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Disclaimer: Neither myself nor my profile own any of the characters, plotlines, stories etc. etc. in my writings. I only own the characters, plotlines, stories etc. etc. generated and created by myself and my stories.

And this is St. J R R Tolkien, the greatest writer ever to walk this blessed Earth, and the sole founder of the Fantasy genre.

Dt: 100908 - So, I'm back. Got a new laptop about a month back and just got the urge to update on "Tartarus" last night. Hope you like it, though don't expect anything major. I still have a very on-off relationship with my enthusiasm, though I'll do my best to finish the story. I've most of it planned out: Loyalty mission, a few sidetrackings to let him get in touch with the crew, and then a final bit o' nice ol' whoop-ass.

Cheers, and sorry for the delay.


Dedicated the greatest writer who ever lived

S:t John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

May the Valar protect his soul for all time


"Courage is found in unlikely places."

"If more valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, the world would be a merrier place."

Interests: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horses ( no, I'm not a girl ), Video Games, TV.

Favorite books (series): Lord of the Rings, Inheritance (Eragon), Wheel of Time(cancelled reading), Sword of Truth(cancelled reading), Harry Potter, and some book series by Raymond E. Feist, I don't know the English translation. Riftwar, or something like that, stopped reading it though when school kicked in for real again.

Favorite TV.Shows: Knight Rider - 2008 (DAMN YOU, NBC!!), Scrubs, Stargate SG1/Atlantis (and now Universe is at the top of that list), Friends, Grey's Anatomy ( again, not a girl ), Eureka, possibly Chuck (no, definately Chuck) and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ( Is that how you spell it? Fuck it, I changed my mind.), The Jay Leno Show (HE'S BACK!! LIFE HAS MEANING AGAIN!!) , The Simpsons ( because I'm human ), Family Guy ( because I live and breathe ), and many more ( I think... )

Favorite Movies (series): The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings (just got the extended DVD boxes... Fucking. Awesome.), Star Wars, Harry Potter, ( NOT Eragon, I HATE you for allowing that movie on to cinemas), The Stargate Movies (haven't seen the old one yet ), Austin Powers, Ace Ventura, some Swedish movies none of you know about, Good Will Hunting, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump , The Bourne Series, Shawshank Redemption (one of the best films ever made), Braveheart, and nearly countless more.

P.S: Favorite movie of all time - Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron. If you haven't seen it, you haven't lived. Seriously. Check it out on YouTube, if nothing else.

Favorite Authors: Christoper Paolini, J R R Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist (scratch that. see "favorite books"), J K Rowling and Fanfiction's Obsidian Thirteen/Productions.

Favorite Artists/Bands: Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson ( Whoever's up there rest his soul ), Seal, Coldplay, One Republic, Nickelback ( HERO!! ), my brothers Alex and Oscar, my uncle Peter, Kanye West and more.

Favorite Actors: The Stargate cast, Jeremy Irons, Matt Damon, Robert Williams, the Friends cast, Robert De Niro, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Christoper Lee, the Scrubs cast, Tom Hanks, Tom Selleck (ok, maybe not one of my MOST favorite actors, but he's pretty fucking cool) and many more.

Favorite Comedians: George Carlin (Someone rest his soul, as he didn't quite buy the "religion bullshit". And I agree with him deeply.) David Spade, Chris Farley, some Swedish ones, Will Ferrel, Pablo Francisco, Godfrey, some more Swedish ones, my brother Alex, and some I'll put in once I remember their names. Oh yeah, Seth Green and MacFarlane (Family Guy, lots of voices + director and creator)

I have very frequent writers-block, so any tips to get my stories started/ furthered is very welcome. All I ask is that you're serious in your reviews and tips so I don't have to ban you. Anyway, the categories I'm planning to contribute to are the following:


Mass Effect

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