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Poll: Would you like me to write Duck or Ahiru in the story: I will protect..? I'm in doubts because I really got used to to the name Duck and I'm also watching the English version for the story, but I'm also planning to use this story as a prequel for my first story: Princess Tutu 2, in which I called her Ahiru. Vote Now!
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Author has written 9 stories for Princess Tutu, Treasure Planet, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Disney, Young Justice, and Little Mermaid.

Hi, my name is Gwen

I was born in the year 1992, you can figure out the rest :)

Together with my sister Jeanne I came up with princess tutu 2, now it's only me. I hope you will enjoy what I write. These are my stories so far:

Princess Tutu Princess Tutu 2

Disney A new world

Princess Tutu Princess Tutu in the 15th century

Fairy Tail Your opponent is me!

Fairy tail Your opponent is me! The sequel

Inuyasha In a different way

Disney The princess of Terschelling

Princess Tutu I will protect...

Young Justice What lies beneath

My pride lies in the fact that I live in a village no one knows (yes, that includes my classmates), but after the summer I'm renting a room in The Hague for my studies. I study fashion and by that I mean the craftsmanship. I love making costumes!:)

I also like music
The music genres I live by are:

Rock/ alternative rock

Film music (soundtracks, but then the whole albums)

Classical music (Mostly the ones close to soundtracks, the pieces that clearly tell a story)

NOTE TO EVERYBODY: I AM DYSLEXIC!!!! Pleas forgive my grammar mistakes. I always check my writings but people with dyslexia have the habit to read past their mistakes. :(

My top 3 favourite male characters are

1 Fakir, Princess Tutu. (because it doesn't matter whether he is a jerk, the bad guy or kind and sweet HE IS just CUTE and i mean ADORABLE!!)

2 Zuko, Avatar (He is strong, sarcastic and kind, even when he is bad, you just love him)

3 Kei Takishima, Special A ( He is funny when he gets angry XD)

My top 3 favourite Female characters are

1 Ahiru, Princess Tutu (She is the most adorable girl you will ever see in an anime)

2 Toph, Avatar ( She just rules!)

3 Hikari Hanazono, Special A ( The only character who can be thickheaded and strong at the same time)

I Just like movies, series and books that have the balance between cute and dark! Like:

Favourite Anime: Princess Tutu

Favourite movie: Corpse Bride

Favourite books: Harry potter

Favourite cartoon: Avatar the last airbender.

Favourite Anime:

Princess Tutu

Full metal alchemist brotherhood


Favourite Manga:

Black cat


Full metal Alchemist brotherhood

Favourite cartoons

Danny Phantom

Young Justice

Avatar The last airbender

Ruby gloom

Favourite Japanese movies:

Howl's moving castle

Spirit Away

My atories begin always a bit slow but I hope people don't mind, 'cause it will get better and better.

My stories don't have any OOC's (I hope:P) and I keep writing according to the original facts of the based storries.

Yours faithfully,


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