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Author has written 12 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Fairy Tail, and Yours, Mine, and Ours.

Hello everybody who takes the time to read profiles!

Heres the basic stuff about myself:

sexe: I am a female (hence the fanGIRL)
age: irrelevent, really. If you like my stories, who cares how old I am.

And that's the basics!(There's alot of stuff there, I know! Hope you didn't get lost)

So, for the not so basic stuff:

Favorite flavour of ice cream: pinapple
Favorite bands: The jam and simple plan
Celebrety I most often dream about: Joe Jonas. For no particular reason
My favorite Ouran pairings: Kyouya/Kaoru and (of course) Hikaru/Kaoru (I'm planing on mainly writing about the later but it might change)
My favoirte Ouran character: Kaoru (not 100 sure why)
What I'm most upset at an author for: (Harry Potter 7 spoiler) I'm mad that J.k. Rowling killed Fred
What I think I should win an award for: Being spectacularly funny by being unfunny (partly sarcastic)
My favorite type of words: ish words (example: random-ish)
My favorite emoticon: :) (I luv smiles! I'm a happy person!)

I can't think of anything else to say but I'll add stuff as it comes to me!:)


Ok, here's something I'd like to say. I've noticed that there's a serious lack of Twin stories that do NOT revolve around sex or angst. That's why I decided to create this account. I want to populate the species of: Cute stories about the twins relationship. In other words, I find you don't often get to see the twins simply happy and in love.

My stories usually have around 1000 words but my first 2 aren't really an example of that. In fact, I find my first 2 quite contradicting to what I set out to do. The reason for that being that the first (Note Passing) is alot more sex based than I'm amaing for. ALthought there is no actual sex, it does imply it quite vividly.

The second(Waking up) is closer to what I'm aiming for but it's shorter than what I usually write and it's more random and silly than cute.

I am, however, quite pleased with these because they are somewhat fun to read(I find) without them being very explicit and neither of them is angsty.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that I have found a few cute twins stories out there. I'd like to thank the authors of those stories and tell them that I really enjoyed reading those stories! You can find a lot of those stories in my favorited stories section (which at the moment is incomplete and if, by some odd stroke of fate, you happen to be reading this seconds after I posted it, may very well be empty.)

That's all for now!:) Happy REading and the best of luck on finding stories out there that u'll enjoy!


Ok, so right now I feel like a total hypocrite as I post my third story. This one probably being my worst violation of my stories-that-don't-revolve-around-sex policy. Ok, so there is no lemon in Math Homework and Jealousy but I don't really see much of the happy and in love thing I talked about(there is a little). (I'd also like to add a note about how MH&J isn't my best work.)

So, I shall modify what I said and say that I do enjoy stories where there is some sex appeal, or so I could say. What I mean by that is that I like to read stories where there is some physical attraction between the twins and where they are still passionately in love. I will finish this thought by saying: the stories that revolve around sex that I don't like so much are the ones in which the twins just randomly start going at it for no apparent reason. You'll find that in all my stories the twins are clearly in love with each other (and if, when reading one, it wasn't apparent to you, that's ok but know that I ended for them to be).

I'll try for the cute stuff! I'm getting there.

Also, it was mentioned to me that mashfan4life and my writting style is somewhat similar. I do agree. In fact, it's almost as if Mashfan were my less twincesty and less smutty-ishy alter ego. She has, however, written a lovely GrayxNatsu story(in anime: Fairy Tail) that is very very similar to something that I might write. It may interest you to know that mashfan and I are thinking of possibly writing something together.

(definition of smutty-ishy: adjectif refering to situations that are somewhat smutty but that contain no actual lemons)

Lastly, because I mentioned it in the passing, I would like to tell you all that Fairy Tail is one of the awesomest mangas out there and that I LUV the GrayxNatsu pairing. I have no intention of writing any stories using the pairing at the moment, however, because MashFan has assured me that, along with her friend Mystical01, she is trying to populate the gendre.


I've just realized that I haven't mentioned this elsewhere so this is a good spot to do so. For all of you who were wondering, MashFan is a friend of mine who I greatly admire for her writing style. we are so close that we are practically the same person! (That's a joke, but we are close).

Happy reading!:)


Ok, so here's an image I found on deviantart that I lurve:

So, a million thx to iceskating-otaku-813 for putting it out there. I really love the collection of pictures in this background.

As I've just mentioned deviantart, I'll take a minute to mention that if ever anyone is inspired to to draw something from any of my fanfics, go right ahead!! In fact, please let me know if you do because I'd love to see what you come up with and I'll be glad to leave a note of praise! Some of you out there are awesome artists and I'm am seriously impressed cause I suck so bad it's unlaughable (that mean it's past laughable, btw).

