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Oh ho, where to begin. I guess i outa start with my name. My names Daniel. There, i did it, now what else do ya want? The hell? You wanna know about me? Why the heckwould you want that? ...the profile page is about me? Well gee, here goes nothing then!

My names Dani- oops, i said that already.

Age : Old enough to have common sense, something truly lacking of teenagers and even adults everywhere, so I'm proud to have it. While i hate kids and dread the oncoming day that I may have my own one day, I cannot truly blame younger kids for no common sense - they don't know better. They only have desires, which are often self absorbed, which is why i don't like them. But knowing better comes with age. And holy poop, this was about my age, why did i go on damnit.

Sex: Only once, it was great, in happened...oh you mean gender? Damnit, i always get confused when they write 'sex'. I mean WHY? Theres the 'gender' word, USE IT.

Preferences: Staying away from people. No lie, teenagers these days are awful. I prefer to stay at home, have a nice toast, glass of milk, sit on a comfy couch and watch some quality T.V with my labtop in front of me. Ahhh bliss. Why would i want anything else... Well theres also writing stories and playing video games.

Hobbies: Well, writing stories and playing instruments. I'm a huge fan of the entertainment industry. Music, toys, games, movies. I want to have any job relating to such. Maybe a voice actor or a musician! Then i can bring some real talent into the world! Cuz i mean alot of music nowadays, i mean come on, i can fart in quick succession and it would sound better.

I'm a fan of Naruto(duh). I'm trying to get into bleach but i actually enjoy the anime of it more, which unfortunately takes longer to watch. One peice i've been trying, but i lose interest. There arent many cartoons i like anymore. I hardly see anime on tv and the cartoons are so disapointing. The animation is complete crap like 50cent budget, and the show sucks. My sister is in highschool and aspires be an animator for disney, her drawings are suberb, and its a shame true talent such as that doesn't get recognition.

Wow, this has been more of a rant. But thats enough about me, on with the copy and pasted stuff!

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Okay, so this is going to be a long Essay about why Naruto and Hinata will be together. This is not why i like the couple, i will include that in 'couples i love/hate' but why i feel they will be together.

Ok, so you decided to go down the path of suicide because your going to lose your insanity after reading the depth that is naruhina. I would talk about why i like naruhina firstly, but i'll skip that and go straight into all the peices of evidence that stand out as to why naruhina should happen. Now, im not a mindless naruhina supporter, nor am i biased towards issues just because i want to convince myself of what i want to happen. I put alot of thought into my theories, evidences, and connections, so I hope it can be appreciated. Who knows, if you like, you can make a video about all this as long as you credit me for the work :)

But anyway, the good stuff!
One thing that i should probably address would be claims that narusaku fans make alot. One thing that very biased, shallow minded people have said often, is that 'naruto will never stray from sakura, he will never like hinata not even because he likes sakura currently, but because he would just never love hinata.'
- This is something i incredibly wish to debunk from all minds, naruhina and narusaku alike. Because the truth is, naruto has said HIMSELF that he can love Hinata. Granted, he does not actually say 'i can fall in love with her'(nor am i refering to their convorsation before the chuunin final), but he does say something that obviously aludes to loving her. And its in such a strange chapter too. The evidence is in chapter 3. Ya, THREE. Part 1. Yep. Nuts huh? Well in a nutshell review of the chapter, naruto henges into sasuke and talks to sakura(cuz he wanted anal or something) and ends up talking to her. Sakura tells 'sasuke' that the one thing she wants in life is aknowledgment from him(in the manga she says only sasuke, but in the anime she mentions peers, friends, ect. But for the simplicity and legitimacy of this...essay...i'll keep everything manga related). Anyway, Naruto thinks to himself 'so she wants to be aknowledged, i think I know why i like her now.'
-- Now right here, naruto just explains the reason why he likes sakura(which hilariously a few people have failed to answer that question when i ask them). He feels that she follows his mentality in that all he wants is to be seen and aknowledged by others, and that he has a female companion to turn to. And yet, he fell in love with sakura (quite majorly towards the end of part 1) for wanting aknowledgement from the guy he hated at the time: the guy who was his rival. Can you imagine how naruto would feel for a girl who wanted aknowledgement, from naruto himself? Because she loved him? Well he does get told that, in chapter 437 during Hinata's confession of love to him, but I'll get to that chapter whenever i can. However, this completely and 100% proves not that naruhina will happen gaurenteed of course, but that its completely plausible for naruto to gain feelings for hinata for the same reason he liked sakura, and those feelings would most likely be even stronger. Personally i feel naruto already harbours feelings for hinata after her confession, but I'll get to that with time. Some people say that i can't use evidence from such old chapters, but thats like debunking narusaku overall, because his feelings for her have been there since virtually chapter 1, so i could say the same thing about narusaku all together, but thats not the case of course, it would be incorrect and foolish to disregard any important peice of evidence in the series.

