yaoi

hoarder and the 1st ever scene cheerleader

"You seen it here first folks!" thank you and goodnight!-

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