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Author has written 2 stories for Halo, and BioShock.

Dossiers for Potential Halo: Rapture Redux Characters:

#1. (Male OC) Lance Corporal, Isaak Styles

From Tribute, an Insurrectionist hotspot, Isaak grew up in the world of petty crime (theft, vandalism, grand theft auto and minor contact with Insurgents) and galactic politics. At the age of eighteen he was arrested and given a choice of prison or joining the military. Needless to say, he joined the military and volunteered for ODST training in the Unconventional Warfare devision. He was on Reach when Tribute was Glassed by the Covenant. Isaak vowed revenge.

He was one of many Helljumpers fighting on the Ark.

Specialties: Demolitions Expert, guerrilla combat, comprehensive knowledge of how a blackmarket system and criminal underground works

#2. (Female OC) Sergeant, Jessica Knox

From the colony of Circumstance, known for its amazing judicial system, Jessica is the daughter of a lawyer. When she turned eighteen, and when everyone expected her to go to law school, she ran for the nearest recruiting station and signed up for the military. Much to her parent's disappointment.

An ODST and an MP, her fellow soldiers usually know not to cross her (with the exception of a certain Lance Corporal) and her superiors highly appreciate her linguistal skills. When asked what languages she speak her usual response is: 'Standard English, Spanish, Latin, okay understanding of Forerunner symbols and passable Sangheili.'

Specialties: Hand to hand combat, language and communication skills, computer and system specialist

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