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Author has written 4 stories for Death Note, Wizard101, and Web Shows.

(1-20-12: Tumblr. It's not planning on letting me go anytime soon, it seems. That, along with the fact that I've just entered a Big Bang challenge for the TGWTG Secret Treehouse, and it's pretty obvious that nothing here will be updated in the foreseeable future. Apologies. However, I am still open for beta reading duties.)

(11-13-10: I feel that it's time to update this beginning letter, don't you think.)

Guten Tag, FanFiction.Net! You may call me Naomi Hansen, the archaic name that I still have fond feelings for.

Mainly, I'm an avid drawer and occasional photographer. But sometimes (i.e., when I'm not suffering under the painful grip of Writer's Block), I, well, write stuff. Sometimes fanfics. This can be evident by the list of fanfics I have already written and the ones I actually plan to (possibly) create at some point. But this doesn't mean I'm fast about it. Trust me; Just ask some of the people that know me and they'll probably say that at best, it can take me 2-3 months just to upload a single chapter of something. Don't worry, though, because I'm trying to get better with that habit. (Although I'll admit that life can really get in the way of my writing time and muse. Also, college doesn't help)

I love FFN (EDIT: sort of––I've mostly moved to AO3 in regards to where I hang out, but when I post fics, it's always here), but usually, you'll find me lurking on my DeviantArt account at times. I also acquired a LiveJournal, so you can also talk to me in those sites. (I also have a Tumblr, but you can't have that information.)

Questions? No? Well then, until next time...

Auf Wiedersehen!

--Naomi Hansen

(P.S. I love using parentheses. Have you noticed that?) :D


-Kind of music: I like many categories like pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and country. But as long as a song is cool to me (and it isn't bluegrass), it doesn't matter what the category is or who the artist happens to be. Which should probably get me more heat on Tumblr than I've been getting…

-Food: Mainly Italian and French foods. But I kind of like sushi and Mexican also.

-Classes in school: I tend to like the following in order of how much I like them: (1) Almost any kind of art class (preferably drawing classes), (2) history, and (3) most (creative) writing classes (despite the pressure of having peer reviews).

-Anime: (1)Hetalia: Axis Powers, (2)Death Note, (3)Bleach (sort of).

-TV series: BBC Sherlock, House, White Collar, Psych.

-Things to read: Stories with death, tragedy, sadness, comedy (preferably dark), depression, etc.

-Game(s): BioShock (1 and Infinite––especially Infinite), Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Wizard101

-Movie(s): Inception, Saving Private Ryan, The Dark Knight, Spirited Away, The Lord of the Rings

I will tell you this right now: All of us have the capability to grow more when it comes to our writing skills. This includes me. But thanks to DeviantArt, I have found a few tutorials that could help many of you become better writers:

-Top Ten Grammar Errors: http:///d1c00b1

-Storyline Technique: http:///dp3zhh

-Logic Based Character Development, Part 1: The Originality Illusion: http:///d2bwuek

-Style Vs. Voice: A Writer's Guide: http:///d2hh87t (If you wish to create a story that makes people actually feel like they care for the characters and the story, I suggest reading this one to start you on the right path).

-Punctuation's Most Wanted: http:///d17ukhx (I see people... Well, kind of abusing punctuations far too often on this site. Maybe this'll help at least one person learn how to use them properly).

-A "How To" on Writing Fanfiction: http:///art/A-How-To-on-Writing-Fanfiction-61800866

-Writing Your Story

- -Part 1

- -Part 2

- -Part 3

-How to Design a Believable Character

-Pesky Point of View (In other words, the reason why I drop any fic that has committed the sin of "head-hopping.")

Favorite quotes

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." -Henry Ward Beecher

"One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams." --E. V. Lucas

"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results." --Anon.

"If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were." --Anon.

"I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all to matter, to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all." --Leo Rosten

"Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way." --Patton

"Your quotes are starting to get on my nerves. Peter Burke." --Peter Burke, White Collar

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." --Eames, Inception

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give -- which is everything." --Anon.

"Some people bring their Slash Goggles to movies. Some movies forcibly glue them to the viewers' faces." --anon Troper, on The Green Hornet (film) TV Tropes page

"Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant." --Socrates

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." --Socrates

"Imagine cruising through life and then suddenly hitting university and failing compared to your less intelligent peers because you were always taught that asking for help is something dumb people do. You feel ashamed for needing help, have no idea how to get it, and you feel horribly frustrated because you never had to put any effort at all into understanding things and now you have a massive workload." --ToshikoSato, on 's 5 Think Yout Think Will Make You Happy (But Won't)

My Stories


--Cho (Death Note oneshot) [COMPLETE]

Description: Naomi Misora is excited to go back to school. But during the first day back, she begins to get bullied by a girl called Cho Minazuki. The bullying continues until one of these incidents nearly kills Naomi and gets Cho expelled. The assault throws her into a depression that leaves her feeling paranoid about almost everyone around her and makes her start to cut herself. When she starts to fight her depression, Naomi is faced with a question that could affect her entire outlook on life and would also tell her what she would do if she ever saw Cho again.

