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Author has written 8 stories for Harry Potter, Twilight, and Supernatural.


I am not a very good writer, but I do love writing stories without sense =D so I thought why not make one with sense!


Hope you like my stories!

my birthday: january 22

I think that pride is a very intresting subject and Iwould love to write something about it someday but, at the moment, I have no good ideas. I've won first place in a writting contest of Fabrica Literaria. I love the Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight series. They are the best books I've ever read!! The harry potter movies aren't nearly as good as the books, so I hope twilight is different. (present: it was good, but, nothing compared!) I've also read the host and would like to get started on a fic of that too(I still do I guess, but I just can't seem to get inspiration to even continue my already published stories so... later lol!). I love The Scarlet Pimpernel, Pensativa, The Count of Montecristo and 13 reasons why. I also love reading about kings and queens like Beware princess Elizabeth and stuff like that.

I dance ballet, as you can tell from my profile pic, I'm in the Royal Academy of Dance in 7th grade and Intermidiate so, if anyone can relate yay! dancing buddies! I did not just say that but oh well...

Favorite Quotes: "Side by side or miles apart best friends are always in your heart." "Special things are left unseen; that's why we close our eyes to kiss and dream." "There are no stupid opinions, just stupid people that say them." "If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change." "Dance first, think later that's the natural order."

Twilight Quotes: i have a lot more than those but, at the moment i don't have my book with me to search them =D

Bella: "You look tired."
Jacob: "Dead beat."
Rosalie: "I'd like to beat you dead."

Supernatural Quotes: i love love supernatural and all the hilarious things sam and dean say

Dean: "We still gotta see the new Raider's movie."
Sam: "Saw it."
Dean: "Without me?!"
Sam: "You were in hell."
Dean:That's no excuse."

Dean: "Did it look cool?"
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "Me being hit by a car."
Sam: "you peed your pants."
Dean (frowning): "well, do you seriously expect a man being hit by a car to have total control of his bladder?"

Sam: "Having fun?"
Dean (impersonating a gym teacher): "The whistle makes me their god."
Sam: "Right... nice shorts!"

Favorite programs: I love supernatural and the actors!! Jansen and Jared. I also love smallville and the actor obviously Tom Welling. I love friends and almost all the disney shows. I also love ned's declassified and the fairly oddparents. I also love the vampire diaries and I want to see glee because everyone is so hung up on it but... haven't had the chance to. I hate wizards of waverly place and the actress ugh!! Selena Gomez. I also hate zoey 101 and the actress. lol!

But I respect everyone's opinions if you like them, well, hey! it's ok with me!! =D

Favorite Hobbies: As you see by my pen name i love ballet, i also like playing the piano. i speak english, spanish, french, I was learning german casue the shcool forced us to but not anymore! Now I'm learning italian.

Favorite Characters: I love Edward Cullen obviously!! I also love Harry Potter!! Personally, I don't like bella nor jacob. I absolutly love Jasper and Emmett. Jasper even more than Edward!! I like Neville Longbottom too even if he is a little dorky. hehe. I love George and Fred too, they are super funny. I love Cosmo!! I love Sir Percy, Peeta Mellark and Clay Jensen! Oh! and Edmund Dantes even if he is a vengeful little man. ;)

Favorite Actors: i loooove shia la Beouf (or however it's written), his movies are the best! I also love Sean Farris and Matt Lander! and as i mentioned in favorite programs tom welling, jared padalecki and jensen ackles. i also love adam sandler, will smith, and owen wilson.

i also have a fictionpress account with the same pen name. so if you are intrested, you can read my one (spanish) story there. a new story will be up soon and that one is in english. lol! I also have a twitter :D

Ok, enough information hahaha

If you read my stories please review!!

If you have any ideas for future chapters also let me know, it would be great to have help.

Facts about me: i'm a very lucky person when dealing with lost things. one time, i lost my celphone. I put it in my pocket in the middle of a movie and when i got home it wasn't there. So, we went back to the movies and it was there! on the floor.

Another time, i forgot my purse in the movies, yet again, and when i got back it wasn't there but we went to client services and someone had reported it and i got it back.