Like i said, I'm not biased, so even though the Chuunin exams are quite a large testimate to naruhina, it doesn't bring that many new things to the table. It does however, set the stage for hinata and naruto's burgoning relationship. Naruto hasn't developed romantic feelings for her yet, but it does open his eyes to the kind of person she is, which will of course eventually give leeway to their conversation before his battle with Neji. (oops, brb, gotta eat. lawls)
(and im back, hmmmm chicken)
Anyway, it's no surprise that naruto is able to get along with Hinata so well as they share common goals, and like i said, thats another testimate to chapter 3 proving that he can like hinata for the same reason he liked sakura.
-Now during the chuunin exams, Hinata adopts Naruto's nindo, and he swears a blood oath on hinata's blood, creating a blood bond. This is the only time in the series that this is ever done(both the blood oath and the sharing of nindo's). It just seems the most convienient and obvious idea to have naruto pair with hinata because of these two factors. As far as the readers know, this is the first time in history that blood bonds and sharing nindo's have been done, and being shared between naruto and hinata? It just seems the most convienient for me, so i make heavy mention of it.

Alot of Sakura fans also say that naruto loves sakura too much that even if hinata grew on him, his heart would never stray. While i disagree, I (like i said, im not biased so i will submit) do see where they get that mentality. Naruto's feelings for sakura do grow very powerful, both as a friend and potential lover. It is my opinion(and of course i will back it up) that Naruto reached the height of his feelings for sakura during his battle with Gaara. When Naruto summoned gamabunta and told sakura that 'i swear I'll protect you'. He seems alot more grown up. The vibe that he's an adult trying to make an adult desicion to protect the one he loves is clearly there, so I'll give narusaku fans the point: Naruto did love sakura, quite a bit in fact.
- However, while those feelings don't really diminish right away, it doesn't take too long for Naruto to give up persuing sakura whole heartedly. Now this really happens upon Naruto bring sasuke back to the hospital after he was trapped in the Tsukuyomi by Itachi. While Tsunade heals sasuke, naruto and sakura are present in the room. Sakura has her attention on the young Uchiha of course, but you can plainly see that Naruto's waiting for a certian reaction from Sakura for his success. When sasuke comes into reality, sakura completely disregards naruto and cries onto sasuke's shoulder with happiness/sadness/whatever it may be. Naruto, looks absolutely crushed. He doesn't even say anything to anyone in the room, and with his head hung low, he removes himself from the room wordlessly. It is here that, while naruto doesn't lose his feelings for sakura, he's starting to grasp how much sakura loves sasuke. And of course he's hurt by it BECAUSE of his feelings for sakura, why else would he be hurt by seeing her disregard him in sasuke's prescence? So at this point, naruto has certianly grasped very well the height of sakura's feelings for sasuke, even if his feelings are still for her.
-- After Naruto's and sasuke's scuffle is interupted by kakashi, naruto has no more encounters with any of his teammates. Instead, we see sakura begging sasuke not to leave, and she confesses her love. Now, i feel that Kishimoto could have done a better job conveying why she feels so much for him in the first place. (Personally, i can conjure that her childish crush grew into love whenever sasuke showed signs of aknowledgement to his teammates and signs of friendship, alot of which during the chuuunin exams) However, the fact is that she does feel great love for sasuke, so much so that she is willing to leave everything behind to be with him. This doesn't have much to do with Naruto, but i include this to convey how serious sakura's feelings are and despite naruto's efforts, he won't be changing that anytime soon.
--Regardless, sasuke leaves bidding 'thank you' to sakura. And all Sakura can do is ask Naruto to bring him back. This is the first time really speaking to sakura since the hospital, so it's fresh in his mind - she loves sasuke - and bringing him back would only be a repeat of what happened to sasuke before: Sasuke went to Itachi, naruto brings him back, sakura's feeling don't change. Likewise, sasuke leaves, naruto brings him back, sakura's feeling won't change. Naruto knew this, especially since he was looking at how much sakura was crying for sasuke. Saying 'bring him back to me'. Sakura is so blinded by her love that she does not even consider that Naruto wants to bring sasuke back for his own reasons. However, she's so hurt because of how much she lost sasuke that now he's gone and she doesn't know what to do with herself. And yet, Naruto makes her the promise to bring sasuke back. He makes the promise knowing that whether or not he succeeds, her feelings won't sway - if he brings sasuke back, she will disregard naruto and swoon over sasuke, like she had done at the hospital. And even if sasuke is gone she'll be emo, and think about him 24/7. Naruto knowingly puts himself against a wall here. He's let himself hit a dead end in terms of his own feelings for sakura, because he loves sakura so much, he's letting her be happy even if its not with him. Naruto goes through such measures for her happiness because in his mind, she is the only girl that he himself will love. (Unbeckaknownst to him, there was in fact another girl he could love that deeply that would return his affection. But because he doesn't know that much about hinata and that she wants aknowledgement from naruto because she loves him, he will simply keep hitting that dead end purposley because it seems to him theres no other way.