Note(s): The story is based on an English story I had to write (except the characters in this one are different). I can't believe I had worked on this one more than my Harry Potter story... That's sad! (I ended up scraping the HP fic). I wanted to use Naomi Misora in the story because she was the reason I became a HUGE fan of Death Note, and there aren't that many fics with her as the main character. People should acknowlege her for once!!

(7-19-10: Now that I reread this story, I can't believe that I actually though it was good. I feel like I completely trashed Naomi's character...)

(12-27-12: This has become even more evident to me over the years. I'm shocked that I haven't given in and deleted the bastard of a fic.)

--Wizardly (Mis)Adventures (Wizard101 fan-fic) [DISCONTINUED]

Description: Victoria Darktalon is a girl who is training to become a Thaumaturgist (Ice wizard) in the legendary college, called Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. She--along with her twin brother, Stephen, who is learning the art of Divination (Storm magic)--are considered to be the most talented students at the school. But that doesn't mean that they lead perfect lives there. They, their little brother Nicolas, and their best friends all have a tendency to get into situations that either leave them happy, sad, angry, excited, or just plain confused. Can they all live through these ups and downs in life through all the years at this crazy school?

For them, there's only one way to find out.

Note(s): I thought that it was time that a Wizard101 fan-fic should be posted here. And if that means that I have to get it started, the so be it!

Well anyways, the stuff in this story begins in 2004, which is (for me) about four years before the events in the actual game take place. They don't actually say when the stuff in the game takes place, so I just made up a date. I'm planning a different story where the in-game stuff happens. (That idea is becoming more questionable, since I've recently been getting obcessed with Hetalia: Axis Powers). So basically, this story is a huge prologue for what happens in the game (that I am completely addicted to!!)

Like what I usually do, I post the VERY rough draft of the story on Quizilla just in case I lose the original piece (and besides, Quizilla really sucks now. The horrible rough drafts is all it deserves). But before I post the story here, I submit it to the Wizard101 website, where they have their own Creative Writing section. Since its a kid's game, the rough draft and the edited version I post there have to be kid-friendly, which isn't too much of an issue but it makes the story less exciting to me (gee I wonder why!!) Then finally, I send a copy here and make even more edits, mainly to make it into what really makes me happy (like more swearing and/or violence), but that doesn't mean that I dont look for other errors that I might've missed before.

I have also posted this story on my account on DeviantArt.

(7-19-10: The story with the in-game stuff has been scrapped due to 1) my lack of interest in it now and 2) the fact that the Wizard101 fandom is already full of stuff like that and doesn't need more of it. I mean, the way it is now, I'm more likely to do a freakin' White Collar fic!! XD)

(7-27-11: I'm starting to consider putting this on the chopping block. It's not that I'm not getting any ideas for it - in fact, I've had the entire story outlined for a year or two now - but I'm just not feeling the pull towards this fic at this point in time, and haven't felt it in over half a year already.)

--The Italian and the Storm Wand (Hetalia/Wizard101 fan-fic, AU) [DISCONTINUED]

Description: Feliciano Vargas, a new student at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, aquires a brand new wand for his classes. Lovino Vargas, his jealous older brother, decides to tell Feliciano stories about the "scary" students and monsters at the school in order to make his brother's time miserable and terrifying. But nobody was told about how "wild" Feliciano's magical powers could get when he's stressed. Nor did anyone know that his new wand seems to have a mind of its own...

Note(s): CO-AUTHORED WITH SENAKI MIRA. Originally supposed to be posted as a long one-shot, but then after some complications with writing this and life in general, we decided to making it into a multi-chaptered fic, leaving room for a prologue that seems to be a bit Lovino-centric. The chapters will probably be much shorter than the ones in W(M)A.

(11-8-12: This is a dead fic, I'm not gonna lie.)

--The Resurrection Logs (Wizard101 fan-fic)

Description: "The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." Eloise is on a mission to record the events that begin to unfold in front of everyone's eyes. Though it won't kill her, the toll it eventually costs her will certainly make her feel otherwise.

Note(s): A story that I intend to use as a way to curb future bouts of writer's block. (Which, oddly enough, is what I'm in right now.) This is basically going to be taking place in the immediate events during and after Malistaire has his biggest break down and decides to storm out of Wizard City, damaging a few neighborhoods in the process and leaving numerous people dead or injured. Eloise Labriola, our main character, is one of the few eyewitnesses that ends up recording everything she observes in her journal and getting other eyewitness testimony from a few of the survivors.

This story, unless I get extremely long periods of writer's block, won't be updated as often as I attempt to do with my other two fics.

(Character submission for this story are still open.)

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