Another thing I wanted to mention was my POLL. I just wanted to explain that it is there because I've been treating my profile in a kind of blog-ish way and I wondered whether anyone reads the updates I add. Even if you guys aren't reading this, I think I'll keep writing it because it's been fun.

BTW, I luv to hear from you guys wether it's in a review or a private message. It makes me happy :) and I try to answer if any questions are asked or if someone says something of interest. So feel free to tell me stuff!! If you have any suggestions for HikaKao stories I would be more than happy to hear about them and see what I can do. Also, if anybody would like to have their story translated from french to english or vice-versa (english to french), I'd be happy to give it a shot as I am fluent in both.

Oh, and to all those interested, I have two stories that are currently taking shape and I MAY get one of them posted by this time next week. I've been a little busy since school started so my writing has been slowed down. BUT, I'm trying!!

That's all for now, enjoy your weekend!:)


Although Math Homework and Jealousy is not my best work, it seems to be the one people are liking the most! Suffice to say that I'm pleasantly surprised. :) So thanks a million to all those who reviewed and thanks a million to all those who read it as well.

I'd also like to say that I, as many of us Hitachiin fangirls out there, have my version of how are favorite little devils got together. I was thinking of maybe elaborating it, writing it out and posting it. I'm a little hesitant but if you're interested in my version of the story, let me know because I might be inspired to write it.

I'm also thinking of writing a story in which each of the host club members finds out about the twins. I'm slightly hesitant because I like the idea of them sneaking around. But then again, even if I do write this story, nothing is stopping me from going back in time to write about them hiding. Is this story a good idea? YEs? No? Let me know.

That's all for now and I hope what I wrote isn't too confusing. I'm kind of tired right this second and I can't really tell wether anything I just wrote makes sense.

Hope you guys are enjoying school! :)


For anyone who's wondering, here are the songs I was thinking of as I wrote Taking You Dancing

the first song: Yours to hold -Skillet

the second: Say goodbye -Skillet (I like this choice cause I think the lyrics work well with what Kaoru would be thinking as he tried to push Hikaru towards Haruhi)

the third: Whispers in the dark -Skillet (It's not exactly very very fast paced but it's not slow dance speed in any case)

Why I was thinking of these songs? First of all, it's cause Skillet is an awesome band. I think that it's something the twins might pick because the songs I chose were slow enough to slow dance, but still have a rock-ish feeling that makes them less feminine. I don't know if that will make sense to anyone but I understand it.

Those were the songs I was thinking but anything you may have thought about is good too. I suppose that anything japanese would be appropriate too because it would make sense for them to be listening to it.

If you would like to tell me what songs you thought of, I would be glad to hear it and I will post anything people tell me here to give more examples to anyone interested.

Thats all for now! Have a nice day! :)


I have more to say than what I'm about to say but I'll say it later this week because right now I don't feel like it.

Fairy Tail Mania is the ultimate site for ultimate Fairt Tail fans. (well it will be when it's fully constructed.)

visit to join on the members page! Help my friends make the site the best it can be! Join and put in your 2 cents! (seriously, check it out)


OMG, hits her head repeatedly against the computer desk

I'm sooooo sorry guys!! I make soo many typos in my stories!! cries Everytime I re-read I find more!

I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to forgive me! It's mainly because I tend to write my stories late at night and then, because I'm so excited to post them, I do a poor proof-reading job (late at night) ! I'm so sorry!

From now on, I vow to get my stuff beta-ed!

On another note, I'd like to know what you think about This Thing Between Them. I want to know if I should write more like it.

Again sry bout the horrible quality of my spelling...


I love that I said I vowed to get beta-ed and then went and published another unbetaed story... I am definately the best at keeping resolutions.

But this time I'm serious when I say I now officially vow to reply to all unanonymous (and yes, that is a word that I just made up) reviews from this point onward! So if you review, expect an answer!

On another note, I want to write more but I don't know what! So I'm now taking requests of all kinds! Hit me!

Also, I have a Fairy Tail (yeah I know I said I wouldn't but I took on a challenge on so I don't really have a choice... :P) story in the works. The only promblem? I keep forgetting to finish it! So I would appreciate it if someone would harass me with PMs (or smt) until I publish it!

Lol, that's all for now, I guess.