Now some people may say that my points are all about debunking Narusaku as opposed to proving Naruhina which is true at the moment. However i do feel that the stages of naruto's feelings be made clear as the story goes on, to get a beter grasp, from ALL parties. (Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke, ect) However, i'll freshen this up and bring up a Naruhina point again. When Naruto leaves the village, the only person that sees Naruto leave-leave the village, like actually SEES him leave, is Hinata. And it makes me wonder - yes, i'm happy that this gets to happen, and its sorta naruhina-fluffish from her side, however i question the nature of the event. Why did Kishimoto include this? It could have been anyone else - Sakura, Konohamaru, Tsunade, Kakashi, Iruka, ect. And it's not like this event has had any importantance in Shippuden. Hinata has already gained the inner strength nessesary to become stronger, so its not like this moment was meant to say that hinata drew her strength from that, because she already got her courage and strength from naruto during the exams. So why? Well lets look at the progression again. Before Naruto leaves, he points to his fathers face, promises to become Hokage, and then the panel suddenly shifts to Hinata, even though nothing significant is going on with her, we already knew she was watching. Overall, i feel that this event acts as a forshadowing: Naruto becomes Hokage, and then Hinata comes into the picture. It would definately fit with how Kishimoto has been ignoring Hinata's confession in chapter 437, because he would be saving that moment for when he is crowned Hokage or even 'ruler' of all villages, as that is how the manga looks like it will stray to after this whole war is over(meaning the unision of all villages). In addition, it's interesting that he points to his fathers face, and it shows Hinata immediately afterwards, because quite strangely, Hinata and Minato both carry many similarities when it comes to the ones they love. More on that when we get to it. However, even though alot of this is speculation on a particular event, you have to wonder why something was put there. As much as i like Hinata, and like seeing her there, i do wonder what the point was of Hinata seeing him. There is no point to prove that she gains her strength from that moment because she already had obtained it. And its not like she says anything to him. Because this is such a controversial event that is often looked over, i place this here as a branch in the tree known as 'naruhina evidence'

Recently I had a reviewer of mine, WindFoxST, send me an excerpt of some things I didn't list that are also quite imperative. This is Fox's excerpt -

--Having read your NaruHina essay and the notes about your favorite and least favorite pairings, I'd like to offer some of my own insight. First of all, I believe that Naruto and Sakura's attitude toward Sasuke is a consequence of the Wave mission. As you know, Sasuke "died" against Haku. Naruto and Sakura saw his body and suffered immense pain and grief. Sasuke came back to life only to be lost again to Orochimaru. That is not an experience that can be just ignored. In Naruto's case, he failed Sasuke because he wasn't strong enough. Sakura failed Sasuke because she was useless. The Retrieval mission is merely a repeat further exposing these issues.

One of my high school friends was rather cavalier towards relationships and had talked about breaking up with her latest boyfriend. They had a fight and he left on a trip. Later, she was told that this boy had died in a car crash. For several days she felt unimaginable pain, guilt, and grief. Shockingly, the reports of her boyfriend's death turned out to be just a rumor. Just as with Naruto and Sakura, the boy she believed to be dead had come back to life. In the months afterward, one would have believed this boy was her soul mate rather than the latest jerk she was dating. It wasn't normal love that she felt, but her feelings were real and they were powerful.

Reading the manga, I can understand why Sakura is still in love with Sasuke even if I think that love is ugly and unhealthy. Sakura isn't feeling love in the conventional sense. However, just as my friend combined the feelings of guilt and love, so has Sakura. I believe that Sakura has combined her feelings towards Sasuke and her desire to be useful. Until Sakura can separate those feelings, she can never let go of her love.

As for Naruhina, I have some other points not included on your profile.

NaruSaku fans will frequently argue that Naruto and Sakura's relationship has more 'development.' They are confusing screen time with character development. One reason that Naruto rejects Sakura's confession is because she's done this before.

Ch 178 - The Temptation of the Sound
Sakura: Naruto, I need to tell you something... I'll go on a date with you, so come with me.

She says this immediately after Sasuke and Naruto nearly kill each other on the hospital rooftop. In order to prevent a conflict, she knowingly manipulates Naruto's feelings. Even then.

Ch 43 - The Tenth Question
Sakura: I'm sorry Naruto... that impossible dream of yours... I don't want to see it crushed!
(as Sakura is about to forfeit for Naruto's sake.)

She never takes into consideration how Naruto will feel. She means well but she doesn't understand or trust him completely. Sakura has developed but it has nothing to do with love. From the day Sakura dismissed Naruto as an annoying brat trying to ruin her love life, Sakura has come to feel more sympathy for Naruto. Sakura has come to acknowledge Naruto's battle abilities. Now, she needs to trust for Naruto to choose his own path. He doesn't need her to come and save him. The foundation of true love is trust. Naruto and Sakura hide things from each other and Sakura tries to manipulate him. That is not love. They care for each other deeply, yes. But they don't have a foundation for love despite all the time they've spent together.

Naruto and Hinata have had a special connection since the day they've met. Hinata definitely loves Naruto. Naruto doesn't "love" Hinata so to say, but he has an intimate relationship with her that goes beyond friendship. Given the chance, Naruto could come to love Hinata. They have such deep care and trust for each other. They build each other up as no other characters in the manga do. I believe Hinata is the one person to whom Naruto has ever expressed doubt. For a kid who hides so much of what he feels, that's a very big sign. And as of the war, they don't even need words anymore.