And resently, i was at the mall with my friends and we went to the chili's. I put my purse on the chair and we ate. After we left we went to some stores and i realized i didn't have it with me. i ran back to the chili's and it wasn't there! i was horrified cause obviously someone had stolen it. We asked the chili's people and they said they hadn't seen it. We told the security and everything they checked the video but, we were in a very hidden place apparently. We left super sad, me cause well, i had lost my purse and i felt totally guilty cause i was keeping my friend's camera in my purse so, i had gotten her digital camera stolen! We went like that for... 4 days and BAM! all of a sudden a guy contacts my friend and tells her: hey is this you? and he passed a foto of her (through computer) and she said: yeah! hey! where did you get that? and he told her that he had a friend from our school and he had seen her wearing that uniform in some fotos so he asked him if he knew her and he said: oh yeah she's in my grade. and wow! stolen bag found! so, yeah, i'm lucky with that stuff. Actually all the time while looking for it i was thinking: why haven't i found it? i always find my lost stuff! i'm always lucky!! lol! (present: yeah we found who had it but he hasn't returned it... grr!! more present: he has not return it nor will he ever will... THIEF!)

About my stories:

If you're intrested in Wizgle Love... i can admit that the first 3 chapters are boring and not that exciting. So, feel free to skip the first ones. they are just background for the story to really take place. Other than that i consider it a very good story, seeing as it was the first one. =D what it doesn't say on the summary is that angela isn't really a muggle. So, Ginny kind of has to do something about it. oh! and for those that aren't reading it cause you don't like the idea of Harry with anyone else... don't worry it eventually ends with a harry/ginny pair! (haven't got to that part)

blinding sunshine takes place in eclipse, right in the newborn fight. Bella is taken and her memory is changed. She has some flashbacks though and is struggling with her rage and love towards Edward. Don't worry... eventually ExB

twilight chatrooms are just funny, dumb and pointless but, i'm sure they'll at least make you smile. even rofl!

kidnapped is actually kind of based on my story of fictionpress but, not entirely. i'm a dramione shipper... so you can guess what happens with the summary. (present: I read it recently and well... it's kinda terrible lol! I mean... Hermione is 10 years old and yet she wants BALLON ANIMALS!? GOSH! what was I thinking!?? And yeah... a 10 year old boy will go against a truck and save a little girl... sure it would be awesome to belive but it ain't! So... sorry for that maybe in the future I'll change it to make it better. Still, a lot of you seem to like it even with that so.. thanks!)

the worst nightmare! is the fight everyone wished had happened. The one of Edward and Jacob. Well, i've always wanted it. It takes place in eclipse too. (you can see i liked that book) Right after edward's threat to break jacob's jaw. (mm... yeah... I just can't seem to think of a good fight scene... I tried to think of a way to get around it but... i just can't see a way without being a disappointment I mean, I know I have been disappointed when a fight seems to be inevidable and them PUFF it's not happening... trully I don't know what I was thinking when I made his story ^.^ sorry!)

no meteors this time is a smallville/twilight fanfiction. Bella and the Cullens go to Smallville and meet Clark, Lana, Pete and Chloe. They went there so that Bella could test herself to human blood before actually going to finish high school in forks. They knew about Smallville's bizarre reputation and thought it a good excuse if anything does happen. Lana smells extremely good to Bella. Who would have thought that in that small town they would find Bella's tua cantante?

Comedy Gatorade Commercial:

Boy 1: So drink gatorade to help you do all kinds of things!
Boy 2: Is it in you?
Boy 1: IN ME!! WHERE?
Boy 2: oh! shut up.

hahahah i loved that!

Cool thing for jacob haters like me!!
Team Edward: because jacob doesn't sparkle.

Exclusive Deleted Lines from "Billy's plastic surgery" (twilight chatrooms)

Chief86: Bella! Rosalie is right. Have some respect here.
Dangermagnet: Well his hips aren't respecting his chair size!
Bulkyman: niiiice! good one bella! Hi5! virtual hi5.
Dangermagnet: i think is more like a hi10! virtual hi10.
Bulkyman: YEAH! hahaha!
Wheelman15: that's it!...

I hope you enjoyed reading this... or maybe not... whatever lol! I know it's extremely long and probably nobody got to this part but... oh well... I guess there's nothing to do right? :D

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