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Hey guys, it's Jay Eli Wood and I just wanted everyone to know that this is my name for the contest! I've started a comminuty that you can subscribe to whenever a new one is added.

The response to this contest is overwhelming and I want to thank everyone that's getting so into it.

So here are the rules to the contest, if you're interested in entering:

Okay guys, so here is my challenge:

The sexy Eddie contest!

Pick any of the Edwards I have up on my poll and write a one shot lemon with him. Now, it's not all fun and games, there are some rules.


Must be a one shot. The one shot must be over 1500 words, excluding author's notes.

Should be under 10,000 words.

You can enter only one story per Edward. Ex: You can do one doctor, one teacher and a pirate but you can't do two doctors. Get it?

You can enter as many different Edwards that you want, in fact if you want to do one for every single one you can. It's encouraged.

The one shot can be IC or OOC. AH or normal. It is up to you. But, it must be a lemon. Oh and it has to be Edward and Bella!

Here are your Edward choices:

Tux Edward

Blue jeans and rock tee Edward

Preppy Edward

Gothic Edward

Surfer Edward

Cowboy Edward

Doctor Edward

Prince Edward

Military Edward

Emo Edward

Biker Edward

Piano Lesson Edward

Officer Edward

Pirate Edward

Teacher Edward

Chocolate covered Edward

Firefighter Edward

Incubus Edward

Stripper Edward

Slutty Edward

Geeky Edward

Student Edward

Jock Edward

Dominate Edward

Boxer Edward

Gladiator Edward

Mythical Edward

Chef Edward

Bartender Edward

Bad ass Edward

Mechanic Edward

Foreign Edward

Superhero Edward

Librarian Edward

Super Star Edward

Construction Worker/handyman Edward

Office Edward

Circus Edward

Delivery Boy Edward

Fetish Edward

Pilot/ flight attendant Edward

Fast driving Edward

Gardner Edward

Now, at the top of your story you must put in the following:

Sexy Edward Contest:

name of your story

your name

Type of Edward (ex: geeky, doctor, etc etc)

Character type: (ex: IC or OOC)

Story type: (ex: All human, vampire, a mix)

POV: (Ex: Edward, Bella, or mixed)

If you are interested in becoming a part of this contest, please contact:

Jayeliwood (at) yahoo (dot) com

If you would like to see all the stories that a part of this contest visit

Jayeliwood's profile page and visit her favorite stories.

You guys will have until September 23, 2008 to enter this contest.

Voting starts the same day (via poll on my page) and will end

October 1st, 2008. The top three will receive nifty graphics to use any way you like.

There may be more mini contest depending on the number of entries. That will be determined at a later date.

When you write the story, make sure you contact me with the link. I will add it to my favorites so that everyone will know who is in the contest.

Make sure to put in the summary of your story: Sexy Eddie Contest! Because people will be looking for the entries.

Good luck and have fun writing!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at:

Jayeliwood (at) yahoo (dot) com

Also, keep a look out for the one shots that I will be putting out as examples! Also, don't forget to vote in my poll if you haven't already. All the Edwards you can pick are on there!

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