By the way, regarding Kushina's advice, the point of what she said just went right over most people's heads. Kushina says to marry someone like her, someone who is not weird. Oxymoron. It's clearly a joke on her part because Kushina is a weird person. I love her character but she's not normal. I mean she has unusual hair, verbal tics and had a demon sealed inside her at one point. Kushina is described as having Naruto's personality. Now what have people said about Naruto. Kakashi during the Bell Test tells Naruto that he's a little bit odd. After the time skip, Shikamaru and Chouji tell Ino that some weird guy attacked them. Ino immediately assumes it's Naruto. Kushina's point is that there are no rules or guidelines regarding love.

One thing that caught my eye the most about that was the chapter 178 - The temptation of Sound. I completely forgot that Sakura said that, but another reason its so important is because when Sai tells Sakura in Shippuden that Naruto has feelings for her, she seems surprised. Yet she knew Naruto would be distracted by her wanting a date because he liked her. And of course, Sakura's actions when she hears that information? Try to manipulate Naruto's feelings so she can get her way, just like when she so called confessed. Reflecting on it now I'm actually alot more upset about it. I'd thought that when Sai told Sakura in Shippuden that Naruto liked her, (which was based on his little knowledge of their situation and Hinata's involvment in the pain arc) I thought maybe Sakura was just oblivious and thats why she was surprised.

Heeeell naw. She knew this before but she disregarded Naruto's feelings so much that it didn't even register the first time. But ya, thank you WindFoxST, that was quite insightful!

Everything in part 1 is taken care of now. Now things get hectic in part 2. Now people will say 'you said he gave up on her, but he still asks her on dates.' Now i challenge you to realize that Naruto got back from 3 years worth of training, it's no surprise he would try again, like i said, his feelings are still there. But even those date requests are limited. Nothing really changes, Naruto still feels love for sakura, and he still is hestitant to act on his feelings like he did in part 1 because like i said, he had knowingly put himself into a wall. So yes he asks her out on a few dates, but their very half hearted, its pretty obvious that he isn't expecting a responce.

Now something else Narusaku fans bring up alot is Yamato. During the Sasuke reunion arc, Yamato says 'i can see it sakura. Deep down you really l-' and it gets cut off. Now alot of people think hes going to say 'like' or 'love' ,(personally i have my doubts about this, but i explain why when i get to chapter 469) and in fact, he could be. However, Yamato is only seeing this from a point of view and story he knows very little about. He is not aware of the kind of history team 7 carries - naruto's feeelings for sakura, her feelings for sasuke, and all the events and promises made in between. Being on a mission to find sasuke, Sakura has obviously gotten more emotional than usual, and because her and naruto are the only people who actually know sasuke as a friend together, they obviously are going to seem more compatible working together because of that connection to sasuke that they share. Yamato only said what he said from his very limited viewpoint which doesn't really deliver much importance because he knows jack. All he knows is that naruto and sakura are friends, and they are friends of sasuke. Yamato is in no place to make assumptions, that is if he WAS going to say 'like' or 'love'
-After the Sasuke retreival, Naruto does not ask her on any more dates. He does ask her half heartedly to go on a date immediately after the mission was over, but i felt that was more kishi's/Naruto's way of showing that everything is back to normal, by doing something he used to do when they were all a team. After that, there are no more requests, and even if theres one im missing, it is still halfhearted. Naruto's feelings for sakura are still there, but his understanding that she loves sasuke greatly starts to become apparent.
--To prove this point that naruto has given up on persuing sakura whole heartedly but still loves her, he gets called on by Sai - whol says he can see naruto likes her. Naruto admits it, but also says that he won't tell her, and his reason is that he can't keep his promise to her so he wouldn't. Personally i feel thats a lie because in chatper 469 during her confession, he says that his promise to her didn't change the fact that he would persue sasuke and that she could practicaly forget he made the promise, so there was no difference. Regardless of the reason, this conversation DOES prove naruto loves sakura still, but has given up majorly persuing her.

Now not much changes for a while. There is still the hidan and kakuzu arc, but nothing in the way of romance happens in this arc, and then the story shifts to Sasuke for a bit after the arc is over. So now we can move onto...*enter zelda discovery music* BA DA DA DUUUUUUM.
The Pain Invasion Arc.

