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Mwahahahaha!!! I finally got around to updating this! Mwahahahaha! FEAR ME, MORTALS!!!

Seto: -.-;; Alright, who gave her sugar?

Yugi: *whistles*

Seto: Hasn't Yami told you about feeding sugar to her? Next thing you know, that stupid authoress will be writting fluffy fics about you and me, Yugi!

Yugi: O_o Eep!

Hehe...That's not a bad idea! ^_^ *thinks of all the things she could make Seto and Yugi do*

Seto and Yugi: O_O

Seto: *glares at Yugi* I blame you for this...

Yugi: How was _I_ supposed to know that she would react like this???

Seto: -.-;; Because she reacts like this EVERY time you give her sugar...

Yugi: ^_^;; Oh, right...

Seto: Dumbass...

Hey! Be nice to Yugi! *glomps Yugi*

Yugi: Oof. *ish glomped*

Seto: *starts to sneak away*

Oh no you don't...*glomps Seto* Now you must stay while I tell them about myself.

Seto: *ish glomped* Ugh...

Name: Rbabe500, which is short for Rocketbabe500. But people also call me Talon. Because it sounds cool. And no, that's not my name IRL. No one can know that. It's a secret! Mwahahahaha!

Age: 15. Aren't I special?

Location: The fiery pits of hell. Or New York. Whichever...

Current Fics I'm Working On:

Recreate Me: FINALLY got around to updating this. Chapter 1 uploaded on December 23, 2003.

Silver and Cold: Sequel to Open Your Eyes. I know I said I'd write a prequel, but I had writer's block. *glares at useless muse sitting in a corner painting her nails* -.-;; Um..yeah...But now I have the sequel to work on instead. ^_^ Chapter One uploaded July 6. *Currently on hold*

Prequel to Open Your Eyes: Um...Currenly untitled. And unwritten. -.-;; But I'm working on it. Sorta...I'll get to it eventually...I hope... ^_^;;

I'd Rather Have The One Who Holds My Heart: I'm attempting to work on this some more...might update it eventually, might not...

Favorite Anime Couples:


Ryoko/Tenchi (Ayeka ish the DEVIL!!!!)
Washu/Katsuhito (Yeah...I just know that's spelled wrong...)
Ryoko/Hotsuma (from Tenchi in Tokyo)

Jessie/James (Hooray for Rocketshipping! ^_^)
Jessiebell/James' dad (Mwahaha...I think I made this ship up! Woot! I feel so special...)

Other Couplings I Adore:

Hermoine/Draco (Harry Potter)
Ron/Harry (Harry Potter)
Buffy/Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Phoebe/Cole (Charmed)
Piper/Leo (Charmed)
Cordelia/Conner (Angel)
Cordelia/Angel (Angel)
Fred/Wesley (Angel)
Lex/Lana (Smallville)
Clark/Cloe (Smallville)
Legolas/Aragon (LOTR)
Frodo/Sam (LOTR)

Um...yeah...I'm out of stuff to say...

Seto: Can I go now?


Seto: Why not???

Yugi: *creeps away*

Seto: O_O Yugi just got away! Aren't you going to chase him???



Because I love you more...*huggles him*

Seto: O.o ...What's the catch?

There is none! Honest! *huggles him again* I just love you!

Seto: ...

And because you're a LOT hotter than Yugi! Even though he's cuter!

Seto: -.-;;

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