Okay, so I've read these fanfics where the twins (OHSHC Hikaru and Kaoru, btw) marry another set of twins. After those stories I'm left thinking : that was cute but that doesn't happen, right? WRONG! I just saw an article today where a set of identical twins (the guys) marry a set of fraternal twins that look unbelievably similar! I was just...awestruck! It's crazy how things like that happen! It's really quite awesome!! Anyway, all that to say that I will no longer think or say :COme on! after reading those stories!

That's all for now. :D


Yay! I did it! I wrote the Fairy Tail one! (it's totally crappy and super SUPER ooc but it's done) (honestly, I might nothave posted it if it weren't a challenge...)

On another note, I did this thing (because I don't know what else to call it... if you do, let me know so I can give it a better title than thing) on . I've seen similar on other people's profiles but this one comes from that website. I won't put the whole thing because my profile is long enough as it is (and is bound to get longer with time) and because I mainly write Ouran, it would seem a little out of place. Also, my character list made for many... boring answers so I don't really think it's worth it and I'll just put my favorite ones (ones that made me laugh the most).

First, randomly list and number 12 of your favorite Fairy Tail characters. (no cheating! RANDOMLY list!!)1.Gazille
2. Luxus

5) Ever read any nine/three fluff?

Mirajane/Jubia fluff!! REally not. Does that even exist??

6) What song would you use to right a songfic about twelve?

Loki...I'm too sexy for my shirt! Lol. I think that definately suits him!

8) What would happen if eleven got four pregant?

Mitsgun got Gray pregnant... interesting... Lol, okay so aside this story being Mpreg and unlikely, I suppose they would try to work it out somehow because they are some of the more mature members of the guild I think...Lol. I'm trying to imagine Gray pregnant. I think Natsu would be picked on a lot more than he already is and his little exhibitionist gig would get...interesting... lol

13) one/five/twelve? Yes? No

Gazille/Natsu/Loki... LOL.Yeah I could see it making a good story but... bofff, not the most likely combo, is it?

23) Seven walks in on four dancing around and signing wearing Ouran High School Host Club cosplay. How does seven react? (if you don't know OHSHC, just substitute another manga)

Erza walks in on Gray! Lol. I think she'd send him to a psychiatrist or give him a serious beating. If GRay was dancing around in cosplay...there would DEFINATELY be something wrong with him!

27) One kissing twelve. Thought?

Gazille kissing Loki: OMFG!

28) What song would best describe three/four?

Jubia/Gray. I can see clearly now the rain is gone XD. Perfect no??

There's a few more I liked but I think that will do. It's already more than I had intended on showing... If you want to see the rest,do it yourself and post it with the others, or read what some other peoples results are, follow the link :


Wow, it's been a while since I updated this...

Anyway, just a few things I have to say. First off, it's been a while since I wrote and published If I Could Take It Back and, while there are SOME things I like about it, I mostly hate it. There's a lot of things that are very badly explained. Because it was a request, I didn't have much choice about the whole Kyouya situation, he HAD to -cough- Kao. (XD) I hated the idea of making him a total bad guy so I didn't, I made Kao at fault too but the whole issue is left rather unresolved and I'm sorry about that.

So anyway, if it's the only story of mine you've read, don't view it as my standard.

Next, the other day I was watching Yours, Mine and Ours (the movie) and I suddenly realize, as Dylan makes Will's poster nicer, that Will and Dylan would be a good couple. Soooo, I decide I want to read DylanxWill stories, but there are very few on this site and even fewer that are complete! And since then, I've benn CRAVING DylanxWill stories and I can't find any!Anyway, all that to say: if you like yaoi (or shounen-ai) (or slash, if you don't know the other terms...) and agree they make a good couple, please write stories about them. And please, please, PLEASE(!) TELL ME ABOUT THEM!!

-clears throat- I've got an idea for one but I don't know when I might get it finished.

Alright, well that's about it for now! Til next time!


Guide to the 'couple status' (as it applies for the story Thinking of You)

First Time: While not necessarily a full on first time 'doing it' (trying to censor a little here...) story, it describes a story where the twins aren't involved in anyway before it starts and, a few revelations and events later, they end up involved in someway or another by the end.

Established Relationship: Describes a story in which the twins are already involved romantically before the start. (for exemple, every single oneshot it the Waking Up series).

Already Messing: Describes a story in which the twins are already 'involved' before the start but not so much romantically and in a couple like way. Basically, we're looking at a story where the twins are VERY close and commonly fool around but don't consider themselves in love or, at the very least, in a romantic relationship.

Brothers: For the unlikely possibility that I write something in which they catch each other but there's nothing between them behind it.

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