Now again, in the way of romance, nothing really happens until the actual battle with pain ensues. During his battle we're given alot of shots of Hinata thinking and worrying about him being alone. And although quite a few people didn't see it coming, it was painfully obvious to me that this was alluding to her eventually going down to help him. Hey look, another forshadowing event using panels of hinata!(which only furthers my observation of the end of part 1, but anyway) After fighting herself internally, she goes against Naruto's wishes - she loves him too much to let him fight alone. And if she dies protecting him or he dies protecting her, she felt that he had the right to know her feelings.
- Now this is where I argue that naruto's feelings change. Hinata drops in, and everyones favourite part, the confession. Alot of people look over the speech and talk about the typical 'i love you' she gives to naruto when they talk about the incident. But the entire speech is important. It's pretty much a gigantic confession of wanting aknowledgment from him; she just wanted to walk beside him, be appreciated by him, and really so much more. Hinata basically told him her life was based on wanting attention from him, AND that she loved him! Thats quite heavy and definately much more of an impact than when Naruto comes to terms with his feelings for sakura in chapter 3. So yes, i feel Naruto's feelings, in chapter 437, finally shift for Hinata. Most Narusaku fans like to say 'naruhina fans have no other backup except 437', so most of those people would scoff at me for saying his feelings change on this chapter, its not just because of the confession, but because it links all the other events that happen, like chapter 3, the chuunin exams, his dead end feelings for sakura because he feels he'll love no other girl, ect. It all comes together, and it's not surprising go me when Naruto goes nearly 9 tails over her suppossed death. The quote written by kishi at the end of chapter 437 stating '6 tails! Naruto is seething with the worth feelings he ever felt!' So quite apperently, naruto's feelings of distress are the strongest they've ever been, and he's in this state because of Hinata's death. So when you link those two facts, you can inadvertantly say that his feelings for Hinata are the strongest or among the strongest feelings he has for anyone in the series.
-- I once made this point to someone, and they told me that It would not be fair to make that assumtion, naruto can be going through the pain of the village being destroyed, the deaths and intense pain his friends had gone through, ect. Hinata would only be the cherry on top that tipped the scale. Which back then, I did agree with and it was a valient point. However that changes now. Unfortunately, I don't actually remember what chapter it was, but in the chapter, Naruto is speaking with some toad guy about getting the key to the kyuubi seal. Eventually, Naruto goes into his history in controlling the kyuubi(or Kurama, as his name was officially told to us) and his unsuccessful streak. He states after hurting sakura during the Sasuke retrieval arc, he kept tabs on Kurama, and he was successful...until recently. He explains, 'but when i saw hinata get hurt like that, i exploded without even thinking about it'. This had brought something to my attention - its not like seeing his village destroyed wouldn't be enough to well enough hatred in him to release Kurama's power. However, he had the willpower to keep his own hatred in check. I guess you can think of it this way: Before Kurama's power is released, it must pass two mediums.
1)Naruto's Emotions
2)Naruto's Willpower
Upon seeing his village destroyed, and his friends torn apart, naruto's emotions were already at such a peak that he could have given into the power if he wanted, but he didn't because despite the pain, that was not enough to break through naruto's willpower. However, Hinata's death was enough for him to do so - without even thinking about it. The fact that he only brings up Hinata as being the one that brings him over the edge is enough to say that it was her soley that caused his transformation, meaning my analysis was not wrong: Naruto's feelings for Hinata are amongst the strongest that he feels to anyone in the entire series, which of course relates back to me saying that he loves her now, why that is so, and ect. Like i said, it's all interconnected, so you're going to have to be careful when analysing this shipping because it can get confusing.

Next part! A highly talked about chapter; 469. Or if you don't know by number, Sakura's so called confession to Naruto. Sakura tells Naruto that she is in love with him, but immediately follows by saying that he no longer should run after sasuke(because you see, it's sakura's plan to fight sasuke alone). Naruto however, doesn't buy it, and berates her for trying to say that in order to get what she want, whatever it may be. Now this is something i should dwell on. When Sakura tells Naruto she 'loves' him, Yamato looks very surprised, which would contradict him saying 'you really like/love him' back in the Sasuke Reunion Arc - if Yamato predicted this already, why would he be surprised? Which is why i feel Yamato was not going to say like or love, but even if he was going to, i gave my reason as to why it should be blown aside.
- Now some people say that despite what i say, naruto still loves sakura(i almost wrote sasuke there, woops!), and that Sai tells her that before her confession to Naruto. First of all, i thought it was funny that sakura was surprised at the news, because obviously he liked her from his date requests, so i don't know why it surprised her, but anyway, i feel that Sai's analysis that naruto loves sakura was both correct and incorrect. Sai based that on his conversation with naruto after the Sasuke Reunion Arc, and at that time, yes he was correct. Naruto loved sakura then. However, Sai was not present during Hinata's confession, so he could not see that naruto's feelings changed, or even know or judge naruto's relationship with the shy Hyuuga. So in his mind, nothing changed, but something did change, but it was only witnessed between Naruto, Pain, and Hinata. Oh, and the little slug on Naruto's shoulder at the time. This is something i feel alot of people failed to do when analysing their shipping - they forget that certain actions are done because of a certian characters point of view. In most drama's, we're reminded of that fact, but it still applies here.
-- Now this has been debunked since chapters 539 and 540. However, many people beleived even though her intentions were a lie, her feelings were not - people beleived that she still being sincere with the confession. That is not the case however, because Naruto even says himself that he knows how strong her feelings are for sasuke(no surprise there, as i said) and that going to sasuke alone would do nothing(this was after kakashi and yamato made the assumption that she would go to him alone). The assumption that sasuke would be confronted by sakura BECAUSE she loved him, was backed up by the fact that she loved him. Because their prediction was correct, so was their intel. Soo, i'm kinda dumbfounded why so many people held fast to that confession for nearly 100 chapters.
--Speaking of confessions, this is something i wish to point out. Many people say that if naruto loved hinata, he would answer her confession sooner, but i disagree of course. Speaking from a totally logical point of view, the villages were in cold war with Akatsuki, slowing approaching full on battle. Now would not be the time to socialize. In addition, Naruto was told that all of the rookies had agreed on killing sasuke, and when they all confronted him about it, he made his escape by saying he was hungry. Now i don't know if this slips peoples minds, but Hinata was one of those people who agreed the removal of sasuke was for everyones good. Running away from the rookies inadvertantly, but then inviting Hinata to talk in private would contradict what he was trying to do in the first place; avoid the confrontation of the rookies.
--If that isn't enough though, then i challenge you to remember the three confessions in the series.
1)Sakura's confession to Sasuke
2)Hinata's confession to Naruto
3)Sakura's confession to Naruto
Now it is apperently the claim of narusaku fans that if naruto loved hinata, he would answer her confession right away. Okay then, let's look at all the confessions. Of the three confessions, which ones were answered to right away? (Because apperently the criteria for a relationship is for the confession to be dealt with immediatly) Yes, both of the confession's involving Sakura. Now answer me this, which one of those confessions resulted in a relationship? None, zip, zero, nada, zilp, ziltch, and any other synonym for 'zero'. The fact that Hinata's confession isn't being dealt with right away is actually a good sign as it's following a different path of development then the other confessions. Since those confessions led to, well, nothing. A different path should mean something else other than failure to create a relationship should happen right? Either way, the fact that this confession is handled differently is actually a good sign.

