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Author has written 11 stories for Kung Fu Panda, and Digimon.

Picture/ Pen Name: Purpleground

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All Reviews are deeply appreciated


I posted some comics of Kung Fu Panda too in DevianceArt. Well, i am not good at words, maybe i can show it to you. They are listed:

Midnight Event 1 (

Midnight Event 2 (

Kung Fu Panda: Pairings (

And an illustration of

Lei Shan Zhan (

Yun (

Behind the Story:

Heaven's Bane composed of a series of shorts that set up the basic personality and background on some of the member of Heaven's Bane mercenary team. The group consists of Black Crow, White Skeleton, Green Reaper, Red Wolf and Blue Butterfly. These shorts will focuses on differenciating their own unique personality, fighting skills and background.

Haunted Temple... It's really simple. I like ghost stories. I read alot of them. I seen many twists and read many creepy things that really spook me in the night. So... I say, if i like them so much, why don't I just write one, my own version!

Cut! was a short that I came out when I was going on my own fan fic. The idea of having them making the mistake as if they were making film made me laugh. So, little by little I collected them into this. So, here you go.

A Day Off was made for complete humor. Other than that its nothing else. It had only one purpose, make people laugh. Laugh is a medicine. =) I get the idea when I came across one fan fiction. Of course, its not really emphasize on that, so mine is completely emphasize on the scene of them micmicking each other. Tigress mimicking Shifu is laughable, and having Shifu finding it out himself had blown me off. Po following monkey was okay since he got the legs and arms. Crane... all he needed is to act lively. Mantis and Viper had no obvious traits, so I have to drag others in, instead of going blindly on them. Shifu? Ha-ha, never good enough to see him being 'down and dirty'

The Eclipse was another story created to give my every last ideas on Kung Fu Panda. I wanted it to be cramped with everything I had. And so I did. This time, instead of an old fact, I turned onto the idea of having the 'children stories' to kick start. Bedtime stories, as fantastic as they can be, childish and innocent... can actually had their own origin. (of course, what I am saying is an theory, nothing more). Where did they came from, how can they come up with those? And you thought fairy tales were just childish story made up for kids to get their day lightened.

The second thingy, is the visiting. There was a story for OC, and this story currently runs the line.

This story, to be frank, only consisted of a couple of lengthy chapters... I don't wished to hang the readers with cliffhanger, I abused too much in my Masters of Claws. I don't want the story to be draggingly long. Its only my interest and fantasy to write, that I figured that I won't stay long, pretty much due to unstable hobby

Added 17 Feb: There are so many 'Tai Lung' out there. So many bad and good Tai Lung. So for mine, I will choose bad Tai Lung who secretly wait for the moment to strike. No people, there is no story continuation for chapter 5. That's the end.

Masters of Claws was the first lengthy story I tried for KFP. After playing the KFP games, I liked the enemies Wu Sisters, so I decided to make a story in a tribute to them. In the games, there were little mentioned about the boss. Their background and personalities. So I decided to make one for them, while trying to keep their personality in range.

Zone of War... Wow, this one I wanna brag. This is my own fantasy world, every character created belongs to me. It was a branch out from my own digimon fic. Well, they didnt really came out but, if like official, I can only say this ZoW is the second season =3. I practically (all but 3) removed the digimons characters, and started with my own.

This story folds around a few kids (of course, with fighting powers) going on a trip through the newly finished cruise ship. They were having a good time until something attacked the ship. We're talking about large mechanical serpents, and a lot of destruction. If made in movie >.

File Topic: Purpleground

Here is the Picture taken approximate 3 years after the drop off:

Description: An isolated area, only existed as part of the settings in Zone of War (Not real, or simply bullshit)

Code name given since the land is covered with purple crystals. History started when a meteorite hit the earth, or gaia at a deserted land. Little attention is paid, until the stone shows potential of multiplying themselves. Called the 'living stone', and can be the most hardened material ever found. Military departments started to take action on restricting the stone's growth, but attempts proved useless. Nearby towns had been evacuated to avoid further damage. The stone's continuous growths were bounded to reach the core, assuming within a range of 100 years to come.

Some native on the land started developing unique potions to melt the material, as to harvest them for their own weaponry. But their technologies are ancient, and hard to adapt by the human world, and they appeared hostile. Further research operations only ended up interrupted by victims of the stones - Scientists were reportedly attacked during their work by local habitatants. According to those who were brave enough to re-enter, the stone would eventually died and changed into another form, called the shadow shard - mainly it becomes completely blackened. The growth will stop at this stage, but scientists believe the stone will start releasing toxic powder or gases that change the living DNA, altering them like the effect of radioactive or gamma ray to change their behavior. So far the infections had no effect on human, but the Corruptors (those animals which were infected) are multiplying in a stunning rate.

Corruptors Data Log:

1. A giant centipete that weighted as heavy as a whale, normally seen moving along the center of the area. Commonly known as "Mazuo" by native language, meaning "many legs".

2. Inferno beetle, assumed to be an evolution from the normal "Bombardier Beetle". Sized around a medium vehicle. Victims of attacks normally melt in high pressured fire bombs, reaching a temperature above 650 celcius.

3. Humongous desert scorpions that no longer walked the ground. Most witnesses said only the clamps and tail were seen, not the body.

4. Giant Guotuno, formerly a plant named Drosophyllum Lusitanicum. Branches are black, and reached 29 - 51 meters long. Not hostile, but will show movements once closed in. Normally found attached to the side of a cliff.

5. Armored Eater, black skinned ants that has white stripes all over it's body. The body size is normal, but the hole of their nest is no different than a 1m diameter volcano mouth. Scientists strongly stated that it could be formerly "Meat Ant" due to it's living behavior: placing dead vegetation or bones at the opening of their nest. It's called Armored Eater since a single one can be impossible to crush.Witness reported being carried over for a few inch when he stepped on one.

Further details were not available...

Any delay on story I apologize.

After all, I am a university student who got tons of homework, exam, and assignment to do. This is a way that I can escape from stress and into my realm of freedom.

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