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Hey people of the world!! My name is Anne aka Dreams of Bubbles!

I have one AMAZING sister named Kat (her real name is Katherine, but we all call her Kat) and I absolutely love her to death! She is the greatest sis anyone could ever want and she is my best friend :-)

About me: My favorite color is blue and I love to write. I am a cheerleader, but I am not one of the snobby stuck up kind of people. I am pretty down-to-earth and I have read more fiction books than anyone I know...

Favorite books: Twilight, Harry Potter, Inheritance, Chronicles of Narnia, Graceling, The Song of the Lioness Quartet, Inkheart, Uglies series, The Lord of the Rings, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Black Beauty, A Chinese Cinderella, The Little Princess, The Hobbit, The Faerie Path series, Nancy Drew, Wheel of Time series, Pellinor series, The Secret Garden, A Swiftly Titling Planet, Left Behind series, Treasure Island, The Swiss Family Robinson, Till We Have Faces, Little Women, and so many more! Most all of these books I have read many times, I call them all my favorites, because I could never choose. If I had to I would probably pick the first four series and the 5th book listed as the best because they are absolutely amazing! If you haven't read them, go buy them and read them!

I am always looking for new books, so if you have a suggestion not on the list feel free to PM me!

Lets see, I am pretty outspoken, but not to the point of being rude :-D I love hanging out with my friends, and I have some amazing ones!

I think thats it for now...

Enjoy my stories!!

"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. " ~CS Lewis


Dear Readers,

Recently, I wrote the following letter as an update to my stories, however, writing has always been one of my passions, and I could not bear to think that this might be the end of fanfiction. So, instead, I am taking the cowards way out and posting this on my profile, knowing that there might be some who see it, yet many will not...

I have put off writing this letter for a very long amount of time, but I believe it has been long enough. I know many of the fans of this story will never actually read this, since they no longer check this story, knowing the chances of an update are little to none. However, for those of you who are still there, I believe some things need to be said. First off, this may not be the end. I have no idea if I will be able to continue or not, truthfully, I could update next week however unlikely that is. This year has been very hectic for me, but I am not here to give excuses. Rather, I believe I must explain something. When I gave myself the nickname “dreams of bubbles” it was simply a funny name I had randomly thought of. It has come to my attention though that way too much of my time was spent dreaming. I have always loved books of any kind, but I was given a sharp jolt into reality and realized I was not living completely in reality as I should be. I was instead living in dreams. While some of you may say (and be completely correct) that my writing stories should not be affected, I realized that I needed to catch up to the real world, rather than living simply in fantasy. Rather than living vicariously through the characters lives, I have now decided to work on my own story, for truthfully that is what really matters. Perhaps, no hopefully, I will return to write again, until that day comes I wish you all the best..

Until next time,

~Dreams of Bubbles~

Notes on my stories:

All of my stories are ExB. In And Then, There was Leah, the Cullens are not really involved, however, Edward and Bella are together. No offense to anyone, but I believe that is how it should be. In To Live with Vampires, I know the Cullens are not in the story (-yet-) however, they will be and it will end up being ExB as well.

As of 2-09, To Live with Vampires is the most popular, however Found has the most reviews, favorites ect. However, Found has 10 chapters more.

Okay My stories (in order of Posted)

Protector: This was the first story I ever posted on here. It is kind of my hobby I would say. More people like Found, but Protector is my baby :-D I sometimes got annoyed with Bella being so weak and defenseless, and though her power was Okay in Breaking Dawn, I always wanted to have a really powerful Bella. So, I created one :-D

Found: This is the one most people like :-D it is a lot of fun to write, and I absolutely love Jasper and Bella being closer (but not a couple), so I wrote this one.

And Then, There Was Leah: I fell in love with the twilight books in May, and this was written on my phone when we took a trip out of the country this past summer. There was a lot of road traveling and air time, so I wrote this story using the note page on my phone. This was the first time I ever attempted writing a fanfic, because I felt that there was more to Leah than meets the eye. She is the character that can be completely rude and selfish, but no one ever really thinks of her past (not even Stephanie, sadly) I mean, think about it, the love of her life leaves her for no apparent reason (at the time, bc she doesn't know he is a werewolf), then her best friend gets engaged to the same man, then she becomes the only female werewolf, and then her father dies of a heart-attack! Tragedy much? So I wrote her story, how everything influenced her, and why she ended up the way she is..

To Live with Vampires: I had a poll as to what story I should write (I was playing with a few ideas) and this story idea won! This is how Bella goes on a family vacation, and ends up living with the Volturi. Eventually, Edward will come, but that is going to be a pretty long time from the start. After all, the story does mainly revolve around the fact that Bella is living with the rulers of the Vampire Race...but that just makes it all the more interesting when Edward comes along...

A Cullen Christmas Morning: This was a one-shot Christmas present for my readers of all my other stories :-D Just the Cullens being crazy, like always!

Lots of Love

~Dreams of Bubbles~

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