Man oh man, this might be the longest yet! A very discussed chapter! Chapter 504: Otherwise known for it's famous quote by Naruto's mother 'As for women, I'm sure one day you're going to want a girlfriend. All i can say is try not to find a girl thats weird, try and find someone like you're mother.' Now alot of Narusaku fans point to Naruto finding her weird during phase 1 of the Chuunin exams, where he gives her a narrator-like introduction. Personally i feel he calls her weird to give the reader the hint that she likes Naruto, but even if you take it literally, Naruto tells Hinata that he no longer finds her weird before his fight with Neji. For some reason, narusaku fans tend to ignore that though. So Naruto does not find Hinata weird, what IS weird is being with a girl who constantly physically abuses you and only liked you when the when she liked left that village. THAT is weird. A girl loving you sincerely and giving her life for you? Thats not weird, thats fucking AWESOME. And im sure Kushina would agree if she could see the entire story somehow through the readers eyes. But i've only consulted the 'weird' part and given my opinion, now for the 'girl like me' part. Alot of people think sakura has that in the bag, personally i think Hinata does, but to make this fair, ill note similarities between both of them.
--Now I will note and admit, sakura looks identical to Kushina. So much so that when i was still reading shippuden, and there were rumors of a 3rd series called Akkipuden, i saw a picture of Kushina and that that was how Sakura appeared in Akkipuden. Obviously Akkipuden is a lie now. Anyway, Sakura looks like Kushina, however, how the hell is that actually good for a relationship? Dating someone who looks exactly like your mom? Can you imagine if naruto and sakura were acting sexually and all he can think of is his mom? Yes, its a similarity, but not a good one, so i don't bother with it and debunk it. Another similarity is that they have both hit naruto. (Personally, i felt Kushina hitting naruto was on an intelectual scale. Naruto accused her of being Kurama, and Kurama uses words to trick people. Being a former jinjuriki, Kushina knew this well, so using such a direct approach like hitting him was a nice way to convince him. However, if u take this similarity more seriously, its still bad to hit your spouse in a relationship, so i debunk this. The last similarity is that their both confident, however, and this will give in leeway to Hinata's similarities: Hinata has confidence as well, and in my oppinion, more so than Sakura - I will go into this right now.
--Like i said, Hinata has confidence, more so than Sakura. I base this off of one thing - Hinata was the only person in the entire village who had the balls to not only deny Naruto's orders, but to face Pain alone. Some people might say it was motivated by her love for him, but if that was so she would just obey his orders, but she was confident enough to disobey even naruto himself.I stress: She was the only person in the village with the balls to do what no one else did. She has confidence, which of course is a good thing. Next, 3 women have told Naruto the words 'i love you'. Of those 3, who really meant it? Ya, Hinata and Kushina, and thats obviously a good thing. They've both also risked their life with the expectation that they would die in the process, which again, is bloody aweosme. Now, like i said, im not biased. This next point IS a similarity, but it doesn't actually help with the relationship, but it's something interesting to point out. Both Kushina and Hinata were kidnapped by the Lightning Village for a special ability they posessed. Like i said, doesn't actually help their relationship, but i thought i'd point it out. Kay, this next one is pretty big. Kushina said that upon being saved by Minato, she told him she loved him. Upon being saved, Kushina and Hinata had both told each respective male that they loved them. Although Hinata's was a little bit more metaphorical. Take a look at Kushina's situation - She was saved by Minato, and told him she loved him. Seems direct enough. Hinata tells Naruto 'your smile SAVED me' and than tells him she loves him. It's underplayed, but they both say 'i love you' after being saved. Heres something else! It's established that naruto got his personality from his mom, and his mom said 'find a girl like me'. So that could be like saying to find a girl like himself. DO Naruto and Sakura act the same? Well no not really. Naruto and Hinata act the same entirely; at least in terms of their morals, goals, and ideologies. They share the same nindo, and have a blood bond. Everyday, Hinata strives to be more like naruto and is succeeding, meaning that hinata is also becoming more and more like Kushina in the process. I'll end the similarities with a small one - They both fight to the end with naruto...
Naruto's hurt! What do you do!?
Sakura: Cry...
Hinata: YOU PEICE OF SHIT! *throws gigantic palm at villan*
-- One thing i find interesting is that the chapter after that, Naruto looks back at everything his mother says to him, but he doesn't actually go over the part about women. I find this interesting because Naruto has never had trouble mentioning his feelings for sakura and persuing her, and has no trouble mentioning it. It further support the fact that naruto does not love sakura anymore and that those feelings have shifted to Hinata.

