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Welcome to a corner of Hell

Have a pleasent stay

But be warned, dear reader:

If you are looking for something nice and sweet to read that will make you all tingly inside, you might want to try somewhere else. I am an antagonist supporter (i.e. a man who looks byond the the thin layer that protrays the world's villians). I make, as my sister says, people cry for a person they once swore they would kill themselves. I make all people feel like fools for calling a villian a 'jerk' after hearing he was abused by parents. So, if you are looking for a story of heros don't bother looking here. There are no hero's in this place, only the shadows you see around you. And I am the story-teller that pulls reality back into the stories of today.

Things about me:

Well I am 18, a Freshman in college, and an anime adict. I was abused by my birth mother at a young age before being taken away at the age of five and put into adoption. I got adopted into a family with a girl two years younger than me. I see these people as my true family, and always have.

I dispise bullying of any kind, and will easily beat up any person; man or woman, who dares to belittle someone just because their hair isn't cut exactly right or they don't have the 'cool' shoes. I take Flaming as bullying, so I warn you now that flaming me will NOT go well. So if you dislike what I write, don't even bother reviewing.

My Stories:

Unless you decided to by-pass all that is above completely, you will know that I write about villians most of the time. Occasionally, I'll write about hero's, but it won't end well for them if I do:

Ozai: This person is one of my favorite characters. (I can almost hear the anti-Ozai fans now, screaming how horrible he is and that he's a monster). My answer is this, how did he become a monster? I plan to solve that question...

Alucard: Probably the only protagonist I'll write about. And even then, if he wasn't bound by Integra he would probably cast the world into darkness. He's got an insteresting past (as he is Dracula) and an interesting personality.

Light Yagami: Ah Death Note. And yes, Light is an antagonist. He wants to kill thousands of people! There is nothing more evil than killing, I can asure you!

Supportive Pairings:


AangxKatara (... They kissed... three times at least)

ZukoxMai (Again, made out, on a sofa. I think they're together for life)

SokkaxSuki (The series says it's so)

OzaixUrsa (A yes, the perfect example of when opposites attract. And they have probably kissed, or else Zuko and Azula wouldn't be here, lol)


AlucardxSeras (A very interesting pairing that can take many forms)

IntegraxYoung Walter (It has been done)

Death Note:

LightxMisa (Even though it is one-sided; there is a bit of twisted romance there)

Unsupported Pairings:

Any Yoai or Yuri

ZukoxKatara (They huged, but no kissing action)

AangxToph (What's up with this?! Master-Student relationship only!)

TophxSokka (Okay, Sokka is a bit of a player (he kissed a moon spirit, after all) but Suki love him now)

AlucardxIntegra (How long would this last? Like... until Integra died? Even I'm not that depressive.)

PipxSeras (He died, and she sucked him dry... any questions?)

Young WalterxGirlycard (...I'll just point to how disturbingly akward that would be)

LxMisa (Misa finds L creepy, L thinks that she is the Second Kira. No romance there)

Contact Information:

If you wish to contact me, I suggest going to my 'Homepage' and joining my avatar site or reviewing my stores. ;) My email account sucks, so PMing won't work.

That's all for now; enjoy!:

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