Okay, so! This is coming to a close shortly, finally. Lol. Anyway, recently, chapter 539 had come out. A guy tells sakura he likes her, but she turns him down and says that she has feelings for another guy. Alot of people, even some naruhina fans, felt that she was talking about Naruto because if it was sasuke there would be no need to hide it. But people should not look at it as kishimoto indirectly talking to the fans. It would make more sense to say she liked naruto, a boy who saved the village and the owner of the penis that pretty much every girl in that village is after. It would not do sakura good to say she was in love with a traitor of the village, the man who tried to kill her and naruto, who saved the village, the man who started the war that killed hundreds upon thousands of people; Sasuke. It would do no good to tell the dude that. Regardless, it was confirmed that she still loved sasuke, and it was also confirmed that the series is coming to a close - if her feelings have not changed by now, and with everything naruto has done for her and sasuke has done for himself, than at this point in the series, we can't expect a turnaround.
- Furthermore, this war has had alot of Naruhina in it. We see alot of Hinata thinking about Naruto and protecting him, and recently, i beleive in chapter 549 or 559, Naruto and Hinata have a conversation. They don't discuss the confession. But it's super lovey dovey. Neji and Kiba accuse Naruto of being a Zetsu, and Hinata exclaims that just looking in his eyes, she can tell it's him. Soon she becomes sad because naruto had saved her, and she felt useless. Than, Naruto returns the favor, and comforts her. She tries to lie about not feeling bad, but Naruto say's he can see it in her eyes. It's just touching and fitting that they both care enough about each other that they can read each other so well. It's been established that this is the last arc of the series, and with it being so Naruhina-ish, and seeing Sakura's feelings havent changed, and looking over all the evidence together, leads me to beleive that yes, naruhina will happen.

I'm sure I may have missed some off things. There are some things where Kishimoto says that his favourite shipping would be sasusaku and his next favourite would be naruhina, which adds more leeway to my side of the argument. Either way, that was the essay. If you have read the entire thing, i commend you for your patience *hands you some leftover chicken*. If you have any questions or wish to consult any naruhina/narusaku issue, i would be glad to rid you of any doubt you may or may not have and let me say good DAY sir.

Couples I love:

Naruhina: I love naruhina, not only as a colaboration of characters, but that they represent totally unrequited affection and love that grows over time genuinly. Which is why they are often refered to as the 'patient love' couple. I also share many similarities with the both of them, in fact, my life is like a mix of theirs. I grew up with very few and for the most part, no friends. All because i didn't act the same as my peers, i was often refered to as mental by the others, and i never knew why. Looking back, they were the mental ones. Instead of tackling their insults like naruto would have though, i was very shy and kept to myself, like Hinata. But thats WHY i like naruhina, not why i think it will happen - which i guarentee will happen. If anyone would want like, a DETAILED (and i mean detailed) essay on all of he evidence accumulated for naruhina evidence, you will also see how obvious their relationship will seem, or should i say, will be. By far, my favourite shipping.

SakuSasu: Now keep in my that the listing of my shippings is not in any specific order. Of the shippings i like, this is probably one of my least favourites. I can see the chemistry that they possess however. Sasuke left for his revenge, and didn't take sakura with him because she didn't want her to walk that vile path, because he cared about her. (obviously, his view on that changed in shippuden) Sakura's love isn't very well elaborated, which I bash kishimoto for since he's very sexist and doesn't really take much attention into the romantic aspect of the show (which is a shame because he would have insanly more viewers even if he bumped it up a teeny bit), but i do like how sakura's feelings for sasuke flourish. What i like about these two is that they respresent that love and life is unfair, and often painful things get in the way or happen. I had to seperate from the one woman i loved once, which was very much hurtful, so i can relate

MinaKushi: Herpa Derp. Just about the best example of two devoted people, and loving parents. People could learn from them, and they plan look good together

InoSai: Now this is interesting. Mostly because you can write their full names in the conjunction. HA! No but really, i just find the fun loving side of the relationship refreshing. Ino supplies lots of energy and Sai absorbs it. He's funny, and they are often seen together, going on dates in the anime, video game franchises, and even the manga - I BELEIVE(in the manga anyway)

ShikaTema: Really nice that tema, who can get shikamaru off his ass with her incentive, can get shikamaru's brilliance to work to its full potential. Because i often find, geniuses get lazy - probably because(since their smart) they realize in advance that most people arent worth their hard work. Get lazy too long, and you'll make excuses where work should be nessesary. Temari keeps him in his place - this dynamic duo is definately fun.

LeeSaku: Hold up small fry, you said you liked Sasusaku. Yes, i did say that, but when it comes to sakura, i feel she could be with sasuke or lee. Personally, i find lee more filling. He can protect, he obviously cares alot about her, and i feel that if sakura had more time with me she would honestly like him. After re-reading the forest of death in the manga, i saw that sakura could really grow legitamate feelings for lee, which would be refreshing for her after all thats happened. And since Lee and Naruto are kind of alike, NaruSaku fans could at least get some satisfaction.

Couples i dislike:

NaruSaku: As if that weren't obvious enough. I really have alot of issues with this shipping. Sakura doesn't appreciate what naruto has given her - a valuble friend and potential lover. Instead she redicules that for the longest time, and then she spits on not only his feelings, but Hinata's feelings by confessing a fake love confession. Sakura knew if her plan worked, she would be leading naruto into a false relationship, and that Hinata's heart would be broken. She spat on that, just because she wanted to get her way. I can't stand their chemistry - or lack there of

Narusasu: Uhh no. no. Although i won't lie, if either boys were female, i would definately call this shipping a shoe in considering their relationship, but i doubt kishi will take that route, naruto nor sasuke just arent gay. And you might say i dislike it because its just gay but i have no issues with that - im bi, why would i care. I just feel that they wouldn't want each other that way and neither would i.

HinaKiba/Shino: I feel that this is controversial. They are all definately good friends, but i just don't like the shipping, and i don't think it's realistic for hinata's feelings for naruto to change either. I find kiba and shino more the defensive brother figure, and im sure they would crack the bones of those who hurt her, but i feel their relationships and grown in a sibling way and even if they persued that kind of relationship, i just don't think it would work out in the end, even if its not due to hinata's old feelings.

Catched phrase time!

"Got it memorized?" -axel from kingdom hearts -

"Believe it"! -Naruto-

"I almost went the wrong way, but you're smile saved me, thats why I'm not afriad to die protecting you! Because I love you...-Hinata hyuuga from Naruto.

"I will prove a ninja can still be outstanding without ninjutsu or genjutsu"! -rock lee of Naruto-

"I am an avenger"! -Sasuke Uchiha of Naruto-

"I'm just...being selfish" -Hinata Hyuuga-

"I will not let my comrads die"! -Kakashi hatake of Naruto-

"Holy fuckaroonie"! - Me-

"You make a good 'other' " -Roxas of kingdom hearts-

" When life gives you lemons, burn someones eyes with the jiuces" - Me-

"How troublesome" -Shikamaru of Naruto-

"Love breeds sacrifice...witch breeds hatred" -Pain from Naruto-

"What a hagwhore" - Me -

"I gonna do some reserch"! -Jiraiya from Naruto-

" Every drop of sweat in training takes away a drop of blood in battle" -My friend-

"Life is cruel, people are crueler" -me-

"The closer you get to people, the more it hurts if they abandon you, so be carefull with who you make friends with." -me-

"Hope becomes reality through effort". -rock lee-

"This is why I hate you mortals" -Meno, of the Shirogane 3(Naruto)-

"It's hard to trust destiny, and easy to leave behind. But do so, and you're leaving behind a chance to change yourself" -me-

"Learn from the past, live in the present, prepare for the future, live in all time" -me-

"People will always suffer, but I'm happy I did. Because now I know true pain, and I can call myself equal to others who feel pain" -me-

"I'm hungry". -Chouji-

"I live for others, to love the world,to conquer the evil in everyones heart." I am surounded by others who speak like this, but I shall live for nothing, I will live in darkness. I hate emotion, and betroth myself to evil. I betray others. I am surrounded by no one like me. I therefore, live alone, in shame, in guilt, in agony, in dispair, in ruin, in hate, in darkness, in fear, in tears... I face all these alone. I trust none, for they only cause pain, and yet it is not trusting that brings the pain of being alone. I do no justice for others because they have their own sins. But in doing so, I have guilt. I abondon all, when I know God doesn't want it for me, yet I do so. So I feel shame in myself. I feel dispair for never finding the reasons for my own exsistence. Why do great things have dark sides? Why is it not seperated. None know. I love no one, so I love myself. And I hate mysef for such a selfish action. The light isn't pure, so I leave it, but move to darkness. I fear myself for the cowardus monster I have become. I am in tears because no one will love me, but I brought this upon myself, and I cry because I am alone, because this is the life my heart has chosen. -A poem I wrote-

Oh, and some people have lots of questions about Itachi giving some sort of 'power' to Naruto. Well, I have a pretty smart solution all can agree on. I remember Madara saying to sasuke that only the Sharingan can defeat the Uchiha, hense the masacare. When Itachi gave Naruto his power, he said what if Sasuke attacked konoha? He of coarse didn't want that to happen, and his heart was very moved by Naruto's motivation. But he knows that Sasuke might still try to attack konoha, so he gave Naruto his stregth. If Sasuke attacked konoha, Naruto would have to face him in battle again, and Naruto would use the power of the Sharingan Itachi gave him to defeat Sasuke. Itachi never wants this to appen from the start, as said in his quote. "I have goven you some of my power, I hope the day NEVER comes when you have to use it." Because the two people who feel a brotherly bond with someone other than Itachi is something Itachi doesn't want detroyed.

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